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First I would like to state that this is the first time for me to make a fan post. I was never that great in English, so I will go ahead and apologize for the way this post will come out. I have always had a great imagination and read books all the time, but have always had problems putting things down on paper. Anyways here it goes (takes a deep breath).

Id like to let you know a bit about my self. My name is Matthew Berry (and no I do not work for espn), and I have been a fan of the Chiefs since the late 90s. I got to meet # 58 a few years earlier when he came down to a little town called Lone Wolf, Oklahoma for a kid who also went to school there (You may remember the story on espn come out about that soon after he passed). It was a couple years later when DT passed away in that fatal car accident. I remember my dad yelling at me to come into the living room and there it was on TV the announcement. I started to read a lot about DT, other then him coming to my town I really had no idea who he was.

The Stories about Derrick, was what brought me to the Chiefs. I was a Cowboys fan growing up, so I could tell you all about Aikman, Smith, Irvin, Lett, moose, ect.., but as I kept reading I started to learn more about the high character of not only DT, but the whole Chiefs organization. There was so much history of the team and the lore of it all just surrounded me and I was Hooked

If you have been a Chiefs fan for long, you know that I started to be a fan at the end of greatness not the beginning. We had some good years with Green and Holmes, but majority of the years have been what you would call, whats that word.. Shit. Sticking through all those bad years and not wavering in my loyalty to the team have made enjoy the hell out of this year! I don't want to start an Alex Smith Debate, so im not going to get into how this year (even after a loss) still feels different to me then the year we went 13-3. That I Feel we will be heading to great places this year (been saying it since week 2). No I want to talk about us the fans.

I went to my first Chiefs game when they played against the Browns. It was a blast and now I will be planning to go to atleast one game every year. I don't know if it was just that game or if this how it is at every home game, but while our team was on defense the crowd didn't start to get loud until the Browns came out of the huddle (Also would like to note that it didn't seem loud until the 4th). Now we all know that we are a loud bunch and even proved it against the Raiders, but I would think we would want to be loud while the team is in the huddle. We know that playing at Arrowhead is a big advantage for the Chiefs, and I believe that us the Fans are the X factor of us getting home Field through out the playoffs, winning our first playoff game in 20 years, and making it to the Super Bowl.

So I guess in essence, I am calling Chiefs fans out. If you are at one of our home games. Get loud and STAY loud while the Chiefs are on defense! Even if we are down by a couple TD's. We are the X factor, we can help this team win. Don't let them hear a damn thing!! I am sorry I live so far away that I am not able to help, but while at the browns game, sitting in the upper end zone. The browns just threw the ball and got into FG range. I was sitting there thinking, no I am not going to allow us to lose this game. I stood up and started to yell, raising my hands up urging others around me to get up. My section responded, the browns got a holding penalty that took them out of FG Range and you could see the other sections start to stand and cheer.

I don't think one person at the game sat down again. We were loud and proud!! We never stopped after that and the game was OVER for the browns. I'm asking to remember the raider game, remember that 4th qtr. Don't let up, this team needs US!! Remember we are the X factor! Lets help change history for us and the Chiefs!!!

PS Give old Rivers Helluva a hard time for me!!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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