I Pick, You Pick, We all Pick: Week 15

Week 14 Roll Up:


Eric: 10-6

Nate: 12-4

Vince: 9-7

All the amateurs called it safe and went with the Patriots over the Browns, a pick that almost bit them. Eric hit on his upset pick which in return cost Gary Kubiak his job. Vince hit on his "upset" of the Bengals at home over the Colts. An overall good week of picks by the amateurs but was it enough?


Matt Miller: 12-4

Pete Prisco: 11-5

Adam Schefter: 12-4

Miller picked it back up this week and tied for the highest score. The experts continue their strong finish.

Season Roll Up:

Amateurs: 386-235

Eric: 127-80

Nate: 132-75

Vince: 127-80

Experts: 389-232

Matt: 129-78

Pete: 130-77

Adam: 130-77

The experts pulled ahead by three picks with two of the three leading their amateur counterparts. This thing is going back and forth as much as the Ravens & Vikings game last week.

Week 15 Picks:

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos



Eric: Denver

- The Broncos have a little more on defense which will be the difference. Weather will be in the 50's so both offenses will be firing.

Nate: Denver

- The Chargers put up a good fight at the end of the first meeting between these two teams, but hard to pick the Bolts in this game when they'll be playing in front of a loud crowd on national TV.

Vince: Denver *Lock of the Week*

- The Chargers are a good team and may play well but the Broncos have this game it just seems like the Chargers are running low on gas.

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders



Eric: Kansas City

- If the Raiders had steady QB play this could go the other way. It'll be important for the Chiefs offense to stay hot going into the playoffs. A big lead by halftime would allow some rest for the starters.

Nate: Kansas City

- There really isn't any reason to think this game will be close except for the fact that almost all of these games are close. It won't be easy as usual, but the Chiefs will win a tight one in Oakland.

Vince: Kansas City

- Last time I picked the opposite way so hopefully changing it up will help out in this game.

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars



Eric: Jacksonville

- Gus Bradley is doing what most of us thought he would do with the Jaguars. Problem was losing teams lose and that culture took some time to change.

Nate: Jacksonville

- The Jags are making some noise right now (it even feels weird to type that) and I like their odds against the slumping Bills.

Vince: Buffalo

- This game is a toss up lets just see what happens.

San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Eric: San Francisco

- You know that whole west coast teams records when flying east? Well it doesn't matter here. The Niners are a superior team that will rely on the run to control the game.

Nate: San Francisco

- The Bucs have been hot as of late, but the 49ers are clearly the superior team in this match up. It might be closer than expected.

Vince: Tampa Bay *Upset of the Week*

- Yes the Bucs are an underdog but the 49ers are just too comfortable look for this to wake them up.

Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants



Eric: Seattle

- The Seahawks foot will still be on the gas since they don't have the division and home field advantage wrapped up. The Giants need to lose to begin retooling. Russell Wilson will continue to show why his an NFL QB regardless of the Texas Rangers cheap ploy for publicity.

Nate: Seattle

- The G-Men let me down for the first time in weeks last week and I finally have to jump off their wagon and go with the obviously better team in the match up.

Vince: Seattle

- No way will the Giants be able to compete with the Hawks.

Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings



Eric: Philadelphia

- The Eagles are rolling and LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles are to thank. Not only may the Vikings be without Adrian Peterson but lets remember that they still have Matt Cassel.

Nate: Philadelphia *Lock of the Week*

- The Vikings are now looking to be without AD this weekend and only the insane would pick them in this match up.

Vince: Philadelphia

- The Eagles are on a roll and look to continue this week I don’t think the Vikes can compete.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins



Eric: New England

- The Patriots snuck away with one last week. The Dolphins are a good them that have come together during a difficult season. The lack of weapons should catch up with Tom Brady this week but he and Belichick make this a statement game that the AFC East is theirs.

Nate: Miami *Upset Pick*

-The Pats experience the loss of Gronk immediately by falling to their division rival in Miami.

Vince: New England

- The Pats are good at finishing the season the dolphins may put up a good fight but the Pats will ultimately win this game.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts



Eric: Houston *Upset Pick*

- Remember when Romeo Crennel replaced Todd Haley in 2011 and the Chiefs upset the Packers? Well this is that game for the Texans. I'm sure Vince will like this pick but the Texans will come back to earth next week against Denver.

Nate: Indianapolis

- A frustrating season for Texans fans. Losing now 7 in a row by a TD or less. Their overall consecutive loss streak will continue with 12 after this weekend is over.

Vince: Houston

- Never give up on the boys from Texas.

Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns



Eric: Chicago

- The Browns are a team that is almost there. Jay Cutler returns and takes advantage of the emergence of Alshon Jeffery. The Bears offense is loaded and the patience Cutler watched Josh McCown play with will help him.

Nate: Cleveland

- The Browns just keep finding ways to lose games, but this weekend will tell a different story against the Bears.

Vince: Chicago

- I don’t see the Browns being able to stay with that high power Bears offense.

Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons



Eric: Atlanta

- If this game was in Washington I'd give the Redskins the edge. Kirk Cousins will bring consistency to a team that needs it. What helps is that QB's playing against the Falcons have the best total QBR in the NFL at 69.4.

Nate: Atlanta

- Talk about the 2 trains involved in the train wreck. The Skins have given up on the season while the Falcons are actually playing for pride right now.

Vince: Atlanta

- This game is a toss up both teams are bottom feeders this year.

New York Jets at Carolina Panthers



Eric: Carolina *Lock of the Week*

- Cam Newton and the Panthers bounce back.

Nate: Carolina

- Geno had a good game last week so he's going to be due for a stinker to follow it up. Carolina rolls in this game.

Vince: Carolina

- The Panthers are still trying to take their division yes they slipped up but look for them to bounce back.

New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams



Eric: New Orleans

- The Saints match up well with the Rams. A nice cozy indoor game that allows them to play their game.

Nate: New Orleans

- It's not the Superdome, but a dome nonetheless. The Saints can actually do well in this road environment.

Vince: New Orleans

- The Rams simply have no chance.

Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans



Eric: Arizona

- Mike Munchak is coaching for his job obviously. Though Jake Locker was injured the team has under performed. Chris Johnson needs to be a casualty of the under performing.

Nate: Arizona

- The Cardinals are a sneaky 8-5 team right now with some impressive wins under their belt. They shouldn't receive too much of a threat from the down-and-out Titans.

Vince: Arizona

- Arizona is just one of those teams that you never know what youll get from them but if they play well this game is in the books.

Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys



Eric: Green Bay

- Nate needs to ask the Falcons about his comment. This is a confidence game for Matt Flynn. He might threaten his 6 TD performance if the Cowboys choose to engage in a shootout.

Nate: Dallas

-The best way to get your confidence back is to play a Rodgers-less Packers team.

Vince: Dallas

- Without Aaron Rodgers the Cowboys should win this one easily.

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers



Eric: Cincinnati

- I think Nate picked the Steelers so he didn't have to spell Cincinnati. The Bengals all but have the division locked up. Now they have their eyes on a first round bye. They take care of business here.

Nate: Pittsburgh

-This is an elimination game for the Steelers and they generally play division rivals tough regardless of the situation.

Vince: Cincinnati

- Cincinnati is the best team in this division and they're about to shut the door on the Steelers.

Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions



Eric: Detroit

- The Ravens aren't playing the Vikings this week. Though they have Dennis Pitta back the Lions will force the Ravens into a shootout. As if he needed it Megatron has new found motivation this week.

Nate: Detroit

-The Lions are thanking the football gods to be back in the dome after their blizzard game in Philly. They get back to their pass happy ways in Detroit.

Vince: Detroit

- Let's be honest Matt Stafford has probably been one of the best QBs this year he will lead his team over the Ravens.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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