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Sorry Stags this started out as a comment on the

"OFFICIAL AP Mock Draft Thread 2/11-2/18: Roster cuts begin" thread

However it got way too long so I decided to turn it in to a post. Feel free to cut and paste all of the following text if necessary, either way here it goes.

With all this news about Mayock putting a black mark on this years QB class I felt inclined to look at his comments in other drafts regarding QB's over the last three years starting in 2011 because that one was pretty easy, and we never know if there is a backup somewhere that breaks out as a starter.




1. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

2. Jake Locker, Washington

3. Cam Newton, Auburn

4. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

5. Andy Dalton, TCU

Wow that was bad. Blaine "if I can't see them, they can't see me" Gabbert has been horrible and is widely considered a bust. Jake Locker looks promising but hasn't had a breakout type stretch of games. Ryan Mallet went in the third round and who knows what they have with him, he hasn't been ultra- impressive in the time he's gotten but hey "he's a raw prospect that will take time to develop." Meanwhile Cam Newton the third rated QB on Mayocks board IS the Panters franchise and looks to be able to "start for 10 years there." Then you have Andy Dalton ringing in at #5 on Mayocks list has gone on to two straight playoffs berths, while a lot of his success could be chalked up to having A.J Green as a target, You'd be hard pressed to find people who would take Gabbert, Locker, or Malllet over Dalton.




1. Sam Bradford*

2. Jimmy Clausen*

3. Colt McCoy

4. Tim Tebow

5t. Dan LeFevour, Tony Pike

Can't argue much here. Bradford was the only QB in that draft that was worth a damn and even he has been average at best. Guys Mayock whiffed on here were Clausen and LeFevour/ Pike combo. Clausen isn't in the top 5 of QB's taken in this draft to date and probably never will be, LeFevour/ Pike have amounted to nothing in the NFL. Still though, Skelton is the only guy you can argue should be on that list instead.




1. Mark Sanchez

2. Matthew Stafford

3. Josh Freeman

4. Pat White

5. Stephen McGee

Yikes! Sanchez as the top prospect? CRIMINAL. Even when everyone had Stafford as their guy Mayock went the "I'm smarter than everyone else" route and put Sanchez at the top of his board. Sanchez has been horrible and isn't one of the best 5 QB's in this draft while Stafford has been great when healthy. Freeman despite his issues has been worlds better that Sanchez. The issue kind of stops there, the rest of the QB's from this class are out of the league.

Ultimately, While Mayock is generally a solid evaluator of talent the guy is completely average at evaluating QB's. He only really gets it right when it is blatantly obvious that a QB is going to be the best player overall in that draft, In those situations, the average fan has enough knowledge to put that guy #1 on their "top 5 lists"

All of that said and off my chest here are some more random ramblings regarding the off season.


this is going to be a huge part of our off season. We have to address at least one or two of our major defensive needs via free agency. If we go into the draft with holes at all three positions are going to be wasting picks in a year where free agency is loaded with defensive talent.


This is Chris Canty, Mike DeVito, or go home territory for us. Well, depending on how they feel about Alex Bailey and Ropati Pitoitua. There are a lot of guys in the mid to late rounds like Devin Tayleor, William Gholston, and Jesse Williams that would be awesome as developmental guys but none outside of the first round that inspire confidence as first day starters.



A Chris Canty or Mike DeVito signing would bring a high level of play to bridge us over to a younger guy in two years.


This is a great year to have a need at CB. Both the free agent class and draft class are deep with talent. CB is probably the position the Chiefs should feel the most okay with looking to the draft for. At the top of the second guys like Rhodes and Trufant could be available and should be good to go on day 1.

As far as free agency? Dominique Rogers-freaking-Cromartie brah. But seriously he would make so much sense. Contrary to popular belief DRC was actually one of the more vocal leaders of the Eagles and a great guy in the locker room (according to commenters on reddit at least.) The worst that could happen? DRC continues to give up on plays and we go back to Javier Arenas as our #2 who has shown to at least be a solid starter there. The best that could happen? DRC uses all of that physical ability to turn the corner and become a top flight CB under the guidance of Emitt Thomas.

We literally have nothing but a roster spot to lose here.

Other options include stop gaps like Sheldon Brown (the most likely of the free agents) and Brent Grimes, or long term guys like Sean Smith and Aqib Talib. As aforementioned, great year to have a CB need.


Here's an idea, ED REED. I realize it's very unlikely because he wants to go to a contender if he even leaves Baltimore but could you imagine how hard it would be to throw on Flowers, Reed, and Berry? My goodness. Another name I want to throw out there is Charles Woodson.

Woodson would be a great signing for so many reasons.

First, he would allow Berry to kick back and and roam while he plays the mismatch equalizer role that Berry has been playing.

Second, it would be a stab at the Raiders to see him in Red and Gold. All of their fans are hoping McKenzie is going to bring him in, it would be great to mock them about their cap situation whilst paying Woodson to shove it in their face two times next season.

After Reed and Woodson the Safety market drops off in terms of price: production.

As far as the draft goes first day starters like Elam, Viccarro, and McDonald require a 2 or 3 to bring in.

Still, we could stand to just start Lewis again next season. I realize he is terrible at tackling but there are bigger holes on the defense to fill.


This is a position I am worried will never be filled by a draft pick seeing how bad Reid has been at doing that. However if Dorsey truly is in charge of draft day decisions then this becomes less of a concern. Between he and Sutton our LBers will be the least of our worries.

The big name in Free Agency is obviously Darnell Ellerbe, who is going to be a rich man this off season. But a guy to keep an eye out for Brad Jones. He was drafted in the Dorsey era Packers and played with all the skills of a three down ILB filling in for half a season. Does Dorsey have enough faith in him to pay him?

After those two it's pretty much a free fall in free agency. Larry Foote, and Larry Grant are pretty much it as far as solid stop gaps go. Maybe Urlacher could play well with a change of scenery?

Between Te'o or Ogletree and all of their problems and Kevin Minter's recent rising on boards a solid ILB is going to fall to us in the second. Guys like Kevin Reddick, Kiko Alonso, and Jonathan Bostic are all mid round guys that could develop into solid 3 down guys.


It's weird to say but while our offense was so bad there aren't many pressing needs on that side of the ball. If you really think about it what we really need is a QB then just depth across the board. Of coarse this is assuming the Chiefs actually are able to sign Bowe and Albert back.



I am ashamed to admit that I am a part of a small small minority that may be just myself, that believes that Cassel could be a solid not spectacular QB with Reid coaching him. I am willing to take a wait and see approach should Cassel take a pay cut and remain with the Chiefs, the supporting cast is there for him to succeed, and Cassel would finally have a competent head coach to work with, so I could see it working while a replacement develops.

While I personally believe this chasm should be met with nothing less than our greatest asset this off season (hint: the #1 pick) let's look at some current NFL player options.

Joe Flacco- not going to happen ever

Alex Smith- Under Harbaugh Smith was above average, under Reid Smith could potentially be!... above average. I get that this is a safer move but my goodness it scream 21st century Chiefs. Go with the guy that will make you above average at best instead of taking a shot on someone that could put you over the top. If this happens I won't mind but until then I hope it doesn't.

Nick Foles- Foles is the wildcard. I will be VERY skeptical of Reid and Dorsey if they bring in Foles to start and call it a day at the QB position. It's just hard to get excited about a guy that had a half decent half season drafted halfway through the draft coming in and being your "franchise guy." While I do realize Reid and Dorsey are worlds smarter than me when it comes to fooball, I am still entitled to my stance.

That said, I would love to bring in Foles for nothing more than a fourth and have him be a long term backup/ spot starter while a rookie develops. If Foles is lights out, that's great we have a solid QB! If not luckily we drafted a rookie who we were all hoping was the better QB anyway.

A solid backup is worth a fourth in today's NFL, I'd even give up a third if we get a third round compensatory pick for Brandon Carr. Look at how great that third for Kirk Cousins looks in Washington right about now.

Matt Flynn- Bleh. He will probably cost picks where just one season ago he went to Seattle for nothing more than a contract offer. I'll put it this way. His head coach let him go, his QB coach passed on him in Miami, and former Packers front office man Reggie McKenzie didn't even try to bring him in for so much as a workout.

McCarthy could have demanded picks(supposedly), Philbin could have eased Tannehill in or passed on Tannehill and started this immense talent (supposedly), or McKenzie could have brought him in to start in Oakland and cut Palmer and his ludicrous contract. All three of them who knew Flynn on a very personal level passed. Why? Because the media says he's better than he actually is. I wouldn't be surprised if Dorsey passes on him as well.


Matt Hasselbeck- The Titans are in no need to create cap room and no real top money free agent to retain. The Titans are never the guy that go out and toss money at free agents either. Still, despite this Matt Hasselbeck may hit the open market. He's due around $5 million against the cap, considering he'll probably be sitting behind Jake Locker, that's a big chunk of change.

If he did become available in free agency he would be an ideal fit for the Chiefs. He's a veteran of Andy Reid's offense and could teach a rookie so much while letting him sit on the bench and develop for a year or two. After that time the rookie comes off the bench and Hasselbeck either retires or spends a few years as a solid veteran clipboard holder.



Kevin Kolb- The folks over on seem to believe that Kolb's future in AZ is in jeopardy, and it makes sense. Arians has no attachment to Kolb and would probably like to develop his own guy, paired with the fact that Kolb is due a ridiculous $11 million this year with 9 going against the cap it seems reasonable to suspect this could happen.

I realize Kolb has "Cassel 2.0" written all over him but he has one thing no other QB offers this year. Proven success with Andy as a head coach. Kolb would be a great on a two to three year deal where a rookie could sit and learn while Kolb revives his career, then either stays on as a backup or goes on to start elsewhere. As far as mentors go, it doesn't get much better than Kolb in our situation.

No matter what option we decide on in free agency or via trades we NEED to draft our guy this year, preferably in the first but in the very least in the second. People complain that Smith is not worth the top pick, therefore we cannot draft him. For me, my line of thought is this is the best chance we have of getting the top QB for sure.

What if we go 8-8 over the next four seasons and barely miss out on the top QB in all of those drafts? What if we become the Texans, who for ages sat perfectly in the middle of the draft for years!?

We have a chance to get the best QB in the draft now, it is a guarantee RIGHT NOW. Is it Geno Smith? Matt Barkley? Tyler Wilson? We don't know who Dorsey's guy is but whoever it is we need to take him #1 overall and settle the most important position in sports THIS year while we have a chance.

For those of you arguing that we should go BPA and draft other players I contend with this.

Dee Millner - Darrell Revis

Revis is among the best maybe second only to Deion Sanders when it comes to playing corner. Does his play make an impact? Heck yes it does! Can the Jets still be bad while he's playing at his best? Definitely.

Luke Joeckel - Joe Thomas

Arguably the best LT in the game right now, playing for arguably the worst team in the NFL. It's really as simple as that.

Star Lotulelei- Julius Peppers

From 2004 to 2009 the Panthers had ONE winning season, meanwhile Julius Peppers had racked up double digit sacks in all but one season.

(anyone who wants to argue that this is unfair I would love to talk about the Bills D line, or Darnell Dockett/ Calias Campbell I just felt this was a better dramatic comparison)

Geno Smith- Andy Dalton



Andy Dalton at just good QB play had already dramatically turned his franchise around for the better and he's going to continue to grow. Yes he does have A.J Green and a solid defense to help him out, and wouldn't you know it, the Chiefs have Dwayne Bowe, who while isn't A.J Green is more than serviceable, and a solid defense to help Geno Smith out. Meanwhile the common theme for all the aforementioned good players on bad teams is.. You guessed it bad QB play.

You can have a Peppers like impact, or a Thomas like impact, or a Revis like impact, but as long as your QB is of the Jake Delhomme, Colt McCoy, or Mark Sanchez mold it won't matter.

All that said let's look at some QB's in the draft not named Geno Smith because I think we all know everything about him already.

Tyler Wilson- I cannot get the hype this dude is getting on AP. He's big, has a strong arm and is from the SEC and that's pretty much where it ends for me. He makes terrible decisions, is horribly inaccurate, and cripples under pressure. Holy crap people he's Matt Cassel with an NFL arm!

Everything this guy does well Geno Smith does better, everything Wilson does bad Geno Smith does well at. Outside of being able to throw the ball a mile out of the stadium Smith is in every aspect of his game better than Wilson.

Matt Barkley- The only situation where I am completely on board with not drafting Geno Smith is one where we trade back to get Matt Barkley later. Barkley has been playing and starting as a QB in flavors of the WCO since his freshman year of college.

If we put Smith and Barkley on the same Chiefs team in paralleled realities, Barkley would have the better rookie season while Smith would have the better career. I don't expect Barkley to be special but he can at least be good.


"My first mick off season of the off season pre free agency and the combine!"


Bowe, Albert, Colquitt, Elam, Pitoitua, Brandon Siler


Canty, Rogers-Cromartie, Jake Scott, Kevin Kolb/ NIck Foles


Extend Tyson Jackson- Pay him his 2013 salary over the coarse of 3 seasons. Saves cap space and it's another hole we don't have to fill.

Cut Matt Cassel- it's time


1. Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia



For me it can't be anyone else. He presents a huge amount of upside at the hugest hole on the team. Pretty basic logic right there.

Why it won't be

Luke Joeckel

He is probably going to be one of the best in the league, but there is no use in investing to protect a QB that can't effectively run an offense. Also with Joeckel we are spending our greatest asset to put a capable starter on the bench.

Albert is going to have to move to guard seeing as WInston's spot is out of the question, is Rodney Hudson getting booted in favor of Jeff Allen? Does Jeff Allen just get sent to the bench after turning in a solid season at LG while Albert hasn't played OG in YEARS? What of Stephenson who showed starter potential last season at LT. Is he cut in the logjam we suddenly have with solid OT's? Joeckel makes no sense in a "can he improve this team enough to warrant the #1 overall pick" stance.

Chance Warmack

Because Mayock is an idiot if he thinks this is what's going to happen. This team has needs, yeah, but OG sure as heck isn't one of them

Star Lotulelei

Chris Canty.

A trade down

The only team we should entertain offers from is the Jaguars, even then it's only if they plan to secure Luke Joeckel or Star Lotulelei. If we trade anywhere behind the Raiders we will miss out on Geno Smith.

2. Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia or

Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame

One of these guy is going to fall to the second because the NFL is going to decide the other guys problems are not as bad. On defense the Chiefs are more than equipped to handle troubled minds like these with our star studded cast.

Ogletree- He's the guy I would prefer here. Ogletree has the talent to be a three down linebacker in the NFL. Justin Houston, a former teammate will be able to preach the benefits of staying focused to Ogletree.

Te'o- It's more his tape against Alabama that's putting people off. I think it's overblown, when you have a lineman on you as much as Te'o did it's going to be hard to perform and quick to get tired. It showed. Surrounded by the talent on the Chiefs Te'o will be able to replicate the player we at some point put in the top 5.

3a. Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia



The Chiefs get a threat to take off the top of the defense and fill that DeSean Jackson role. Also, as a side bonus this threat is Geno Smith's favorite college target.

3b. Baccari Rambo, S, Georgia

Rambo is guy that could come in and start right away, and falls this far due to drug problems. He can join Ogletree in the Justin Houston "former UGAAA" program.

Cypriens rise coupled with the general lack of need for Safeties in the NFL also helps drop Rambo this far. Plus the Chiefs would have the player with the coolest name in the entire NFL

Note: This is the pick we get as a compensatory selection for losing Brandon Carr to the Cowboys on that ridiculous contract. A starter at CB for a starter at S.. Not bad.

4. Tyran Mathieu, CB/S/KR, LSU

Man how about character concern guys in this draft huh? Mathiieu is either going to be exactly what we all think he is or an incredible steal for some savvy GM. Time will tell, I am willing to throw a fourth round pick at the guy though.

At worst we cut a fourth round pick, no big deal. At best we have a ridiculous secondary, especially if DRC pans out opposite Flowers. and an awesome return guy and weapon to use all over the place. It's always good to have a guy with a nose for the ball in today's NFL

Rounds 5-7-

These should be flyer rounds an OLB, DE, and maybe another WR should all be in their somewhere.





QB- Kevin Kolb/ Geno Smith/ Ricky Stanzi

FB- Patrick DiMarco

I wonder if this position even exists in this offense.

HB- Jamaal Charles/ Dexter McCluster/ Cyrus Gray

for the record it's worth noting that the reason we drafted McCluster so high was because the Eagles were going to draft him before our next pick. I can only imagine what Reid has planned for the guy.

TE- Tony Moeaki/ Kevin Boss

X Receiver- Steadman Bailey/ Steve Breaston

I think Breaston is going to be solid in the offense if he is given the chance. A lot of good wideouts are going to get a lot of playing time.

Z Receiver- Dwayne Bowe/ Jonathan Baldwin

Both of these guys have potential to play the same type of role that Terrell Owens played in Philly. Given, they won't be as productive, still there is a place for possession guys in Reid's offense. Bowe I am especially excited about, this scheme is all about getting the ball into your WR's hands quickly. Bowe's RB like ability after the catch is going to be an interesting skill in this offense.

Slot Receiver- Devon Wylie/ Dexter McCluster

Wylie is a guy to look out for in this offense. He's quick and precise with his routes, he may be able to get in to a lot of favorable positions with Bailey and Bowe getting primary attention.

LT- Branden Albert/ Donald Stephenson/ Jake Scott

LG- Jeff Allen/ Jake Scott

Yes Allen does deserve to be a starter.

C- Rodney Hudson/ Jake Scott

RG- Jon Asomoah/ Jake Scott

RT- Eric WINston/ Donald Stephenson/ Jake Scott

For those of you wondering, Jake Scott is an OL who most recently played for the Eagles. He came in as a mid season signing and played pretty well. Throughout his career (mostly with the Titans) Scott has played and started in every OL capacity. At this point in his career he is a solid versatile backup.


LE- Tyson Jackson/ Ropati Pitoitua

NT- Dontari Poe/ Jerrell Powe

RE- Chris Canty/ Allen Bailey/ ROOKIE

LOLB- Justin Houston/ Andy Studebaker/ ROOKIE

SILB- Alec Ogletree/ Brandon Siler

WILB- Derrick Johnson/ Cory Greenwood

ROLB- Tamba Hali/ Edgar Jones

LCB- Brandon Flowers/ Javier Arenas/Jalil Brown

RCB- Dominique Rogers-Cromartie/ Javier Arenas/ Jalil Brown

NCB- Javier Arenas/ Tyrann Mathieu / Jalil Brown

SS- Baccari Rambo/ Abram Elam/ Tyrann Mathieu

FS- Eric Berry/ Husain Abdullah/ Tyrann Mathieu

P- Dustin Colquitt

K- Ryan Succop

KR/PR- Javier Arenas/ Tyrann Mathieu

I'll probably add more later. But that's what I got for now.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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