In a Perfect World (with Me as Chiefs GM)…

I enjoy thinking in the future in detail (I think that sounds so much better than day-dreamer or airhead, don’t you?). In my mind, the world is always perfect and everyone sees things the same way I do… Actually, that’s not true. What I really enjoy is thinking through all the possible variations (what if Jackson won’t restructure, or what if Reid doesn’t want Geno?) and then figuring out what my contingencies would be from that point on (kind of like a chess game and trying to think a few moves ahead – it can be mind-boggling). Some of you know that I tend to take a business view when talking about my beloved Chiefs and I suppose this is part of that.

I do however, need to have a starting point; a detailed idea of what I’d really like to see happen, no matter how unrealistic it might be… So I’m going to ask my fellow fans to help me out here; help me figure all the contingencies. I understand that you might have a different starting point, but this is my post so work with me – assume my starting point is correct and then take it from there. I’ll throw in a few contingencies (or #2 options) but I’m sure there will be many more I’ll miss.

Sound like fun? Good – and yes, I know… I suck. Here we go:

Starting NOW: the Chiefs get busy and:

  • Medically examine Albert, clear him to play, and re-sign him to a reasonable (but well earned) long-term deal.
  • Re-sign Colquitt to a long-term deal worth approx. $2 mill/$2.5 mill year. (Contingency: This is a lot for a punter, but I think he’s worth it. If he won’t sign for this we let him go; yes, some teams do use the Franchise tag on punters, but only if they have no one better to use it on.)
  • Offer Bowe a long-term deal equivalent to about the 20th best WR in the league. If he doesn’t take it; Franchise his butt. This would put him in an undeniable contract year where every yard and TD equals $$ next year; I kind of like the idea of a totally incentivized Bowe playing in the first year of Reid’s new offense.
  • Restructure Jackson to a top 20 DL contract. Play with the cap hit, the guaranteed money, the length of contract; but get him signed.
  • Lowball Dorsey an offer on a 1 or 2 year deal. Don’t insult him, but offer a contract commensurate with his numbers. If he walks; let him go (and take the Compensatory value next year).
  • Re-sign Thomas Gafford – Good longsnappers are important.
  • Offer Travis Daniels a contract – you can never have too many DBs.
  • Re-sign Brandon Siler to an incentive laden contract and let him compete for a starting role.
  • Re-sign Abe Elam – you can never have too many DBs.
  • Offer a contract to Russ Hochstein (OL depth).
  • Re-sign Pitoitua to a 3-4 year deal – get this done.
  • Sign a FA ILB.
  • Sign FA depth for OL, DL, and DBs.

The #1 pick carries many hidden advantages that we don’t normally talk about. One of those advantages is that we can explore and cement every possible trade option before the board changes and get a real good idea about who the top four teams are targeting…

Immediately Before Draft Day:

  • Build up the hype around how much Reid really likes EJ Manuel.
  • Cement a deal with Philly to trade our #1 for their #4, plus their 2014 #1, plus Foles. Throw in our 5th rounder (or whatever) to make it work. Announce on draft day. (Contingency: trade a 7th rounder for Alex Smith – he’s going to be cut anyway and the 49ers would rather get something for him).
  • Explore trade interests in Brandon Albert.

On Draft Day:

  • Take Luke Joeckel with the #4 pick and then announce a previously arraigned trade of Albert and pick up an additional 2nd rounder.
  • With our first 2nd rounder take Best QB Available (NOT Manuel)
  • With our second 2nd rounder take BPA (CB or WR)
  • With our first 3rd rounder take BPA (CB, WR, or ILB)
  • With our second 3rd rounder (compensatory) take BPA (with a focus on OL and DL depth)
  • From Round #4 on – BPA.

Ok, so there you have it. This would be my game plan and I’d love some help figuring out which FAs and players in the draft could fit the slots I’ve mentioned. (Remember, it’s my plan)

To save space, let me get this out of the way:

  • If we don’t draft a QB at #1 we suck.
  • If we trade out of the #1 we suck.
  • If we don’t draft Geno we suck.
  • I suck.

What are your thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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