Let's Change The Subject From The QB For a Min. What if........

I am so sick of all of the QB posts.

What's that? You too?

Well let's talk about something else.

How about a fun hypothetical? There are many big name free agents available this year, and there are also some interesting names being tossed around as potentially tradeable. I have one person from each category who could potentially end up in Red.

The question: If we could pick up one of these 2 defensive vets for 1 or 2 yrs, who would you rather have...Ed Reed or .......?

I am a huge Ed Reed fan. He and Troy P. have been the best 2 safeties in the league for years, and they are both destined for the HOF. Ed is the epitome of a "Ballhawk". Just about any ball thrown in his area is not only intercepted, but likely going for a huge gain the other way. Ed has uncanny return abilities as well. He is a defensive leader and is rarely out of position.

He would take Kendrick Lewis spot until he decided to retire. Needless to say that would be an upgrade. But he could also impart our young safeties with the kind of knowledge that they couldn't get anywhere else. He would almost be worth signing if he never hit the field. His knowledge would e infinitely valuable.

And could you imagine Ed Reed at Free Safety and Eric Berry at Strong? It would instantly be the best safety tandem in the league. The versatility this would allow the Defense would be staggering. And again, Eric Berry under the on the field tutelage of Reed would benefit us for years after Reed is gone. And it is likely that we will draft a young safety who could benefit from the recent SB Champion as well. That way when the young guy hits the field, he will be light years ahead of where he would have been without Reed on the roster.

This is probably sounding pretty good huh.

What could possibly be better?

What if we drafted our QB with number 1, and then picked up one of the other awful QB's (sarcasm) in this draft in the 2nd or third and traded said QB to the Jets for Darrelle Revis?

I believe that Deion Sanders is the best CB of all time, and definitely the best of my lifetime. Anf in my lifetime, I considered Rod Woodson the definitive 2nd......that is until Revis showed up. I can't recall very many people who could shut down a whole side of the field.

And the other teams best receiver? Scratch him for the day. He will be lost on the island until the game is over. I saw so many superstars and some potential HOF wide outs get shut down completely. Let me throw some names out there Ochocinco (I know. It gets better), Randy Moss, Megatron, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, and several others.

Now I wonder what would happen if he was on a team that had a really good corner on the other side of the field? And maybe a few really good pass rushers? Yeah. I think we could work something out.

Of course we are assuming that Revis is back to his old self after rehabbing his injury. But Revis and Flowers healthy and in their primes? Who would you throw to? I guess Arenas would be getting alot of work because your outside guys would get nothing.

Even though Ed is old, and Revis is coming off of an injury I would love to see either of these guys in the Red and Gold. Revis with an injury will likely be a significant upgrade over anyone we have now, but we would have to give something up since it would have to be a trade.

If I had to choose, I would choose Ed Reed. I think his effects on the team would be long lasting, even after he is gone. And the recent SB experience and leadership will take our current team to the next level.

If this situation actually does come up (it could happen), which player/deal would you prefer?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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