Have the Chiefs played anybody?

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From the FanPosts. I'm a day late getting it onto the front page. Great stuff, citadelchief. -Joel

Call it disrespect, call it "hating", call it a Peyton Manning bias, but the flat out truth is that a major portion of the media, and the general NFL fanbase, just doesn't believe that the Chiefs are a quality team. And honestly, it is hard to fault them. The Chiefs were 2-14 last year, and somehow that feels generous. Between that terrible record, the "cheering" of our starting QB being injured, and the murder-suicide of Jovan Belcher, could there possibly have been a worse season ever recorded by an NFL franchise? Fast forward to 2013 and we find a Chiefs team that doesn't score a lot of points and doesn't spark a lot of excitement on the offensive side of the ball in general. And while we are a perfect 9-0, it's worth pointing out that the Chiefs haven't played anybody that's worth a darn...


In fact, the Chiefs have played several quality teams. There are a number of division races now that the Chiefs have directly affected. There are teams that may miss out on a Wild Card because they lost to the Chiefs. There are teams that are considered to be in the bottom half of the league, only because they couldn't overcome the squad from Kansas City. Let's take a look at just how "bad" our schedule really has been.

Bad Teams No Matter What

Jaguars (0-8): 1-7 If they beat the Chiefs. There is no arguing that the Jaguars are actually any good. In fact, calling them the worst team in the league might be a little generous at this point. The Jags make me wish the NFL had a Division II level.

Giants (2-6): 3-5 If they beat the Chiefs. The Giants have sorely disappointed this year. Eli has looked pedestrian while the OL has looked like a malfunctioning traffic light that didn't warn him there was a bus coming.

Houston (2-6): 3-5 If they beat the Chiefs. It's almost impossible to describe how poorly the Texans have under-achieved. The people of Houston want the Oilers back.

Middle of the Pack

Raiders (3-5): 4-4 If they beat the Chiefs. Despite having a garage sale that ended in a dumpster fire for their roster, the raiders have found a way to win some games. Had they beaten the Chiefs, they might actually be real contenders in the Wild Card race.

Bills (3-6): 4-5 If they beat the Chiefs. The Bills can't keep a QB healthy for more than a week it seems. Despite that, they have some quality wins and almost knocked us off this past weekend. Likely not a big threat even if they had beaten the Chiefs, but they would have still been in contention.

In the Hunt

Eagles (4-5): 5-4 If they beat the Chiefs. People are talking about Chip Kelly in a whole different light if he beats Andy Reid. The Eagles have looked terrible at times, but they remain in the thick of things as it is. With a win over the Chiefs, the national media would be all over them.

Browns (4-5): 5-4 If they beat the Chiefs. The Browns haven't been able to decide if they want to contend or start over. The new ownership seems to have a plan, and you can't argue with the results thus far. Had they knocked off the Chiefs, they're a legit Wild Card contender and just 1 game out of the AFC North lead.

Legit Contenders

Cowboys (5-4): 6-3 If they beat the Chiefs. The media loves the Cowboys anyways, so imagine if they were 6-3 right now. A commanding lead in the NFC East could be enough for ESPN to launch an all Cowboys network.

Titans (4-4): 5-3 If they beat the Chiefs. The Titans have played some great football this year. If they win over the Chiefs, they are the clear favorites to take a Wild Card slot, and are only a game out of the lead in the AFC South.

So the Chiefs really haven't played a weak schedule at all. In fact, if this were the same 2-14 squad from last year, our opponent's record would switch from 27-49 to 36-40. While that may not seem all that impressive, you have to factor in the Jacksonville skew that would make up a major portion of those losses.

The truth is that the Chiefs have actually beaten several playoff contenders at this point. The Cowboys, Eagles, Browns, and Titans are all still in the thick of things for the postseason, while the Bills and raiders aren't out of it just yet. So when someone tells you that the Chiefs haven't beaten anyone good, just remember that the reason some of those teams aren't considered any good is BECAUSE of our Kansas City Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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