post script to my last post

So , a couple nights ago I wrote a post where I dictated the problems winning the Super Bowl with a ...... how you say.... less the exceptional quarter back. I gave what I thought were very reasonable guidelines to what i thought could be considered average, and what could be considered less than average.

I gave statistics as to why I thought Alex Smith was average(although, his stats would less than average) , and why I thought he wasn't going to win a Super Bowl with his style of play. I was surprised by then feedback I received by all of you guys. Not that I was surprised (thank everyone of you that took time to read such a long post) read it. But th reaction to said piece.

You see,I thought I was going to take a beating over fellas I gave a pass to for being average and winning a Super Bowl. And while subscribers like averagegatsy took exception to myself listing Doug Williams as above average QB, most of the criticism took an exception as to my criteria of what I consider average and above . And on top of that, many have questioned my loyalty to this very team. MYTHS .....Mytths myths

'' Saints, you are obviously bias because Alex Smith beat your Saints''

I actually never addressed this before . But buckle , lace up your boots and pull............... I NEVER THOUGHT THE SAINTS WERE GOING TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL THAT YEAR!!!!. Whao!! what??? I didn't think the Saints were going to win ? Why not? After all, that is my favorite team ( according to AP) , I must be bitter

Ya, I am real bitter as a kid that wore a Saints T shirt in 1994. I am real bitter when my favorite uncle had to finagle,a Saints hoodie for my B day in 97 because you couldn't find it anywhere. I was so ill convinced the Saints were going to win that game that I barely bet my cocky, life time 40er friend 20 $ the Saints would win that game.

To my (not) surprise they did NOT win the game. They were 30th in passing defense. ''Ya, but Saints that is only because teams fell behind and had to pass''. Really? then why were they 31st in yards per rush?

But Smith beat the Saints largely on turnovers. The Saints coughed the ball up 5 times. Including one on the goal line. Of course that never gets brought when I hear the meme



Man Saints , 49ers would have won that game if not for fumble F*#K Williams

The only obstetrical in Alex the chosen ones route to a Super Bowl was a fumble by that worthless piece of no god forsaken pile of excrement Kyle Williams. What a worthless piece of garbage. Except, Smith completed 1 pass all game to a wr '' Horse manure , horse manure that Willaims''' What ? OH , you say Kyle Williams had a 40yard KR that set up the game tying FG?? But but but... he was the goat. The reason the 49ers lost was because of Williams gaff. You mean to tell me that Kyle Williams set up that game tying FG ???

These are the kind of things I am talking bout. Highly .... HIGHLY selective reasoning to push an ideology . Geee, now where have I heard this before?

It was crazy when i wrote post that one name would be the most controversial . That one name would be the one who got the most scrunty . That there was one guy that made people almost froth at the mouth . How dare I bring up his name!? How dare I even compare this person to the chosen one (Alex Smith). I am stupid, I am ignorant!. Why... why ALEX SMITH IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN!!!!!!..........



GOD, you had to there Saints? Eli Manning sucks! He is horrible horrible! Why, look at his first Super Bowl run. He lucked into a title. You area moron to even suggest he had anything to do with the Giants first title run

Manning can, first of all, thank Kyle Williams for the NFC Championship Game in 2011. He can then thank that stupid helmet catch and his studly front seven for making every elite quarterback look like crap.

This is the kind of thing I am talking about men. A ''meme'' I already went into the reason why 49er fans should THANK Kyle Williams instead of lambaste him. Alex Smith was HORRIBLE on third down (sound familiar) that game . Nevertheless, was Manning horrible that year? Did his team win in spite of him?

Manning compl% in 2007 56.1

yards per attempt 6.3

yards per game 208

TD to INT ratio 23 to 20

QBR 74

That is pretty bad. I mean, we could lipstick on a turd and call it pretty and it still would look better than Eli's season stats.

Then again, there are post season stats as well.Lets look at those in 2007

comp % 60

YPA 7.18

TD to INT 6-1

rating 95.7

Eli went up, yes , up in his overall efficiency as a QB against better competition. That flys in the face of the ''Giants won in spite of Eli'' nonsense that has been going around on AP does it not??



''Ya , but Saints , lighting doesn't strike twice. I know Eli sucks and is just going off family legacy. '' He is trash'', just look at his defense carried him in 2011''

Ok , so Eli got lucky again in 2011.It's possible I guess. After all , ''Hollywood Henderson '' won the lottery twice. Thing is though...... his GIANTS team sucked . 32nd in the NFL in rushing. They couldn't run the ball o save a child, But that defense had to be a beast.Someone had to make up up for Terrible ElI. I. know, it was this much vaunted defense. They overcame Eli manning. Then again, the were 25th in points allowed and 27th in yards allowed. And Eli? His number went up again . QBR, comp% , TPA , TD -INT all went up for the second straight SB run

So as you see, Manning is NOT on the same lower caliber as Alex Smith. His number the last two Super Bowls have went UP in the post season against better competition

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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