NFL power rankings, Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs keep dropping

Peter Aiken

Kansas City lost again, further questioning its staying power among the NFL's elite around the nation.

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking for their first win in a month when they travel to take on the Washington Redskins this week.

Kansas City is coming into the game off a three-game slide which has many around the country questioning whether the Chiefs are legit or a fraud. Here, most folks believe this is a very good team going through a rough patch.

What do the power rankings reflect? Let's take a look:

Team Joel Thorman Matt Verderame Matt Conner Average
Seattle Seahawks 1 1 1 1.0
Denver Broncos 2 2 2 2.0
New England Patriots 3 3 5 3.7
Carolina Panthers 5 4 3 4.0
New Orleans Saints 4 6 4 4.7
Kansas City Chiefs 6 5 6 5.7
San Francisco 49ers 7 7 8 7.3
Cincinnati Bengals 8 8 7 7.7
Indianapolis Colts 10 9 9 9.3
Philadelphia Eagles 11 10 10 10.3
Detroit Lions 9 10 13 10.3
Dallas Cowboys 15 12 11 12.7
Baltimore Ravens 12 15 12 13.0
Arizona Cardinals 13 14 14 13.7
Chicago Bears 14 13 15 14.0
San Diego Chargers 16 18 17 17.0
Pittsburgh Steelers 18 17 16 17.0
Miami Dolphins 20 16 18 18.0
Green Bay Packers 17 20 20 19.0
Tennessee Titans 21 19 19 19.7
New York Jets 19 22 22 21.0
St. Louis Rams 24 21 21 22.0
Cleveland Browns 22 25 24 23.7
New York Giants 26 23 23 24.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23 24 27 24.7
Buffalo Bills 25 26 28 26.3
Atlanta Falcons 28 28 25 27.0
Minnesota Vikings 31 29 26 28.7
Oakland Raiders 29 27 30 28.7
Washington Redskins 27 30 29 28.7
Houston Texans 30 32 32 31.3
Jacksonville Jaguars 32 31 31 31.3

CBS Sports (Pat Kirwan)

8. The Chiefs are on a three-game losing streak and will go to the playoffs as a wild card team. They can beat average teams with ease but will continue to struggle against top-flight quarterbacks.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco)

6. Losing three in a row sure has changed the mentality of this team's playoff hopes. But they have turned it around in a big way this season.


7. Jamaal Charles had almost twice as many yards from scrimmage (120) than in the Chiefs' Week 11 loss to Denver (66). No one has more 120-yard games than Charles (eight).

Revenge Of The Birds

7. The Chiefs had a chance to silence the critics, putting the Broncos on the ropes. Then the second half happened. Gotta beat the good teams to be considered legit.

The Phinsider

11. A three game losing streak has the once 9-0 Kansas City on the outside of the top ten.

Mile High Report

8. Well, the books been closed on this feel good story. The Chiefs are on the verge of having the wheels come completely off, but all they need is to win one more. With a 1-3 record in the division and only one home game left (Andrew Luck and the Colts), I could see a scenario where this team ends up 10-6. Of course, that's probably the Bronco fan in me talking. Being realistic, this team finishes 11-5 and the No. 5 seed in the AFC. It was fun while it lasted.

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