I've looked at 3 thousand posts and replies and recommendations and i just can't take it anymore.Today is my middle sons birthday and he is along with all his buddies a Chiefs fan.They have all asked my opinion on coaches,gm's etc in the past 2 months and i've just mumbled this or that and then listen to them discuss it to death.When realistically it seems very straight forward to me.So Bones this is for you.Happy birthday son.

First i can not believe that people who supposedly are in know(i use that term lightly)can actually with a straight face say that the Chiefs should not draft a QB #1.Then try to rationalize this by saying there is no stand out QB in the group of atheletes available in this draft. But these same experts had them ranked higher last year if they would have elected to come out. But besides all that lets look at things from a purely logical stand point. Lets take the top 3 QB's in this draft by consensus(pundits) and grade them against the current Chiefs QB roster top 3.

First off Matt Cassel, he's had 4 years to prove himself and just hasn't gotten it done.Now i'm sorry you've had multiple OC's and the O-Line wasn't stellar but this is the NFL,sometimes you've just got to make a play.Now Matt has proved numerous times that he can't put the team on his back and when he tries it usually ended badly.Lets just save time and a tree or two and lump all the other attempts at playing QB for the Chiefs into what we'll call the second string.All i can say here is Tyler Palko ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! The Chiefs have trotted out the most horrified group of QB castoffs ever assembled by one team.

Now to look at the QB's avaiable in the draft.You have Geno Smith,Tyler Wilson and Matt Barkley whom we will call the top 3 for argument sake as i'm not qualified to make judgement on any player.So the question we must ask is not whether they will be a hall of famer,but will they be a better product for the Chiefs over present QB. In other words would the Chiefs have a better chance to win with these 3 over Cassel,Quinn,Stanzi or Tanney (these are the QB's on the roster today) and at what price. You can argue that one has a bad attitude,one has small hands and one makes mental mistakes and has a weak arm but i ask you this,if we had to put a QB on the field today would you want any presently on the roster over Geno,Tyler or Matt. I really don't think any of us would and after last year could they be worse? So looking forward would there be any reason not to take the best QB in our coaches,gm's mind at number #1 in the draft? I can't for any reason see why not,any of the 3 could be the next Lenny Dawson or the next Ryan Leaf but who knows and with the talent at this time with these 3 i don't think the Chiefs can be worse off. One thing i have seen with all 3 and this stands out more to me than anything about these 3 players,they have all been through a tough disappointing season and each got back up to fight some more.To me they all stood up as men after being smacked around and fought on. Now most atheletes do this and this doesn't make these 3 any better than the others but i think it takes one thing away as far as possible negatives go.So let me break this down they are all less expensive than the present man Cassel, they are all younger,they all have better arms and accuracy,they each have way more potential(up side). Now Cassel or Quinn may read defenses better at this point but if you cant do anything with that knowledge its useless correct.

With all iv'e given you,with the other talent on the team,with a coaching staff put together and run by QB people why would you not draft one of these men #1.Hell i'd even draft one if they trade for a QB or aquire a free agent because you can take the one of the 3 best in this draft and he WILL BE AN NFL QB and lets hope its for the Chiefs. All other need can be through free agency or draft or trade.

Thanks for reading and here is my Mock Draft:

1-Geno Smith-QB-WVU

2-Tavon Austin-WR-WVU

3-Darius Slay-CB-Miss St

3b-Joseph Fauria-TE-UCLA

4-Dion Jordan-DE-Oregon

5-AJ Klein-ILB-Iowa St

6-DJ Swearinger-S-S Carolina

7-Denard Robinson-WR-Michigan

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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