Kansas City Chiefs have all the reason for hope on any given Sunday

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Pete Carroll, of all people, has wise words for the frustrated fan.

Questioned by reporters after the Seattle Seahawks unexpected home loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, head coach Pete Carroll responded with a near-perfect line.

"Don't go all crazy on us now," Carroll said. "We've had a terrific season."

What makes Carroll's statement an important one at this point is because of the perspective it provides. In fact, it didn't even relate to the question being asked. Carroll is a man who must keep tempers in check, enthusiams channeled, egos in line and a team motivated. Apparently he must do the same for the public.

Hot takes fly faster than, well, whatever flies very fast these days. The moment a head coach finishes a press conference, a sometimes damning narrative is already in place via social media and instant commentary. Hot seats no longer warm up to scalding temperatures; they're searing on command after a surprising loss.

'Don't go all crazy on us now. We've had a terrific season.'   -Pete Carroll

This is what makes Pete Carroll's comment my favorite response of any coach this season. Not only is it a backhanded statement on what the media usually does (go crazy with assumptions, rumors, hot takes), but it also provides a proper outlook for everyone. Before any of us -- reporter or fan -- searches for an answer, we should likely consider whether we're asking the right questions.

Enter the Chiefs' recent loss. While other playoff-bound teams were gathering momentum for the stretch run, Andy Reid's team looked like a sloppy mess in all facets. The offense managed seven points after scoring 101 during the previous two weeks. The same team that has five games without a single turnover managed to do so four times on Sunday. The Colts had major question marks, injury concerns and no depth at all, and yet came into Arrowhead and overwhelmed KC in every phase. It was not pretty.

It's easy after such a loss to jump to conclusions [insert Office Space joke]. It's natural to get angry when a team that has it all together one week suddenly falls apart the next. But in the midst of such emotions, it's also good to calm down before devising a storyline that might not exist.

"Don't go all crazy on us now. We've had a terrific season."

The storyline on the Colts, after all, read like a solid Chiefs win, but none of the expected elements played out like most experts predicted. The Chiefs might have holes here and there, but it doesn't mean they are doomed to fail in the playoffs. Four turnovers here doesn't mean four turnovers there, and a loss to the Colts doesn't mean they're going to do so again if the two meet in Indianapolis in the first round.

For the exasperated fan still searching for answers after Sunday's loss, I'd take a deep breath and take Pete's words to heart. The Chiefs have indeed enjoyed a terrific season and have every reason to hope that it will continue. It's "any given Sunday" in the NFL, for better or worse, and that means the Chiefs story hasn't yet been written despite the instant reactions we're all driven to believe.
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