The Case for Alex Tanney

First, I want to say this is the first time I've posted a fanpost. Be easy on me.

Second, I'm serious. I think Alex Tanney has the tools and skills to succeed as a starter for the KC Chiefs.

What? A bench player who has yet to see any NFL action should be given the keys to the Chiefs? A second year guy who was an undrafted rookie free agent, and from a D-III school too? Doesn't that mean that he faced less talent than he'll see in the NFL?

Hear me out.

1) No other rookie that can be drafted also has seen any NFL action. Tanney is no different from Geno or Tyler here.

2) Whether a player is undrafted or the #1 pick doesn't matter as much as whether or not he can produce on the field. In Tanney's case, he proved that he can produce on the field in college. Yes, I know D-III isn't nearly as challenging of a division as the D-I schools. Yes, I realize that Tanney probably didn't face defenses like Alabama's or high-octane offenses.

Keep in mind that Tanney also didn't have the skilled talent at O-line, RB, WR, or TE either. When he threw, it had to be on the money - because who else from his school has been considered at WR for the NFL? Did he have as much time to throw, or did he have to be accurate and quick? I'd guess his O-Line wasn't stellar (and I could be wrong). All I'm saying is that if we dismiss Tanney because the defenders he was up against were not as skilled, it may level out because his teammates weren't that skilled either.

Again, no rookie in this year's class has had to throw against the quickness of defenses in the NFL. Tanney would already have some benefit, however, of going through a training camp and getting to know several of the players on the Chiefs roster.

3) Will Tanney work well in the WCO (West Coast Offense)? A: The WCO requires a QB with accuracy and timing. Tanney has this in spades. We might argue that he probably has this better than any of the other QBs on the roster, as well as any we're rumored to be looking at in free agency - and even the draft. Any guy who can make 6 baskets in a row with a football has accuracy. Any guy who can hit two moving bikes from unusual places with footballs has timing. And what do you know? Tanney can do this. He would thrive in the WCO. Especially after working a year to get the feel of the game. And also with a coach who has the reputation of bringing out the best in QBs.

4) Q: If Tanney is going to take a whole year, why not draft a rookie QB, like (insert name of your favorite rookie here _____). A: Many fine QBs have taken some time to learn the speed of the game. Peyton Manning comes to mind. His rookie year, he did throw a lot of TDs. But he also threw more INTs. His passer rating was low (in the 50s, as I recall). But with that year, Peyton learned and grew - and ever since then, he reaped the benefits of it..

Tanney could be the same way. Give him a year to play. He will win more games than we won this last year. Plus, even if he struggles, I think he would bounce back.

5) Some extra benefits of declaring Tanney the starter for the Chiefs:

a - It frees up having to take a QB with the #1 pick. We could go for the best CB (Milliner, maybe?) or the best WR. Or trade back and get both.

b - Tanney is cheap. We won't have to break the bank to get him, meaning that we'll have extra bucks to spend on any free agents we wish, as well as have enough for this year's draft class.

c- Tanney is relatively unknown. I can't find any YouTube footage of his college games (or preseason activity, for what it' worth). With little game tape to go on, defenses will have to guess what he does and won't be nearly as ready for him as with someone else. Tanney has the element of surprise.

d - Tanney already has a repoire with Chiefs WRs, RBs, and OLine men.

e - Tanney is hungry and would like to play. He'd have a chip on his shoulder to prove himself, too (just like a certain current Patriots QB who was bypassed by many in the draft, and since then has excelled).

f - Tanney could be a fan favorite. He already has the nickname "Trickshot." He could give this team the shot in the arm we need.

So, Chiefs fans and especially Chiefs brass if you are reading this: Train and start Alex Tanney for QB for the Chiefs. At least let him try for the starter position in a fair competition. There is so much more with Alex Tanney, the diamond in the rough, than many people think. I'm all on the Trickshot train. And I hope he gets a chance to show what he can do.

(This is my first fanpost ever. Go easy on me, guys. And thanks for reading).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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