I Pick, You Pick, We All Pick: Week 10

Week 9 Roll Up:


Eric: 7-6

Nate: 9-4

Vince: 6-7

Nate went big hitting on both upsets of Washington over San Diego and Cleveland over Baltimore giving him the week’s high score. All amateurs missed on Cincinnati, New Orleans, Oakland, and Green Bay. Vince’s pick of Houston over Indy looked good through the first half but "Luck" ran out. Nate is the only amateur to not have a week below .500.


Matt Miller: 7-6

Pete Prisco: 6-7

Adam Schefter: 7-6

Prisco easily had the worse 6-7 week in the history of pick em and was the only expert below .500 on the week. D-bag. Miller is the only expert to not have a week below .500 through week 9.

Season Roll Up:

Amateurs: 255-144

Eric: 86-47

Nate: 88-45

Vince: 81-52

Experts: 248-151

Matt: 90-43

Pete: 80-53

Adam: 78-55

Nate closed the margin on Miller to two games for the overall lead while the amateurs increased their group lead to seven games. Eric is the only amateur losing to his rival expert. Miller has a four pick lead over Eric, Nate has an eight game lead over Prisco, and Vince has a three game lead over Schefter.

Week 10 Picks:

Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings



Eric: Washington

- RG3 has only thrown for less than 200 yards once this year. Minnesota is allowing almost 300 yards a game. Washington won’t have any problem moving the ball through the air.

Nate: Washington

-If RG3 plays up to his potential, this game won’t even be close.

Vince: Washington

-This may be the only time I ever pick the Skins but the Vikings QB situation is just ridiculous.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens



Eric: Cincinnati

- The Ravens surprisingly rank 29th in the league in rushing and Joe Flacco has thrown at least one pick in three straight games. Both teams are coming off losses, the Bengals in overtime and the Ravens in a game where Flacco lead the team in rushing.

Nate: Cincinnati

-As usual, I have no idea which Bengals team is going to show up this week.

Vince: Cincinnati

- Cincinnati is one of those teams that can blow you out one day and get wrecked the next but they are way stronger than the teams within the division so go ahead and mark this as a W.

Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers



Eric: Buffalo

- The Steelers have been downright pathetic. With E. J. Manual back at the helm the Bills offense can contribute to the defenses stellar performance.

Nate: Buffalo

-This pick is riding on the assumption that Manual plays. If he does, they shouldn’t have much of a problem taking down the lowly Steelers.

Vince: Pittsburgh

- The Bills are another one of those teams that tried to help themselves with a QB in the off season, well it most definitely isn’t working maybe they will manage to stay within 20 points of the gosh awful Steelers.

Oakland Raiders at New York Giants



Eric: New York

- The Raiders are very good at stopping the run. Lucky for the Giants they can’t run. Where the Raiders do struggle is in pass defense which is the Giants strength. This game will come down to Pryor’s ability to run the ball and Manning’s ability to pass the ball.

Nate: New York

-The Giants are on a 2 game winning streak thanks in large part to their ball security. Manning hasn’t been throwing INTs and they have been winning. They stick to the "Chiefs" formula and win another this week.

Vince: New York

- I had high hopes for Pryor but every time I pick him it fails, the giants O will have a good chance to capitalize on the Raiders D this will be one of the few wins that the Giants end up with.

St. Louis Rams at Indianapolis Colts



Eric: Indianapolis

- Both of the Colts losses have come to warm climate teams that wear white helmets. The Rams don’t meet either of those requirements. In their three previous matchups the winner has averaged 43 points while the loser has averaged 17. 43 points would almost double Kellen Clemens career high.

Nate: Indianapolis

-The Colts have a lot of holes on their roster, but Luck alone can easily win them a game against the Rams.

Vince: Indianapolis *Lock of the Week*

- The Colts should roll over the Rams no question

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans



Eric: Tennessee *Lock of the Week*

- The Jaguars are last in points scored, last in total yards, and second to last in rushing. The Titans are a top 10 defense. I may just make the Jaguars opponent the "Lock of the Week" every week.

Nate: Tennessee *Lock of the Week*

-I still believe the Jags will win at least one game, but they’re not going to get their win this week against an underrated Titans team.

Vince: Tennessee

- The Jags are just a bottom feeding team don’t expect them to start winning Sunday

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers



Eric: Philadelphia *Upset Pick*

- In their last eight meetings the 3o point barrier has only been broken twice. The third will happen this week. Here’s a QB competition stat: Nick Foles has more red zone TDs than Mick Vick has red zone completions.

Nate: Green Bay

-I believe you’re going to see a much improved Seneca Wallace this week and the Packers do just enough to win.

Vince: Philadelphia

- The Eagles are riding the high from Foles record game I expect them to kick the Packers while they’re down.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears



Eric: Detroit

- Both defenses are allowing 381 yards per game. The Bears are allowing a league worse competition percentage on passes over 20 yards. A stat that’s unfortunate with Calvin Johnson on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

Nate: Chicago

-Jay Cutler returns and the Bears score at will again just like the first meeting between these two earlier in the year.

Vince: Detroit

- This game can really go either way let’s just see who shows up.

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons



Eric: Seattle

- This was a game most had circled on the calendar when the schedules came out. Oh what a difference nine weeks can make. You can still hope for a good game as the Bucs gave the Seahawks a run for their money last week and the last two games between Seattle and Atlanta have ended 30-28, both advantage Atlanta.

Nate: Atlanta *Upset Pick*

-The Seahawks have been squeaking by lately and I think it’s time they finally stumble.

Vince: Seattle

- Good luck to Atlanta they need it more than anything.

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers



Eric: San Francisco

- I was close to making this my upset pick. Carolina’s stellar defensive play has helped Cam Newton to get back to quality play. Both teams are top 10 in rushing and defense. If you’re looking for a Chief-like game this week this is your best bet. Carolina has won three straight against the Niners but can’t get it done in San Francisco.

Nate: San Francisco

-This will be a close, low scoring game. I’ll give the edge to the home team 49ers.

Vince: Carolina *Upset Pick*

- The Panthers are on a roll Cam looks good out there. Tolbert and Williams look good as well as the rest of the offense.

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers



Eric: Denver

- Regardless of the stats below expect a shoot out. Opponents total QBR has fallen 30 points in just the two games since Von Miller returned. In the Chargers favor, Peyton Manning’s completion percentage to his receivers has fallen 15% in the past two games.

Nate: Denver

-Both teams are overrated, but the Broncos are still the better team. Should be a fun shootout.

Vince: Denver

- The Chargers may make this a good game but I doubt they’re d can hold the Peyton attack

Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals



Eric: Houston

- The Cardinals will have a tough time scoring on the Texans stout defense. With Wade Phillips filling in for Gary Kubiak I see the team taking a more defensive minded run game approach. Carson Palmer is second in the league in interceptions giving the Texans offense more opportunities to score.

Nate: Houston

-The Texans have lost a ton of close games this year, but they’ll find a way to close this one out.

Vince: Houston

- The Texans are hurting right now but the Cards are a way worse team.

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints



Eric: New Orleans

- The Saints need to jump to an early lead. The weakness of their defense is against the run and when trailing the Cowboys lead the league in drop backs, resorting to the pass on 83% of plays.

Nate: New Orleans

-Outside of the dome, the Saints are a beatable team. However, at the dome, they are one of the most dominant teams in the league.

Vince: New Orleans

- This will probably be a close game but the Cowboys can’t seem to pull out close game wins.

Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Eric: Miami

- The Bucs got a jump on the Seahawks last week in part to Glennon starting hot. He’s completing almost 70% of his passes while throwing 6 TDs to zero INTs in the first half. His performance suffers in the second half where his completion percentage drops 15% and he only has 2 TDs to 3 INTs.

Nate: Miami

-The only thing worse than the Bucs is the MNF schedule this year. Are they serious with this garbage?

Vince: Miami

- The Dolphins are just a flat out better team than the Bucs I haven’t seen where getting Revis has helped them yet.

Bye Week:

Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, New England Patriots, & Cleveland Browns

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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