Have we..... improved??

Believe it or not, I feel better about the Chiefs based on the last 3 games than I did when they were 9-0.

Look, once that Texans game ended, I could tell there was something wrong. Undrafted FA QB went in there and owned us in the first half. "CHIEFENSE" or w/e cute names you all were trying to start was never supposed to allow that. So ok, they make some adjustments and fared better in the second half.

Then the Browns game. One sack?? One damn sack!! All while making Campbell look like a pro-bowler. We were lucky to win that game. If Bess doesn't fumble that punt return, with the way the game was going, we would have lost to the damn Browns at home.

The Bills game. Jeff F'N Tuel doesn't get touched all game. How embarrassing was that ?? Not to mention everyone knew S.Smith got lucky with that gimme INT after he was destroyed at LOS. If they get that TD and go up 17-3, I'm sorry but yah.

Anyway, it was all good. 9-0. YAY. Can't wait till the Broncos game to show people we're not frauds. Until that point, while I had some hope, I really never felt that we part of the elite group of teams in the league. The D was looking more and more overrated every week and our home field advantage had almost no effect on the last few opponents. All the sacks were great and all, but really, once we got figured out on D, it was all over. We can't emulate the Hawks D with only two pass rushers, and garbage safeties (since we insist on using Berry at LB as if our run D all that great w/ him there).

Our D didn't regress. They simply got exposed. You figure a way to get rid of the ball quick and Houston/Hali have no chance. Our secondary is below average. Flowers is good but he's 5'9" so there's only so much he can do. Berry, when he's playing safety.. is great. The rest of the safeties, as I've mentioned, are trash. Sean Smith is alright/average and Cooper, while I still feel great about him, is a 7th RD pick w/ limited experience at CB. Was nice for him playing out there vs. the Keenums and the Tuels of the world but Manning is in a whole different level.

So then came the improvement. The offense did what I hoped they would do. Similar to Seattle last year, the coaches opened up the playbook and let the QB play. Smith is looking great out there. Since the first Denver game, he's been awesome. Sure, we still see dumb check downs but he's been great for the most part. If the WRs (and Sherman) did their jobs, we could have won or brought the game down to the wire vs. Denver in the first game.

The SD game felt like Green/Holmes/Gonzalez were out there. I can't believe how confident I felt in them scoring every time. Sure, the Chargers D suck, but so did other Ds we went up against earlier in the season and we still couldn't move the ball.

And today, the Broncos game. Man, if we have scored in that first play, it would've been huge. Now of course, you can't just insert a TD in there and assume the rest of the game would have gone exactly the same way, but still. On another F UP of a play, McCluster takes the punt at the 3, while KC is up 21-7. How much of a difference do you think it would have made if KC was able to start that drive at the 20? Maybe go up 28-7? 24-7? Maybe punt. Still, that play ended all the momentum we had. If those WRs could just catch the damn ball!!!! I despise Donnie Avery. I didn't mind bringing him on as depth, and I know that was the intention, but he sucks. We'd be better off starting Jenkins... can't be any worse.

With that being said, I feel better now than I did a month ago. Is it safe to say that if Houston would have never gone down (and Hali last game), that we would have beaten SD and Denver this week? SD last week for sure. I could also see him making a play or two vs. Denver this week and maybe slowing down the 2nd/3rd QTR slaughter. With our playbook now open and us playing more aggressive, I am 100% confident that we can take on Cinci and Indy in the playoffs. Can we beat NE or DEN? It doesn't matter. As cool as it would be to win or go to the SB, the first playoff victory in 20 years would be sweet and a great start to the Smith/Reid era. Hate or love Alex, he's here to stay.

Add 2 WRs (or 3 or 4) in the off-season, a good FS, and another pass rusher... and we're gold. Our 9-0 record got us thinking that we're better than what we really are. I think we're a 7-5 team. Right there with Cinci and Indy. A few steps below Den, NE, NO, Sea, and even Carolina. Carolina's D is what we thought our D would be at this point. Truly dominant. Unfortunately, it is not... but I feel better now.. cause I know we can score.... and in the playoffs, you have to score to win.

Here's to a 12-4 record. WAS/OAK should be easy wins (better be) and I'll take a loss between Indy and SD.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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