I Pick, You Pick, We all Pick: Week 14

Week 13 Roll Up:


Eric: 13-3

Nate: 11-5

Vince: 13-3

The amateurs responded their poor showing last week with one of their strongest weeks of the season. All while missing on all three upset picks. Nate picked the Saints to quite Seattle’s 12th man, Vince homered the Texans over the Patriots and Eric picks the wrong birds in the Eagles/Cardinals match up.


Matt Miller: 9-7

Pete Prisco: 12-4

Adam Schefter: 13-3

Miller continues his slide and has fallen from first place into a tie for last. In the same span Prisco has moved from last to second.

Season Roll Up:

Amateurs: 355-218

Eric: 117-73

Nate: 120-71

Vince: 118-73

Experts: 354-219

Matt: 117-74

Pete: 119-72

Adam: 118-73

The amateurs fought back to take a one pick overall lead. Nate is the only amateur to lead his rival expert. He and Prisco are 1 & 2 in the standings.

Week 14 Picks:

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars



Eric: Jacksonville *Upset of the Week*

- Another great primetime game! This on has serious #1 overall pick implications. I think the Texans are beyond repair. Kubiac could be on the way out.

Nate: Houston

- This will be the week that the Texans take a lead into halftime and not come out and choke it away.

Vince: Houston

- The Texans will not lose to the Jags twice

Kansas City Chiefs at Washington Redskins



Eric: Kansas City

- If the Chiefs lose this one they have completely fallen apart. Their defensive scheme has been figured out, it's time for adjustments. With that, I dont see a chance in hell the Chiefs drop this game.

Nate: Kansas City

- We're seeing a complete role reversal right now with the Chiefs and the offense can finally be relied upon to win games for the team. That's exactly what they'll do against the beaten down Redskins.

Vince: Kansas City

- The Chiefs are going to bounce back after that 3 game bust

Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens



Eric: Baltimore

- I'm not picking a team lead by Cassel. You can't make me nor should you want to.

Nate: Baltimore

- 2 words: Matt Cassel. That is all I need to know to pick the Ravens.

Vince: Baltimore

- The Ravens look better than the barely capable Vikings.

Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Eric: Buffalo

- Both teams seem to have found their QB's. The Bills are a better over all team and win a close one in the Florida sun.

Nate: Buffalo

- The Bills are a different team with a healthy E.J. Manuel. He wins the rookie showdown this weekend against Mike Glennon.

Vince: Tampa Bay

- The Bucs may not be a great team but Glennon was an upgrade and if he plays well they will succeed.

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers



Eric: Miami

- The Dolphins have overcame this year. They give Mike Wallace a warm return to Pittsburg.

Nate: Pittsburgh

- It's that time of year where the cold weather begins to affect those Southern teams. Sorry Miami.

Vince: Miami

- The Dolphins can literally play with anyone and even beat some of the better teams while the Steelers aren't even a sub par team.

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles



Eric: Philadelphia

- The Lions are a talented team they is poorly coached. They haven't proven they can win games like these. I mean its just for the division.

Nate: Philadelphia

- The Lions don't have many quality wins on their resume. They show again this week why they aren't in the category of great teams.

Vince: Detroit

- This will be a close game but I believe the Lions will pull this one off.

Oakland Raiders at New York Jets



Eric: Oakland

- The Jets are missing an opportunity with a really talented defense. The focus this off season needs to be that offense.

Nate: New York

- The Raiders are all but out of the playoffs and this is a must win game for the Jets. Geno Smith has a bounce back game and takes down the Raiders.

Vince: Oakland

- The Jets cant even decide on a QB they are just god awful.

Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots



Eric: New England *Lock of the Week*

- These are games the Patriots don't lose. Tom Brady has a big day but surprisingly so does Josh Gordon.

Nate: New England *Lock of the Week*

- I'm expecting a full beat down this Sunday for the Pats. BB won't admit it, but he still has hatred towards the Browns franchise.

Vince: New England *Lock of the Week*

- The Pats blow them out.

Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers



Eric: Atlanta

- No Aaron Rodgers no win for the Packers. Can the MVP be on a team that doesn't even make the playoffs?

Nate: Atlanta

- The Packers are just simply one of the worst teams in football without their star QB.

Vince: Green Bay

- This game could go either way.

Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals



Eric: Cincinnati

- The Colts are too one dimensional. That Trent Richardson trade is going to hurt this team for a few years.

Nate: Cincinnati

- This game is definitely a must watch as the Chiefs will almost certainly matchup with one of these two opponents in the playoffs. The better team is the Bengals and they will prove it Sunday.

Vince: Cincinnati *Upset of the Week*

- Going to be a great game let’s just see what happens.

Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos



Eric: Denver

- Coach Fox returns this week. I don't see the Broncos dropping another one especially if the race for home field advantage is close. Look at that big dumb face.

Nate: Denver

- Denver's offense is just too much for the Titans. Chalk up another win for fivehead.

Vince: Denver

- Peyton just keeps trecking.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers



Eric: Seattle

- The Seahawks are a for real team. Led by Russel Wilson who is an absolute baller. The Niners had to send out instructions to their fans, are you serious?

Nate: San Francisco

- After getting beat down by the Seahawks earlier in the year, the 49ers will exact revenge over a Seahawks team that is much more vulnerable on the road.

Vince: Seattle

- This game can always go either way I love seeing these two coaches play.

New York Giants at San Diego Chargers



Eric: New York

- The Giants are an improved team. The Chargers can't stop anyone while the Giants have the ability to stop almost anyone when playing to their potential.

Nate: New York*Upset of the Week*

- I'm sticking with the hot hand right now and rolling with the G-Men yet again. Eli will try to prove why avoiding the Chargers in the draft was a good idea.

Vince: San Diego

- The two over hyped QBs in that Draft not a game I care to watch.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals



Eric: Arizona

- The Cardinals are a team that's a few pieces short.

Nate: Arizona

-If the Cardinals had a decent o-line they would be a legit contender. Luckily, they don't need a good o-line to get past the Rams.

Vince: Arizona

- The Bottom feeders in this division battling for the worst team.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints



Eric: New Orleans

- I think the Panthers have a legitimate shot. If they can win one in the Super Dome the Panthers are 100% contenders.

Nate: New Orleans

- I'm not letting the domination from last week affect my judgement about the Saints at home. They are a completely different team in the dome and the Panthers will find that out the hard way.

Vince: Carolina

- Why go against them when they are still winning.

Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears



Eric: Dallas

- This is a game for the taking for the Boys, my NFC East preseason pick. Lets see how Tony Romo performs in December.

Nate: Chicago

-Like my statement for the Miami game, the Bears will have a big advantage when the Cowboys travel to freezing temperatures at Soldier Field.

Vince: Dallas

- With the Bears still being banged up watch the Cowboys take advantage of that.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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