Implementing the WCO

Matt Bowen from the diagrammed some of Andy Reid's favorite plays from 2010.

Full read here.
We know that Andy's QB at the time was Micheal Vick (he played in 13 total games and 408 passing attempts). What about the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles play-makers. The Eagles had 1166 Total Offensive snaps in 2010.

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

From Wiki

Hi-Lo Crossers



Matt Bowen has the Eagles using two Tight ends in this indicated by players U and Y. Typical in 2010, Jason Avant a WR would play that Slot position (W) and Brent Celek a TE would play the (Y). I am assuming that in this play Clay Harbor would line up tight at the Y position and Celek would be in the slot (U) position. The Z player would usually be Jeremy Maclin while the X player would be DeSean Jackson. LeSean McCoy would be the lone Running Back.

An ideal scheme to run vs. man coverage (think Cover 1 with FS in the middle of the field). Defenders aligned with outside leverage playing a route concept that breaks back to the middle of the field. It can cause natural pick situations and it allows the QB to throw to a receiver with the defender now in a trail position. A tough matchup in 3rd and medium situations and inside of the red zone. - Matt Bowen

Hi-Lo Opposite



Again, Reid and the Eagles want to work inside of the numbers. This time, however, we see the high to low read coming from "opposite" sides of the field. - Matt Bowen

53% of Micheal Vick's attempted passes were between the numbers (217 of 408 total attempts). He only attempted 59 passes outside the numbers more than 10 yards down field. Micheal Vick completed 76% of his attempts from 0-9 yards down field, 60% of his attempts 10-19 yards, and 41.5% of his attempts 20+ yards.

Hi-Lo Triple-In Flood



One thing I am noticing, we do not have that WR to just stretch the field vertically (not that we needed it till now). The second thing that strikes me is that the routes require speed and or hard cuts to separate from the defenders. They do not appear to be timed routes as much as the QB reading the various receivers and hitting the right one in stride.

What do the Chiefs have in house to replicate some of the needed characteristics of Andy's former play-makers?

Matt Bowen's summation

One thing to remember with Reid’s offense…

Where does the ball go? Thrown between the numbers and the hash. We will see multiple concepts from the Eagles in 2011, but when they need a play, don’t be surprised to see one of these routes show up on the tape.

Go Chiefs

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