Chiefs free agency open thread valentines day edition

Is it me, or does it seem like the 2013 season is just around the corner? I haven't seen this much suspense out of the Chiefs fanbase in quit some time. The excitement, the drama , the suspense all are at a high level . And with free agency is right around the corner, I thought I would ask you guys about that very topic. Not who we bring in off the street , but our guys. Who off of our superbly talented 2012 team deserves another contract? In case you were wondering who is on the free agent list, this is the list of guys and their final PFF grades for the 2012 NFL season

grade snaps

Dustin Colquitt P 8 KC UFA +24.4 0
Ryan Lilja G* 9 KC UFA +14.5 1023
Branden Albert OT 5 KC UFA +13.8 722
Dwayne Bowe WR 6 KC UFA +8.5 757
Abram Elam S 7 KC UFA +2.6 457
Glenn Dorsey DI 5 KC UFA +1.8 115
Peyton Hillis RB 5 KC UFA +0.6 218
Jake O'Connell TE 4 KC UFA +0.5 34
Thomas Gafford LS 5 KC UFA 0.0 0
Leon Williams LB 4 KC UFA 0.0 0
Martin Rucker TE 3 KC RFA 0.0 0
Shaun Smith DI 8 KC UFA -0.1 133
Russ Hochstein G 12 KC UFA -1.7 119
Edgar Jones ED 6 KC UFA -3.8 47
Brandon Siler LB 6 KC UFA -4.7 176
Ropati Pitoitua DI 4 KC UFA -4.8 505
Travis Daniels S 8 KC UFA -7.5 289
Brady Quinn QB 6 KC

Bryan Mattison og RFA

Steve Maneri TE RFA

And since this is valentines day, lets play the Bachelor. You can only save one of these guys Dorsey, Bowe, Colquit,Albert. Who do you give the rose to and why. And I would like you guys to focus on just our guys, If you really have a guy you want you can give his name . But if you can , please focus on our guys. Out of the rest of those guys , who do you keep, who do you let walk.

I give my rose to Albert. Because then we don't have to here the name Luke Joekal anymore. I have a policy that no matter what, I always tender my RFA and ERA guys. These are guys that you get for cheap for one more year so why not bring them back. Ropati,Maneri,Mattison, Mcarthy are all brought back

I re sign Edger Jones and Abe Elam. Jones has some versatility and ST value. I like Elam as depth . But I play him at STRONG safety where he belongs. Ok AP, who do you keep and why

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