Kansas City: Home of barbecue, Arrowhead, and an elite offense?

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From the FanPosts -Joel

Let's start with a quick quiz -- How many more points have the New Orleans Saints scored than the Kansas City Chiefs this year? If you thought to yourself, "I'm an optimist, so I'll say it's just 50 points," then you're on the right track, but wrong.

Now you're probably thinking, "Wait, is it more than 50?" Nope. So you'd ask, "Is it less?" Well, duh. "How much less?" Well, a lot less, actually. 50 less, to be exact. For the mathematically challenged who are keeping score at home, that would be 0 -- as in, the Saints have the exact same number of points as the Chiefs this year.

Yeah, those Saints. The high-flying, Drew Brees-wielding, unstoppable Saints -- they haven't outscored the lowly, timid, game manager-lead Chiefs by a single point this year. Not. One. Single. Point.

"OK, so they're tied with the Saints for points," you say to yourself, "but that probably just means that the Saints don't rank very highly in points scored this year." In fact, the rank they share with the Chiefs is 7th in the league -- only six points over 13 games behind the Patriots, and 14 behind both Seattle and Dallas. That means the Saints, and by extension, the Chiefs, have scored more points than the "revolutionary" Eagles. And the Bengals. And the 49ers. And the Colts.

In fact, it means that 24 of the 32 teams in the league -- again, for the mathematically-challenged, that's exactly 75 percent -- have scored less points than the Chiefs this year. If the Chiefs offense isn't good enough, then we must be in the middle of the worst season in NFL history -- because only six teams are scoring more than the Chiefs.

I mean, how bad is the NFL if the "overrated" Chiefs are one of only three teams to currently sit in the top-7 of both offensive points scored and defensive points allowed? Yeah, along with the aforementioned Saints, as well as the Seattle Seahawks -- two teams who currently own two of the top three spots in SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings -- the Chiefs stand a cut above the rest. Some of you may even note that the Chiefs are the only AFC team with this distinction.

I don't care how they score points. All that matters is that the Kansas City Chiefs are scoring more than enough of them to be considered among the league's elite teams. For that matter, I don't see a great argument against the Chiefs having one of the league'e elite offenses in particular.

So today, welcome someone to Arrowhead Pride -- Home of barbecue-lovers, the loudest fans in the NFL, and fans of an elite offense.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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