I wrote this post before the season: The Road to 16-0

Hey guys, I love the recent increase in activity as of late, and that inspired me to look at my old posts. This post was just for fun as the offseason was very dry and devoid of anything interesting. The post itself isn't complete but it does go through the Broncos game and of course, we beat them. So if anything, this post is just good luck. Again, this was before the draft, so expect a couple of errors. I'm working on a post right now, most likely titled "How the Chief s can beat the Broncos (And why they will)" Lots of all-22 screenshots and graphics. If you're good with making graphics and such please let me know! Anyways enjoy the post!

Here's a little bit of fun for you guys, this is how Kansas City is going to head into the playoffs as the top seed in the AFC with an overall record of 16-0. Also, before you read, this is mostly written before the draft so it doesn't take into account the actual Draft.

Week 1: KC @ Jacksonville

The Chiefs go into Jacksonville with high hopes for the season after a successful draft highlighted by Luke Joeckel, Bacarri Rambo, and Kevin Minter(Trading Albert for the 42nd overall) The Jaguars drafted Geno Smith no. 2 overall to replace one of my favorite QBs, Blaine Gabbert. I don't really have to come up with anything crazy for this game, the Chiefs simply outplay the Jaguars after a great off-season filling some major holes.(Cassel) Geno has an average day but the improved secondary holds up against a surprisingly potent passing attack from the likes of Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts. Jamaal Charles is still adjusting to Reid's new system but still manages to rush for 80 yards on 15 carries against the awful Jacksonville defense. Final Score: 28-7

Chiefs: 1-0

Week 2: Dallas @ KC

Living in Texas, this is an easy one. Romo comes to play and puts up 300 yards passing(250 of those go to Dez "2000 yard season" Bryant) but the Chiefs defense manages to pick him off twice. The run defense holds up strong and Poe has a standout performance against the run. The defense only allows 60 yards on the ground mostly because DeMarco "Hurt Again" Murray, is hurt, yet again. Alex "Elite Game Manager" Smith delivers a solid performance of 200 yards, 2 TDs, no INTs. Key players in this game are McCluster, who has a breakout 80 yard screen on the first play of the game, and Moeaki, who has yet ANOTHER amazing one handed catch to get the W. Jamaal Charles finds his rhythm and gets 120 yards off of 22 carries. Reid's offense is working effectively, just as planned. Final Score: 34-31

Chiefs: 2-0

Week 3: KC @ Philadelphia (Thursday Night)

Kansas City takes advantage of it's only primetime game this year to show the league what it's made out of. It wasn't an easy one but the Chiefs edge by again. Michael "4 turnovers a game" Vick sees Coach Reid before the game, they exchange a few words, and the game begins. Vick has been having a comeback year in an attempt to prove that he's still got it, but Reid knows Vick's weaknesses. Vick has trouble reading the defense and making pre-snap reads which he used to rely on Reid for, but with Kelly calling the shots, everything depends on the up-tempo offense. The defense struggles but does not fail as the Philadelphia offense racks up 500 total yards of offense. Luckily for the Chiefs, Bowe comes to show what he can do with a competent player at the helm and racks up an amazing 215 yards against a weakened secondary. Alex Smith has yet another nice game and manages(ha get it?) to get just enough points to keep the Chiefs in the game and in the end Dunta Robinson gambles on a slant and converts, scoring the game winning pick-6 to finish dem Eagles off. Also interesting to note: Fisher greatly outplays Joeckel in Kelly's new offense. Final score: 35-31

Chiefs: 3-0

Week 4: NY Giants @ KC

Kansas City returns home after a close one in Philly. Eli "I have 2 Super Bowls Though" Manning comes into Kansas City boasting a 3-0 record and hopes to put the Chiefs in their place. Fortunately for Chiefs fans, Eli shows why he's the little brother and throws 6 picks and is benched in the 4th quarter for QB David Carr, who goes onto throw yet another INT. This game wasn't even close and the Giants lose all momentum which will eventually lead them to a 3-13 season where they get the no. 1 draft pick which they use on Johnny Football. Overall the Chiefs didn't play very well and the offense struggled but the upgrades in the secondary in FA and in the draft pay off to get the Chiefs their 4th win. Final Score: 45-0 (35 of those from the talented defense)

Chiefs: 4-0

Week 5: KC @ Tennessee

Heading into week 5 with plenty of gas left in the tank, the Chiefs are met with resistance as CJ2Overpaid runs for 239 yards on 24 carries exposing all sorts of holes in the defense. There really are no bright spots of this game. The only reason the Chiefs walk out with a win is because Jake Locker is absolutely awful throwing the ball and is looking to be the next Tim Tebow sporting a 42% completion percentage on the year. Alex Smith has yet ANOTHER bad game and fans boo even though KC walks out with a win. Rumors of Smith being benched surface leaving the fan base divided on whether to call upon Chase Daniel. Chiefs take an ugly one 14-9.

Chiefs: 5-0

Week 6: Oakland @ KC

After alternating the first 5 games road-home-road-home-road Kansas City finally has a stretch of home games and as the momentum of the team builds, the Chiefs fans are finally showing why Arrowhead is one of the hardest stadiums to play at. Terelle Pryor is now the starting QB for Oakland after Matt "So Close to Starting" Flynn is again moved down in the depth chart after Pryor has an amazing offseason. Terelle Pryror has single-handedly made the Raiders competitive because of his legs. He isn't great at reading the defense(Like Vick) but he can make the throws when they count and can move chains with his legs. This is an interesting game but not too interesting. The offense plays well as Alex has a season high 280 yards passing with 1 TD and 1 INT(pass was batted up and picked off) silencing the doubters. Charles is quietly having one of the best seasons in league history YPC-wise due to the improved QB play which moves the spotlight away from Charles allowing him to get even more yards before contact. Baldwin is being utilized effectively and is having a solid no. 2 WR season which is what we drafted him for. The defense is improving and because of the momentum the Chiefs have the crowd is finally getting back into it, disrupting offenses and winning games. Final score: 28-21

Chiefs: 6-0

Week 7: Houston @ KC

Finally a chance to prove to the world that the Chiefs are indeed the real thing. The beginning of the game is rough and the Chiefs are down 17-0 due to turnovers and there's only 2 minutes left in the 1st half. Alex Smith leads the Chiefs onto the field and the very first play, Cyrus "Can't Block" Gray breaks an 80 yard TD off of an amazing cutback similar to what happened to the Chargers in Week 4 last year.(Gray is showing flashes of greatness and could be great trade-bait at the end of the year) The defense holds strong going into the 2nd half and the score is 17-7. The Chiefs get the ball to start the half and Javier Arenas takes the kickoff to the house to get the crowd going. At this point the tide is turned and the Chiefs score 3 more TDs before the day is over. Critics are going crazy at the thought of a 2-14 team in 2012 turning into the last undefeated team in the league in 2014. Everyone wants in on this bandwagon as Reid and Smith look like heroes. Alex Smith is game-managing his way to the Super Bowl and it seems like no one can stop the Chiefs after a 35-17 rout of the overrated Texans. Final Score: 35-17

Chiefs: 7-0

Week 8: Cleveland @ KC

Just when you thought the Chiefs were invincible Cleveland comes to town with Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson. Weeden is having a good year and it looks like he may be the franchise QB the Browns want him to be. I know, how crazy is it that the Browns might actually be good for once?! Anyway, Weeden exposed several holes in the secondary after a poor performance from newcomer Dunta Robinson and it appears Sean "Gigantor" Smith is finally going to claim his role as the starting CB opposite Brandon Flowers. Still, the Chiefs don't play badly, they just don't play as well as expected. Alex has a nice game but Haden completely shutdown Bowe and an improved Browns defense finally silences the potent Chiefs backfield. It was a very low-scoring game but "The Game Manager" sneaks another one. Final score: 17-9

Chiefs: 8-0

Week 9: KC @ Buffalo

After being trounced upon several times in the past few years, the Chiefs head to Buffalo to play the struggling Bills. The Bills are having a rough year so far with a very unimpressive record of 2-6 with starter Kevin "But I Played For Reid!!!" Kolb at the helm. The Chiefs finally have their way with Buffalo but is interesting to see Kolb play against his former coach. The only bright spot of this game for the Bills is C.J. Spiller, who is having an amazing season Fantasy-Football-wise. On the other side of the field, KC has a magnificent game and Alex Smith pulls off a very impressive 315 yards with 3 TDs against a porous Buffalo Secondary. The defense has a nice day with 3 Turnovers and the Chiefs defense is also looking like a viable option for a fantasy defense, mostly because of Dunta Robinson and his gambles, which as of recently, have been paying off. He is a great fit for the defense but only when he comes in for sub-packages when he's not being relied on to cover a no. 1 or 2 receiver the whole game. Bringing him in as a sub allows him to take those risks which finally adds a dangerous element to a defense that has been pretty "safe" in recent years. Final Score: 28-3

Week 10: BYE WEEK!

I'll use this week as a way to recap the Chiefs amazing road to glory so far. Key players this year have been Alex Smith, Tony Moeaki, Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, Jon Baldwin, Eric Berry, DJ, and surprisingly Sean Smith. I'll go into detail with each one of them. After playing in a "Game Manager" role for the past couple years, Smith is finally given the oppurtunity to show that he's not just a game manager. Reid has him throwing the ball 30+ times a game and although his completion percentage has dropped, Smith has just 4 INTs in 9 weeks! On his way to a 25+ TD 10- INT season, Smith is taking every chance he gets to show the haters why they were wrong. Tony Moeaki is finally developing into the player he was drafted to be. He is looking more and more like Gonzalez every game, and while he probably isn't HOF-bound like Gonzalez, he has the potential and is putting up the numbers to support his case; He also adds a new element to the Offense that hasn't been there since the Gonzo days. JMC is having a tremendous year averaging more than 6 YPC. While it's true that most of his runs aren't more than 6 yards, almost every game he has a breakout run that puts him over that mark. This isn't too surprising as he had almost 6 with defenses honed in on him, now that he has a QB to work with, his numbers will only go up. Dwayne Bowe and Jon Baldwin are both on their way to having career years as the duo are quickly becoming one of the best in the league. Baldwin may not be as much of an all-around threat, his ball-possession skills are great and he's finally learning to use his body to win those balls that he didn't win as a rookie and a sophomore. Eric Berry is returning to his pre-injury form and is almost a lock to make the Pro Bowl again. With the addition of Bacarri Rambo in the draft, Berry is moved to his natural position of FS and is making plays all over the place. The combination of Berry's comeback year and DJ's consistency and leadership, the defense is making strides and it looks like there may be more than 3 Pro Bowlers on defense this year. Especially is suprising is the season Sean Smith is having. Heading into week 1, Smith was the no. 3 CB but as of Week 8, he has taken over the starting CB role and is showing that he can play that position very well. Smith is a great fit for Bob Sutton's scheme and it's even more suprising that Smith wasn't the original starter. However, this is nothing to complain about, the Chiefs are 9-0 and are looking to clinch a playoff berth and other than Denver, Indy, and Washington, there's not much in their way.

Week 11: KC @ Denver

Talks of a perfect season begin surfacing but no one has completely bought into the idea as the only good team the Chiefs have faced is Houston. Looking to show that they're not a joke, KC heads into Denver with a "pass-first" mindset. Reid essentially puts the game on the shoulders of Alex Smith and he delivers. Smith has a great game but stutters towards the end, almost costing the game; he finished with 320 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs. Smith is THE real deal and is finally gathering respect around the league. The defense played great but seeing as they were playing against Peyton Manning, they couldn't do anything to stop Manning as he threw for 3 TDs and no INTs. Luckily the Chiefs came up big in the run game on both offense and defense pushing the Chiefs to their 10th victory of the year essentially securing a playoff spot. The league is in awe and no one can seem to explain how this happened except of course, for ESPN, who apparently "knew this before the season" like they always do. It was a shootout; Final Score: 42-41. Chiefs roll.

Chiefs: 10-0

Week 12: San Diego @ KC

San Diego is going through yet another turnover-plagued year as fans are crying *rivers* ha. ha. *applause* It looks like Rivers isn't going to be with the team come 2014 but he does everything in his power(That's not much) to stop the momentum-driven Chiefs. It wasn't pretty. San Diego fans were leaving in the 1st quarter as Rivers threw 4 INTs in the first half and was subsequently benched for Charlie "Trash Can" Whitehurst. Brandon Flowers has a nice game finishing with 2 INTs as the Chiefs take an easy one from the future no. 2 pick holders. Only highlight of this game was Chase Daniel coming in to relieve Smith in the 4th quarter. Daniel looked confident and seemed to understand how the offense was supposed to work and manages to lead an 80 yard drive to end the game with a touchdown. Not a very interesting game. Final Score: 38-7.

Chiefs: 11-0

Definitely a long post, and is somewhat inaccurate because of the time I wrote it, but I thought it was fitting considering.. you know.. we're 9-0 baby!!! My next post will be coming soon and it will be exponentially better than this one.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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