You can't beat the Chiefs (comment) followed by "IS THIS REAL LIFE"

This team is protected by a higher power than you can comprehend. The next four games on Denver’s Schedule should scare the living sh** out of Denver fans. I have told others this already. I would not be surprised if the broncos were 7-5 in a month. I fully expect to be called out in a month if I’m wrong, but I said the Chiefs would be 8-1 right now heading into the bye, so there is that. My preseason prediction had the Chiefs going 14-2 this year. I didn’t expect defense to be so good and I expected more from the Offense, but I’ll take 9-0 any day. The only 2 losses I predicted for the Chiefs were The Giants game at Arrowhead and Chiefs losing at Mile High. Well if you take that I was wrong about the first as a prediction then maybe I’m wrong about the next. I mean I was wrong about this defense being the best and Offense not being top 10. I expected an amazing turnaround, but I never thought is would be this great.


I have been going to Chiefs games for as long as I can remember (I am 26 yo). 100+ games lost count no point in trying. My father had season tickets, my brother and I now share those seats. Before this year my favorite game of all time was DT's last. Grbac vs. Gannon the first game of the Millennium. yes we lost I know, but for a decade that was the best for me. It wasn't until this year that I realized it was DT's last game. I guess I never thought about it. Anyway currently the best game I have ever attended of any sport was this year's Oakland game at Arrowhead. I was at the Tigers over #1 Oklahoma a few years ago where they brought the goalposts to downtown Columbia. I was also at the MU KU basketball game where the score at half was 30-16 KU leading only for the the tigers to rally and win 62-60 right before the buzzer. These are my favorite games, but I hope this year has more in store. This year is about redemption. Think about it.

Week 1: only team to shut out hopeless jags and the start of this amazing journey

Week 2: redemption for 2009 OT loss vs Cowboys NFC east showdown #1

Week 3: Andy's return (he got fired) NFC east showdown #2

Week 4: Giants in 2005 ended our playoff hopes (tiki went crazy) NFC East showdown #3

Week 5: That Harvard guy who owned KC in his entire career (except one game where his kicker lost) God's winds were too much that day.

Week 6: Oakland (uh yeah I was young dumb and full of cu* the last time we won vs raiders at home.

Week 7: Houston (get a new name and I don't even like that state) almost 3 years to the day that we lost to them.

Week 8: Cleveland (I don't want to remember last year)

Week 9: Well Cassel had 300 yards bowe had over 100 and we lost to buffalo last year. (again I forgot about last year but it's safe to assume that was garbage yards)

Bye Week: 2011 coming off a bye (6 pick game vs raiders, score 28-0) 2012 coming off a bye: a loss to raiders at home

This year we need to think back. Redemption. This is more than just one game. This is the biggest game ever in franchise history (during my life). Broncos + Manning = ultimate disposal of all my hopes for Chiefs Success in my lifetime.

Week 11: The big one only to be followed by the bigger one if we lose

Week 12: (maybe not redemption here but hey its divisional and at Arrowhead)

Week 13: 2 passes = win for ex florida qb) I won't say more, naw i will. That shit happened 100 feet in front of my face, still can't let it go I invited a broncos fan (my roommate at the time).

Week 14: NFC showdown #4

Week 15: Raider Week

Week 16: I was at Indy in 2006. I was at Arrowhead in 2003. This game is bigger than big. I want to kick them while they are down.

Week 17: If and only if possible. Its not about the record or matching 72 dolphins it's about righting a wrong. The NFL has gone the wrong direction and for that matter the entire media conglomerate in the US. If you discount the little ones they will come back to bite you.

Wild card: Oh is this a Bye week. Well maybe Andy is pretty good after that.

Divisional Playoffs: Well Well Well. Here we are. Biggest game in Chiefs History (during my life)

Conference Championship: We deserve this

"Super Bowl": So what if they don't get this far. The ride was fun and never to be forgotten, but I believe.

This is an amazing story about a "family" being written before us.

Thanks for reading sorry if I bored you. be kind first post

"Life is no game, but you should try to win like each moment is your last" JT

"Never trust the experts" JFK

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