Winning on the Road = Making the Playoffs

Ok, all the pundits and the media want to minimize the Chiefs 9-0 record - so what? Fine, go ahead, we don't care, the team doesn't care, Big Red and the coaching staff doesn't care and John Dorsey and the front office staff doesn't care.

Here's the deal - the Chiefs are one of six teams in the NFL to have a winning record on the road. Think about that for a minute, let it sink in - 32 teams, and only 6 of them have won more games than they've lost when they're away from the friendly confines of their own stadium.

Which teams are they you ask - ok, in the NFC - it's Seattle, San Francisco and (wait, what?) Philadelphia. In the AFC - only KC, Denver and Indianapolis. That's it. Not New England or New Orleans, or Green Bay or the other Division leader - Cincinnati.

This week (so far) in the NFL, including Thursday night - only four, yes just 4, teams won on the road - KC, Tennessee, Philadelphia & Indianapolis. 12 games, only 4 road teams won. That's a .333 winning percentage - not very good. Further, it's interesting to think that the Chiefs beat both Philly & Tennessee ON THE ROAD isn't it?

Further, four teams that the Chiefs previously beat - Philly, Dallas, Cleveland & Tennessee all won yesterday. So, what were all of the media types saying about the weak-ass schedule the Chiefs have played? Now, to be fair, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Houston, the Giants and the Raiders aren't very good teams - but you're supposed to beat the bad teams right?, well - the Chiefs did beat them. There are no style points, nothing extra for blowing someone out - it's not college football and the BCS, there are only Wins & Losses and when it comes to the playoffs - tie-breakers. You either Win or you Lose - it's that simple.

Winning on the road is hard in the NFL. The Chiefs are 4-0 on the road so far. Like Detroit Red Wings Head Coach Mike Babcock says - Good for us! Which road wins are the Chiefs supposed to apologize for? Which wins don't count as much as the other wins? Which wins should the Chiefs give back just because it wasn't a blowout, or because the offense didn't light up the other team's D? Big Red isn't apologizing, the team isn't apologizing and we aren't giving them back. The Chiefs are 5-0 at Arrowhead and 4-0 on the road.

How are the Chiefs winning on the road - you already know the answer. Creating Turnovers, not giving the ball away, having/creating good field position and playing good, solid Defense. Lots of offense is sexy, it makes excellent highlights for SportsCenter and the NFL Network, it gives Boomer, Mort and the rest of them something to crow about - but the Chiefs aren't really very sexy - but who cares, they're winning and that's all that matters.

It's an age-old formula - win your games at home, play .500 or better on the road - make the playoffs.

Keep it up Chiefs! The mainstream media will figure it out soon enough - until January, none of us really care what they think anyway.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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