Two Arguments in Defense of Chiefs' Mastery

1) We had 4 pro-bowlers on defense last year:
Hali, Houston, Berry, and D. Johnson.
Flowers was close to pro-bowl.

This year, Poe has stepped up and improved to Pro-Bowl levels. Hali and Houston have improved to the point that both are challenging for the NFL sack lead.

We added solid players in Sean Smith, DeVito, Demps/Abdullah, and Akeem Jordan.

We found Marcus Cooper and he is playing at nearly a Pro-Bowl level this year. Brandon Flowers played near pro-bowl level last year and is now our #3 CB...what does that say about our secondary?

Our entire defense has a positive rating (above average) in PFF (as of mid-season...not sure if any dropped below this week, but don't see how that would be possible).

So it is luck when they shut down a team in the 4th Quarter? It is luck when they get a turnover? It is luck when the force 3-and-outs and prevent 3rd down conversions? It is luck when the defense scores?

How many pro-bowlers did the Broncos have on offense? How many will they have on offense this year?

But when they execute, it is skill; when the Chiefs' defense executes, why is it not also skill?

2) Andy Reid is one of the most experienced head coaches in the NFL. The West Coast offense is all about using the pass to control the game in the same way other teams would use the run. It isn't designed to get yardage in big chunks, it is designed to get the ball to a player in a favorable one-on-one matchup, where you get a big play at best, or a positive gain at worst.

Reid only cares about winning. He isn't concerned about putting up big stats. Everything the offense has done has assisted the defense. They stay on the field, use up time, and get enough yardage for Colquitt to pin the other team deep in their own territory. When necessary, the Chiefs offense can string together a long, 80+ or even 90+ yard drive to score the go-ahead points. They've done it enough times to not be an accident.

So, question: is there any indication Reid is using the entire playbook? Is there any indication he is doing his best to score as many TDs as possible, as quickly as possible?

From what I've seen, no. Just the opposite. Reid will take a shot every once in a while to keep opposing teams from keying too much on the short game, and to give his team some live execution opportunities. But from what I've seen, Reid is content punt the ball and kick FGs, depending on his D to shut down the other team in the 4th quarter. It has happened every time.

I bet that if the Chiefs trailed mid-way through the 4th quarter, you'd see the Chiefs use a hurry-up offense and use their best plays to get favorable matchups and move the ball pretty easily.

But there has been no need to do that, so why show other teams your best plays?

If I'm right, then Reid has been calling average plays that depend on individual execution for success, to give his players opportunities to improve their individual skills/abilities, which will pay off in the playoffs when it counts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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