It's Denver Time

24 hour rule for me is over now. I am done thinking about the Bills game. All I care about right now is that we are 9-0 and Denver is our next opponent.

I have to admit, this game scares me A LOT. Do I believe in this team? You bet I do. But I am also not blind to the struggles of this team.

I believe teams have enough tape on our defense now, and they are starting to move the ball against us. We have 1 sack in the last 2 games. Now was this Bob Sutton dialing it back or was it teams figuring us out. The Bills took advantage of our over aggressive defense and burned us on cut back runs. We were not sound fundamentally against the Bills runs. A lot of missed tackles and this absolutely can not happen against Denver. Manning is the smartest QB I have ever seen and if the Bills could do it to us, you better believe he can. With that said, I am glad we had a game where the defense looked bad, especially before the bye week and especially before we played Denver. This will put them on notice and I don't expect to see these mistakes again.

Another area that has me concerned is the DB's. We have seen Flower, Smith and Cooper all burned in the last few weeks. I don't necessarily put this all on them, because the common denominator of all these plays was Kendrick Lewis. I have no clue what this guy has been looking at. He is a deep safety and is continually getting caught not covering his deep half. This needs to be corrected and fast. I think a lot of it has to do with his lack of practice the last few weeks. Hopefully he can get healthy in the bye week and have a full week of practice.

So how are we going to beat Denver? Defensively if there is 1 thing I ask of Bob Sutton is to stop the conservative crap. Granted we have faced QB's we have had no tape on, so i think the strategy was to be conservative until we figured out what they wanted to do. We know what Peyton wants to do and we should know how to try and slow him down(notice I said slow him down and not stop because lets face it, you aren't going to stop him for 4 quarters). We absolutely need to bring pressure against him. No zone coverage and bring the heat. We need to play bump man to man all game. Get these receivers off their routes from the get go. No free releases. Denver loves to run slants, crossing and delay patterns. I really hope Andy talks to the refs before the game to put them on notice of all the pick routes Denver runs. I wont go as far as saying that these plays are all illegal, but Denver gets away with a ton of these every game. I watched a few of their games live and was like how in the hell are they so wide open. Well after re-watching, they do an excellent job on crossing and delay routes to get the defenders to have to slow down and that split second is why they are open. I don't even know if this is possible, but I would think you could run something similar to how you defend the pick and roll or pop in basketball. Switch all crossing routes. With that said, I don't want to put something new in on defense, because it could be thinking to much, but I would like to see if we have athletic enough DB's to do this. As soon as they run these routes just switch(someone might be able to chime in here and if I am way off base feel free to blast me)

Offensively we obviously need to score points. However, and stay with me here, We don't need to change what we do. Obviously we haven't been world beaters on offense but lets think about what we do well. We don't have a ton of 3 and outs(lately its been worse, but for the year I think we are at about 30%, which is average). We don't turn the ball over. And the biggest thing that we do well is we flip the field and make teams go 80 plus yards to score. When you don't score like we do this is huge and its one thing we need to continue to do. Denver defense isn't as bad as what people say. What we need to remember is they have only played 2 games with Von Miller back. The first game wasn't anything to brag about, but the last quarter and a half of the Redskins game they figured something out and dominated that game. So to think we are going to go out and score 30 plus is a reach in my opinion. We need to sustain drives and if we don't score, make the Broncos go the length of the field to beat you. We have only allowed 111 points this year, and the reason for this is the offense not turning the ball over and making the other team travel a long way to score. This will be a key to the game.

My rant is almost done I promise. Overall I see this game going 1 of 2 ways. Either a hard fought close game that the Chiefs pull out in the end. Or an absolutely Denver beat down of us. Obviously the 2nd scenario is something I hope doesn't happen, but if it does it wouldn't surprise me either.

Either way I can't wait for this game and I think this will really show us what the Chiefs team is.


(First attempt at a fan post, blast me if you like as these are my opinions and my opinions only)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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