Imagined Phone conversation

Elway: Hello Mr. Clark?

Hunt: You must have a wrong number.

Elway: Damn that Bowe Show, I should have known he was playing me.

Hunt: Dwayne Bowe?

Elway: Yeah last time I saw him at Sports Authority Field I asked him if he had his team owner's phone number. This is the number he gave me I'm sure.

Hunt: Well Dwayne has trouble with my name, I'm Clark Hunt.

Elway: Are you sure?

Hunt: Pretty sure.

Elway: Well Mr. Clark I am John Elway, President of the Denver Bronco's.

Hunt: That's just Clark or Mr. Hunt, not Mr. Clark. So what can I do for you Mr. Elway?

Elway: Well Mr. Clark,...

Hunt: John, may I call you John?

Elway: Why sure.

Hunt: You went to Stanford right?

Elway: Yessir.

Hunt: Graduated I believe,right?

Elway: With Honors.Why?

Hunt: Just making myself a note on where I shouldn't send my kids to school.

Elway: Swell, wait what?

Hunt: Never mind, what can I do for you, John?

Elway: Well Mr. Clark I need to ask you a favor.

Hunt: John?

Elway: Well I have kind of gotten in over my head cap wise here in Denver, what with buying my shiny new quarterback all those receivers and such.

Hunt: I'm sorry but are you talking about Osweiller?

Elway: No No No I mean Peyton.

Hunt: Ahhhh well you confused me by saying shiny and new but I suppose he could be shiny if you are looking on his forehead.

Elway: Anyway,

Hunt: Anyway,

Elway: Yeah well, I suppose you know that Peyton's ankles aren't in the best shape.

Hunt: Not to mention that quacking duck arm he is sporting nowadays.

Elway: You noticed that huh?

Hunt: who couldn't John?

Elway: Well it is apparent that Peyton's may only last for this year, especially if your OLBers get a hold of him in a couple of weeks so I was wondering,

Hunt: Yes?

Elway: Um well could you sell me home field advantage in the playoffs?

Hunt: What?

Elway: I can make you a great deal on a slightly Used Buick, along with cash I mean.

Hunt: John?

Elway: Yes Mr. Clark?

Hunt: Why are you calling me, I thought and Goodell are like engaged or something.

Elway: Well to be honest He says he can't do anything more than he has already done what with all the rule changes and that. He never thought that defense would be all that important. Also I didn't see your hire of Andy Reid working out so well. I mean an Offensive Guru, leading a team that is known for their defense? No one saw that coming least of all me. I was counting on at least another year or 2 before your team became relevant.

Hunt: John?

Elway: Yeah?



Hunt: Deal with it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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