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From the FanPosts. Answer questions from Colts fans at Stampede Blue. -Joel

Greetings Chiefs fans! Stopping by to answer your Colts questions leading up to the game. Our teams meet for who might be a playoff preview. The Chiefs sit at an impressive 11-3 and have looked dominant the last couple of weeks. The Colts amble in at 9-5 and are still battling but really have not been the same team without Reggie Wayne.

Colts 101


New OC Pep Hamilton has been roundly criticized this year for trying to fit a square peg (power run offense) in to a squiggle shaped opening ("round hole" would be too close a match.) Andrew Luck is going to be one of the great QBs in the league for the next decade, but right now he still makes mistakes. His accuracy is not perfect and there are times when he holds it too long. Much of this can be thrust upon the complete lack of pass blocking or the ability of ANYONE to catch a ball.

Trent Richardson's first season is nothing short of a disaster. He just can't find the hole at all and runs very indecisively right now. Hope is that he will improve after an offseason with the team (see Marshawn Lynch - RB - Seattle)... but right now he is virtually a non-factor. Donald Brown at least provided some ability to run, but his availability is in question.

Without Wayne or Dwayne Allen there really is no threat in the passing game. Hilton is a good complimentary receiver, but his hands are suspect and he lacks the size to be a true #1. DHB has mercifully been replaced by Da'Rick Rogers for the most part. Rogers was promoted from the PS mid-season and barely knows the route tree... but he is miles better than DHB who can't catch a cold.

The problems with the offense have centered around the line for most of the season. Specifically, pressure has come right up the middle almost as soon as the ball is snapped. Samson Satele (C) and Mike McGlynn (RG) have been a revolving door. Last week the shuffled some players around moving McGlynn to center which had worked earlier in the year. Will be interesting to see what they do this week.


Was absolutely lights out early in the year... and for some unexplained reason has completely fallen off the wagon in the second half of year. They struggle against both the pass and run but no one unit seems to be to blame. Mathis is having a great year coming from the OLB position and Vontae Davis is probably the best DB on the team at this point. He can shut people down from time to time, but is prone to lapses. We play a lot of man coverage, so when a coverage gets beat it usually goes for a big play.

The d-line is average and really so are the rest of the LBs. Jerrell Freeman is a good solid player at ILB, but Kelvin Sheppard and Erik Walden are average at best. LaRon Landry (SS) can still bring the wood, but his running mate Antoine Bethea (FS) has seemingly lost a step this year. Strange that you can't pinpoint where this defense goes wrong, but they really struggle to get off the field.

The Game

I may be more down on the Colts than most ... but I also have tended to be right when doing so. Feel free to leave at half time, because this game is going to be over early. The Colts have tended to struggle in the first half anyway and I am not expecting more than a field goal by half time. They are better in the second, which is enough against awful teams like Houston and Tennessee. However, against good defenses like Cincinnati, Arizona and KC... much too little, much too late. I don't think we have any answer for Charles who is playing like an MVP candidate at the moment. Hope I am wrong and Andrew Luck does something transcendent ... but I'm not confident.

Chiefs - 38 Colts 10.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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