Can the Chiefs sack Andrew Luck? 5 things to know about the Colts game

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for our weekly Q&A with the enemy. Up today is Brad Wells of SB Nation's Colts blog, Stampede Blue. Brad answers questions about Andrew Luck, the offensive line, run defense and more in the Colts-Chiefs match-up on Sunday. Read more on the Colts over at Stampede Blue.

1. Name one Colts player on offense the Chiefs will have to watch out for.

Andrew Luck. Perhaps Chiefs fans have heard of him. He's famous for his neckbeard.

2. Name one Colts player on defense the Chiefs will have to watch out for.

Robert Mathis. He has a billion sacks this year. It's possible Chiefs fans have heard of him too, but that's a guess on my part.

3. The Chiefs secondary is vulnerable over the top. How is Andrew Luck at stretching the field and throwing deep?

Check out the 1:31 mark on this video...

It will show you more than I can possibly describe using words.

4. The Chiefs pass rushers need to get to Luck. How is the Colts offensive line at protecting him? Can he get the ball out quickly to avoid the rush?

If KC's defense is as good as it's been hyped up to be this year, they should have no issues getting to Andrew Luck. The interior of the Colts offensive line is putrid. Though, in recent weeks, I must say it's improved. In facing the Bengals and Texans - both of whom have impressive fronts - the Colts did not allow a sack. If Samson Satele plays, that's a clear sign that the Chiefs will be all over Luck. Satele is an awful center, especially in pass blocking.

5. You're the Chiefs OC. How are you attacking the Colts defense?

Run the ball. The Colts have one of he worst run defenses in all of football. Despite Chuck Pagano's pedigree as a defensive assistant from his days in Baltimore, the reality is he simply isn't all that good at coaching a defense that does not feature Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, or Haloti Ngata. The Chiefs are a very bad match-up for the Colts defense. The only way I see KC being unable to move the ball is if Alex Smith craps the bed and throws interceptions, which is certainly possible. However, all Smith should be doing on Sunday is handing the ball off.

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