Bridging the Gap

Let me start this off by making something perfectly clear. By no means am I an expert on the grand game we call "the Football". The extent of my "the Football" knowledge wouldn't even fill one of Dexter McCluster's tiny little shoes. With that being said, what I do know is that I'm pretty darn good at being a realist.

As this wonderful season has progressed, I have watched silently (well, maybe not silently) on the sidelines as a debate between the optimists and pessimists has raged on about the quality of our beloved Chiefs. And to clarify, optimists are not the same as optometrists. Who knew? Okay, where was I? Oh yes. The debate.

On the optimistic side, we have the AP'ers that adhere to an almost hippie-esque love fest for the admittedly awesome 9-0 season. Their proclamations of "Wins are the only things that matter" rain down upon the Earth from their perch high upon an euphoric cloud of victory, which for some reason is pink and smells of sugary sweetness.

On the pessimistic side, we have Saints.

As for me, I have been thoroughly enjoying the season of winning. I even brought the wife to the Raiders game. By the way, you can get still get sunburn in October. Stupid sun. Anyway, I have been thrilled with how this team has turned things around and have gone all Donkey Kong on the rest of the league so far. And I can totally understand where the optimists are coming from when they say, "We're winning. Enjoy it". However, I think we've come to a point in the season where we need to start focusing on play-off football. I believe we are past the "it feels good just to win" mark, and that we should now start to objectively dissect our team. Figuratively, of course...there's no way you're getting anywhere near Arrowhead with a scalpel.

So what the H-E-double hockey sticks am I getting at? Well, I don't know. I took a lunch break after the last paragraph and have totally forgotten what I was trying to say. Give me a moment...Ah yes. I remember now. It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and look at things through just plain old clear glasses. If you do that, you will see a Chiefs team whose offense has been declining over the last two games and a defense that finished strong, but has started slowly. That is a problem. That combination is the absolute worst way to face the _enver Mannings.

Considering that _enver has a potent offense, our defense will need to be firing on all cylinders from kick-off. This slow start stuff just cannot happen for obvious reasons. If the Donks are allowed to build a two possession lead early on, we will be forced to rely on an offense that hasn't given any indication that it is able to generate a large number of points. To be fair, we have never been put into that situation before but when making an analysis, you can only work with what you've seen, which is why Stevie Wonder is a horrible analyst.

Now, I'm not trying to "Saints" on your parade here folks. I just believe it is time we start looking towards the play-offs and what we need to fix to get there. And our path to the aforementioned play-offs takes us right into Donkey-town. As we all know, our schedule isn't doing us any favors after the bye, so it's time to shift it into high-gear. If Big Red is holding back, pulling a league-wide rope-a-dope, as some here have suggested, then I'll be tickled pink. But all that is speculation, so for as how things look right now, I can also see where the pessimists are coming from. That doesn't mean I'm one of them. I'm right smack in the middle.

Just call me Malcolm.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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