I Pick, You Pick, We all Pick: Week 12

Week 11 Roll Up:


Eric: 6-9

Nate: 10-5

Vince: 11-4

Vince had the top week among the amateurs picking the Bears, Dolphins, and Bucs. Nate was right behind him while Eric had another sub .500 week.


Matt Miller: 6-9

Pete Prisco: 10-5

Adam Schefter: 12-3

Schefter had a great week and could have been better as he missed on the Titans, Texans, and Patriots all close games. Miller recorded his second straight week under .500 and is now looking human.

Season Roll Up:

Amateurs: 299-187

Eric: 98-64

Nate: 101-61

Vince: 100-62

Experts: 298-188

Matt: 101-61

Pete: 99-63

Adam: 98-64

Nate and Matt are now tied for the top spot with Miller slipping the past few weeks. Vince has made a surge to put himself one game out of the lead after leading the amateurs two weeks in a row. With Eric continuing to struggle the experts are closing the gap and are one game back of the amateurs, the closest margin of the season.

Week 10 Picks:

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons



Eric: New Orleans *Lock of the Week*

- Both the Falcons wins have come at home. Neither of those games were against the Saints. The season is lost in Atlanta.

Nate: New Orleans

- A matchup of one of the best vs one of the worst. I could see this game being closer than people think, but the Saints will just be too much for a beat up Falcons team.

Vince:New Orleans

- Sorry but the Falcons may be looking towards the draft at this point in time.

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs



Eric: Kansas City

- The Chiefs pass rush has to get back on track. They have one sack in the past three games. They have a chance to get back up to speed with the Chargers allowing 10 sacks in six road games. If they can't get pressure on Rivers he has a chance to air it out. Proof being two receivers with at least 600 yards.

Nate: Kansas City

- The Chiefs offense will be asked again this week to do more. The Bolts offense isn't nearly as potent as the Broncos so the Chiefs can actually hang with them and pull out another close one at home.

Vince: Kansas City

- If the Chargers expect to compete with the top teams they have got to be more consistent unfortunately they are not that kind of a team

Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins



Eric: Carolina

- The Panthers defense is something fierce. The Dolphins lack the weapons to overcome and the line to prevent the Carolina front seven from wreaking havoc. Carolina gets its first win against the Dolphins since 2001.

Nate: Carolina

- Going to ride this wave of Carolina greatness until they give me a reason not to.

Vince: Carolina

- I said the Panthers could be good at the beginning of the year and they are finally showing it. They are on a roll and they’re going to keep on rolling this week

Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams



Eric: Chicago

- Battle of the back ups. The Rams took advantage of mistakes in last weeks win over the Colts. Josh McCown has done a good job of limiting mistakes, throwing five touchdowns and zero picks. To help the cause, the Bears defense has allowed almost 10 less points since Jay Cutler's injury.

Nate: St. Louis

- Not sure which Rams team will show up, but when they're on they're on.

Vince: Chicago

- The Rams are one of the worst teams in the league I just cannot pick them for anything

New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens



Eric: Baltimore

- The Ravens are paying $9.2 million per touchdown this year, they are also paying $9.2 million per interception meaning Joe Flacco and his fat new contract have a ratio of 1:1. In their favor the Ravens have won the last five contest.

Nate: Baltimore

- The Jets have been alternating wins with losses this season. This will be the first time all year they lose consecutive games.

Vince: Baltimore

- Hopefully the Ravens will be able to actually pull this off but it could go either way

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans



Eric: Houston

- This is a game the Texans really need emotionally. They have Jacksonville two times in three weeks and need to take full advantage. For what it's worth the Texans are 2-0 when scoring 30 points, problem is that hasn't happened since September.

Nate: Houston

- At this point it's just a numbers game. I keep picking the Texans to win and they keep letting me down. They will finally reward me with a win against the Jags.

Vince: Houston

- I will never pick against my team and hopefully this will be something to help them improve their horrible record

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers



Eric: Green Bay

- The Packers averaging more passing yards per game isn't a surprising stat but the Pack averaging more rushing yards per game is. The Vikings haven't won a road game this year and that will continue if Scott Tolzien limits mistakes (1TD to 5 INTs) by handing the ball off.

Nate: Minnesota

- I just don't have confidence in any team being led by Scott Tolzien.

Vince: Minnesota *Upset Pick*

- Not much of an upset but I just see the Vikings being able to take advantage of the Aaron Rodgers injury.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns



Eric: Pittsburgh

- The Steelers have absolutely dominated the this division series 22-3 since 2001. Though those numbers can't necessarily be attributed to this season these teams are headed in opposite directions. The Steelers have won 4 of their last 6 while the Browns have lost 4 of their last 6.

Nate: Cleveland

- Jason Campbell has to start using his weapons more. Jordan Cameron has disappeared since Campbell took over as starter after a dominating start to the season under Brandon Weeden and Bryan Hoyer.

Vince: Cleveland

- Both teams look like poop I think the Browns have found more ways to win games so i'm going to have to go with them

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions



Eric: Detroit

- Don't say I told you so because I didn't but Mike Glennon is having a solid go at QB. His almost 3:1 TD-INT ratio is surprising. Whats important is that the coaching staff limits his chances to make mistakes. When Glennon has thrown the ball 23 times or less the Buccaneers are 2-1 and 0-4 with 24 or more attempts.

Nate: Detroit *Lock of the Week*

- I just don't see Glennon winning a shootout with Matt Stafford. Will Calvin Johnson finally be bottled up this week?

Vince: Detroit

- The Lions will have no problem with a horrible Bucs team.

Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders



Eric: Oakland

- Matt McGloin has a chance to be the starter in Oakland not because he's putting up amazing numbers but because he's taking care of the ball. in two games he has three TDs and zero picks while Terrelle Pryor had 1 TD and eight interceptions in his last four contest. Pryor will be missed more for his legs than arm, maybe when healthy he can be the running back.


- Like Pryor, the more film teams get on McGloin, the worse he's going to perform. I think this week is his reality check.

Vince: Oakland

- Toss up goes to the Raiders.

Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals



Eric: Indianapolis

- Bruce Arians invites his old team to his house hoping to get his fifth straight victory. Who would have guessed that Michael Floyd and T.Y. Hilton are the top two receivers in this game?

Nate:Arizona *Upset Pick*

- I still think the Colts are frauds. Arians knows the Colts inside and out and will use this to his advantage for a win against his former team.

Vince: Indianapolis

- Andrew Luck has not slumped at all this year he is still on fire look for him to have a good game throwing away from Peterson.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants



Eric: Dallas *Upset Pick*

- The Cowboys have been bad on the road this season at 1-4 and the Giants are improving from that lowly 0-6 team and have reeled off four straight. This is a game the Cowboys could easily lose but manage to find a way to win to keep pace with the Eagles.

Nate:New York

- Fun fact: When it comes to my picks, I am 7 for my last 7 in games the Giants are involved in. I plan on extending that streak to 8 after the Giants take down the Boys.

Vince: Dallas

- The cowboys may not win many games but in their division they are the best team.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots



Eric: Denver

- The Patriots wont have the fire power to keep up with the Broncos and due to injuries wont have the defense to stop them. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have the second most match ups all time between Super Bowl winning QB's (Starr v. Unitas), Brady is up in the series 9-4.

Nate: New England

- Because of hate. That's why.

Vince: Denver

- Battle of Manning and Brady this is one of the best games of the year but the Broncos are way too much for the Pats.

San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins



Eric: San Francisco

- The Skins stand little to no chance of upsetting the Niners. This match up looked a lot more flashy last year. The MNF schedule is consistently weak.

Nate: San Francisco

- The Redskins are a complete mess and the 49ers really need this game. The battle of running QBs will end in favor of Kaepernick.

Vince: San Francisco

- I hate that RGIII is still in the NFL I hope that Kirk Cousins finally gets to play.

Bye Week:

Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles & Cincinnati Bengals

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