Geno Smith resembles Sam Bradford

I know, I know, no QB is worth #1 and we need to get a LT even though we already have one. Well I'm not on that bandwagon and don't plan to because we have Albert on the roster and just need to pay the man. A franchise LT will not win a Sueprbowl for us, but a QB will.

I'm still not even sold on a particular QB yet, but I cannot wait for the combine to see what happens and where QB's land after that.

I was just thinking this morning, trying to compare Geno Smith to another QB and I ultimately came up with Sam Bradford. I did a google search on Sam Bradford's draft profile and actually found an article comparing the same two players, so that was pretty cool to see.

Smith has been described as a "ho-hum" quarterback prospect in some circles, but I see a polished pocket passer with outstanding arm talent and passing skills. Smith displays the capacity to throw the ball accurately to every area of the field with zip, velocity and touch. Additionally, he flashes anticipation and awareness by leading receivers into open areas against tight coverage. Although a lot has been made of Smith's late-season struggles -- he tossed six interceptions over Mountaineers' final seven games after throwing 25 touchdown passes with zero picks in the team's first six games -- the fact that he finished the season with a 42:6 touchdown-to-interception ratio behind a leaky offensive line suggests that the reports of his questionable pocket presence and progression awareness are greatly exaggerated. Now, I'm not suggesting Smith doesn't have flaws that should rate as concerns for prospective teams, but I don't believe his deficiencies are significant enough to keep him from being a productive starter in the NFL.

I searched a bit more and saw WalterFootball say this about Bradford:


  • Good size with room to add some bulk
  • Peyton Manning-like accuracy
  • Outstanding job of anticipating routes
  • Solid arm strength
  • Capable of making all the throws
  • Smooth, consistent spiral
  • Textbook footwork and can drop back if asked
  • Great decision-maker since freshman year
  • Understands timing
  • Well versed in progression reads
  • Experienced
  • Very quick release
  • Ridiculous level of production
  • Sells play action
  • Places ball in stride of receiver
  • Will step up in pocket
  • Decent athleticism
  • Throws pro routes and has been under center more than given credit for in career
  • Strong leader and good character
  • Going by the numbers, there's once again some very similar stats.

    Geno Smith College stats:

    67.4% completion percentage

    8 yards per attempt

    98-21 TD-INT ratio

    Sam Bradford College Stats:

    67.6% completion percentage

    9.4 yards per attempt

    88-16 TD-INT ratio

    One thing you have got to understand is Sam Bradford was surrounded by elite talent at virtually every position. OU has consistently put together a good team year in and year out. So with a good supporting cast, obviously Bradford was able to shine build up his reputation due to the publicity of Oklahoma football.

    What I'm getting at here is Geno was not in the spotlight like Oklahoma was. Being on Oklahoma, success is expected. Don't get me wrong, Bradford was amazing and he did deserve his Heisman. All I'm trying to get at here is how similar the two players are. Put Geno on that OU team and I'm sure he'd put up some damn good numbers too. Of course going into 2010 I wish KC had their chance to draft Sam Bradford. But in the end KC might be in position to draft the next QB as similar to Bradford as we can get. Solidify the line and re-sign Bowe. This team could be dangerous.

    I haven't gotten my hopes up yet and after this combine we're going to get a better idea on how things are going to play out. If Geno Smith lights it up, I hope we make the right choice. I don't want to play it safe and miss out on someone that could be special.

    Taking into account Geno Smith's college resume, and replace WVU with OU. Does Geno go #1?

    This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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