Most Underrated Free Agents I want the Chiefs to Corral - DE an ILB


I am making a case for two free agents that didn't garner as much publicity in this off-season. These two will make an immediate impact for the upcoming squad leading into the 2013 season. The Chiefs will not have to break the bank if Dorsey went after them, plus these two will contribute as starters right away from Week 1. Moves like these will immediately fill two holes in their respective positions with regards to the starting lineup.

Everyone is aware that Tyson Jackson comes with a hefty price for the 2013 season of $17 million. He'll either be cut or Chiefs would need his agent to re-negotiate a new deal that would be more cap-friendly. The guy I am looking at that will be an immediate contributor and starter is a 4-year Pro out of Texas A&M DE Michael Bennett (6-4, 274 lbs) who is a free agent DE of the Tampa Buccaneers. This is a blue-collar, no nonsense, lunch-pail type of player who's lengthy with a strong upper body and quickness of the snap. ... Can play on the strong or weak side because of his length and strength. ... Pre-draft scouting report: Can push the tackle into the quarterback when one-on-one, using a strong bull rush. ... Uses his hands to gain an edge or rip off tackles. Some may think Bennett may not fit in a 3-4 scheme but he does. You can see in the video links I provided below, Bennett plays in a Tampa 3-4 hybrid scheme. He lines up in a 3-4 in the play he took down the very agile and mobile Christian Ponder.


It's unfortunate that I am not able to share any YouTube vids thus none of these can be embedded. Because does not allow any blog or external site embed their videos. So you'd have to click these links to watch them.

Go to this link and watch Bennett sack Romo and forces a fumble
Link to watch Bennett sacking Nick Foles for a 10-yard loss
Link to watch Bennett sacking Ponder for a 5-yard loss

The second free agent I like to see as a Chief is another 4-year veteran out of Georgia ILB Dannell Ellerbe (6-1 240 lbs) from the Superbowl Ravens squad. This is player I watched closely all 2012 when he had to play in place of Ray Lewis and also was getting a lot of playing time in Terrell Suggs absence. Almost every game, the Ravens D didn't miss a beat from their linebackers. With him in there while Lewis and Suggs were out, he not only contributed but took full advantage of the opportunity. For those who remember the playoff game vs. Patriots, Ellerbe can also be trusted with great hands when he intercepted Tom Brady. I think Ravens will try hard as heck to keep him but it's still worth a shot for KC to go after a player of his caliber that is sorta underrated as far as the Free Agents are concerned. Ellerbe is a tackling master. He would be an upgrade to the lost of Belcher and anyone the Chiefs have on their current roster for that position.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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