What this Game Really Means to Chiefs fans.....

I remember back in '93 the Chiefs won their last playoff game. I was 8 years old. I came into the kingdom through my father. I remember Sunday afternoons sitting in front of the old furniture-esque TV with my dad and bringing him beers whenever he asked me to. I remember family gatherings and not making the 2+ hour drive home until the game was over. I remember the dominance of the 90's. I remember losing against the Colts in '95 when Lynn Elliot couldn't hit the broad side of the barn with his kicks. I remember Gunther Cunningham struggling as a coach. I remember Dick Vermeil depleting our team to build a dynamic offense all the while ignoring the defensive side of the ball. I remember Herm Edwards coming in and trading all of our players off KC Royals style in hopes of a successful 'youth movement.' I remember how exciting it was when we hired Scott Pioli and Todd Haley. I also remember how elated I was to see us make the playoffs in 2010. I remember how it all fell apart. I remember how Romeo Crennel couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper sack. Then the winds started to change. Clark Hunt made moves and hired Andy Reid and soon enough John Dorsey joined in the mix. But the question is... "What does this game really mean to us Chiefs fans?"

There isn't a single true blue Chiefs fan out there now that doesn't have serious doubts about this game against the Broncos. Deep down inside all of us are just waiting for that moment of failure that we are so used to. It is what we grew up with. I deplore you to remember a time when we REALLY came through in a situation like this. This is why the media disrespects us. This is why we don't get any love. This is why we are 8 point underdogs. This is why all but one of the ESPN analysts picked us to win this game. In fact the only analyst to pick us to win was Keyshawn Johnson; who from the start of the season said we would win the Super Bowl. But really .... "What does this game really mean to us Chiefs fans?"

I remember a time several years ago I lived with an annoying Broncos fan. We made a bet that whoever won the division would be allowed to hang their respective teams banner on the wall for the rest of the year. Denver won the division, and every day that Bronco banner hung on the wall I wanted to take it to the bathroom after a horrendous bowel movement, wipe my ass with it, and hang it back on the wall undetected - only in hopes that once the banner came down he would snuggle with it. It turns out I never wiped my ass with his stupid banner, but God I wanted to. I have to go back to my original question though... "What does this game really mean to us Chiefs fans?"

I will tell you.

If we lose, it means nothing at all. Just that we did what we are used to. Nothing more nothing less. We are tied for the division lead, nothing more nothing less. BUT

If we win... It's a breaking of the cycle we have been so used to. If we win it is like I not only wiped my ass with that stupid banner but I also took a huge elephant sized Chipotle infused crap on that damn banner, and not only did my old friend snuggle with it, he embraced it like it was the first time seeing his wife after a 3 year tour of Afghanistan - and then made love to it. (As a disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to our brothers in arms, I respect and love the service you have devoted yourself to) The media would have to do the same, but instead of snuggling with that banner they would have to accept an entire avalanche of diarrhea. So few of them have supported us. So few of them have truly respected us and our 9 - 0 start. If you watch an hour of Sportscenter or NFL Network it's all Peyton Manning all the time. Our record doesn't matter to them. Our success is a fluke. We don't deserve what we have. We will get blown out in Denver. They are 8 point favorites after all.

I just hope we take a massive shit on the media's, Denver's, and the doubter's faces on Sunday night.

What does this game really mean to Chiefs fans?

20+ years of infutility continuing or FINALLY breaking the cyle. -- Or from a mere standings point, a division tie or a 2 game lead.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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