Alex Smith says potential playoff preview won't change Colts-Chiefs game

Jed Jacobsohn Getty Images Sport

The Kansas City Chiefs play the Indianapolis Colts this weekend and they could possibly play them again in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Andy Reid said that won't change his approach and Alex Smith agreed, saying the same thing on Wednesday.

The official take from the KC Chiefs on playing the Colts this weekend, just two weeks before possibly playing them again in the playoffs, is that nothing changes. The game plan doesn't change, Andy Reid said earlier this week. Neither does the players' approach, according to Alex Smith.

"It's certainly not changing my approach," Alex Smith said on Wednesday. "I think it's a quick celebration in a sense of we've just opened another door. We've created another opportunity for ourselves and now we have a chance for the big one.

'It all gets notched up even more'

"Now I feel like, if anything, it all gets notched up even more. It's always the hot team in December and January that ends up holding that trophy. For us, it's just to keep getting better, play good every single week, so no difference for this Sunday. Let's go out and play our best football and continue to stay hot."

The coaching staff may keep things consistent and Alex may keep his same approach. But let's be real: This game means a little more than, say, the Redskins or Raiders game.

"These are the elite teams in the NFL and the loser goes home," Alex continued. "It's sudden death and you're not leaving anything for the next week. You literally just leave it all out there as far as game planning goes, as far as preparation, anything. It's full commitment and you're talking about the best teams left standing."

Oh playoffs, how I have missed thee.

Right now the Colts are the most likely opponent for the Chiefs. But two weeks ago things were different than they are today so obviously two weeks is plenty of time for change. And lots of it.

"You know, for me," Alex said, "the little bit that you hear about the playoff picture in the AFC, there are so many different possibilities at this point that it's tough even trying to wrap your head around it. There are so many what-ifs right now. For us, I think it's just go out and play good football. Continue to do what we're doing and treat this like any other week. We're going out and trying to be 1-0 this week. Not anything I think we're reading into."

One game at a time, one play at a time ... almost like Marty's back here.

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