''Kyle Williams cost Alex Smith a Super Bowl Ring'' ; Sports bar myths volume 6



Did you ever read the book The Whipping Boy? I read it years and years ago in grade school. I even wrote a book report on it and got a little sticker on my reading button for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. For those unfamiliar with the story , the basic premise is premise is about a young orphaned boy who is ordered by the king to be the whipping boy for a spoiled, bratty prince. Anytime the kings son misbehaves the whipping boy gets the beating for it. Because after all, we can't lay a hand on the prince even when he is at fault. The whipping boy is a patsy

The 2011 NFC championship game was a bizarre contest to say the very least. For whatever reason , the NFL decided the first team to ten points wins the game. It was an experiment that went horribly awry . Because you see , the patsy, the whipping boy Kyle Williams fumbled the opening kickoff and the New York Giants scooped up the football and scored a few drives later. Then , the Giants kicked off, and son of a gun wouldn't you know it, Williams fumbled the ball again! The Giants recovered, kicked a field goal and that's all she wrote. The game lasted a minute and thirty seconds. There are neighborhoods in San Francisco that will never be the same after the worst act of civil disobedience since the L.A riots.

Oh wait, you mean that didn't happen? Gasp, you mean there was an actual game that took place for sixty minutes ? You mean there were actual plays , actual play calling , other players involved in the outcome? Oh......well then how about this; Alex Smith had a huge game passing the ball. This guy looked something like Dan Marino ,Joe Montanna and Sammy Baugh combined that day. The defense was a leaky sieve in the game, giving up 800 yards of total offense . The ground game was stagnate , averaging 0.4 yards per attempt on the day. Alex Smith had to put his super hero cape and passed for 500 yards and 6 td's on the day . Then , when it was time to walk in the endzone and seal the deal ,that son of a bitch Williams fumbled the ball and the Giants over. It stings because the way Smith was moving the ball that day , it was a given the 49ers were going score the final touchdown with little resistance . Except .....that didn't happen either

So what exactly did happen that balmy afternoon in Candlestick Park? Here tell 49er fans and now Alex Smith fans, you would believe that one of those two made up scenarios did in fact happen. Williams fumbled that ball in that game and nothing else matters before that. Because it is easy to throw your voice in an echo chamber rather than actually look at the variables involved . Williams is the patsy , the whipping boy. And no one wants to hit the prince.



01-22-12 , 9:42 left in overtime

The Kansas City Chiefs made a roster move Wednesday by signing former SF goat.....err WR Kevin Williams. I'll just give you my brief thoughts on the move here. I think he is a complete non factor . He is small, injury prone and couldn't get playing time with a 49er team desperate for WR help. He is an upgrade over Chad Hall I suppose. But then again that isn't saying much

Be that as it may , Chiefs fans are a superstitious lot. And having the man who ''cost Alex Smith a Super Bowl ring'' on the roster is bad juju .Because we know Alex Smith would have won that game if it hadn't been for that fumble. It is time for the Meme to die. Reading the post on the Williams signing yesterday , many have made the argument Williams cost Smith a ring. But did he

Sports Bar Myth ''Alex Smith outplayed Eli Manning that day despite having no help around him

Untrue, first of all, Smith did not outplay Eli in that game . Yes, Smith didn't post a higher QBR on the day than Manning did. But Smith only completed 45 % of his pass attempts on the day. Almost half of his passing yards came on one pass play. Smith only completed one pass all day to a wr. He was terrible on third down (sound familiar). Manning on the other hand had more than 300 yards passing in the game. He had a better pass completion % and was better on third down.

As far as not having much around him, Smith had the best TE in the NFL on the field . The 49ers also were able to run the ball more effectively on the day, having almost twice as many yards a the Giants did in the running game. Manning also had to attempt twice as many passes as Smith did, leaving the Giants offense to become on dimensional. The Giants put all the burden of victory on Manning, while Smith had others around him to help shoulder the load.

Sports Bar Myth ''Alex would have won that game if it hadn't been for Williams''.

This is a completely subjective argument to make. How do we know Smith would have led a drive to win that game? The last Williams fumble was on the SF 24 yard line. Smith hadn't moved the ball consistently all day long . And after the game tying FG (which Williams help set up , we will get to that later) the subsequent possessions went something like this

3 plays -7 yards punt

3 plays 0 yards punt

3 plays 31 yards end of regulation

3 plays 9 yards punt

Smith had a total of 33 yards his last four possessions . He had four opportunities to move the ball and he couldn't do it. Yet, he was somehow going to lead a miraculous fifty plus yard drive for the game winning score? Not likely. So it is pretty arrogant and embellishing to think Smith was just going to march down the field and score had Williams not fumbled . The 49ers had 8 three and outs on the day

Sports bar Myth ; ''Kyle Williams cost this team a Championship''

Like I said earlier, there was no guarantee Smith would have led a game winning drive to finish the game. And there certainly was no guarantee the 49ers would have won the Super Bowl had they played in it. Never mind the fact the 49ers gave up over 300 yards passing. Never mind the fact Smith and the offense couldn't move the ball with any consistency. It was all on Kyle Williams fumble as the sole reason the team lost that day. What if I told you Kyle Williams was a HUGE reason the 49ers were even in the game to begin with? BOOOO....HISS Herracy I say! In fact , that is the case. A few forgotten plays on the day

The second Vernon Davis score was set up by a long return by Williams . Williams returned a Giants punt 24 yards to the SF 46 yard line . The return set up a TD pass to Vernon Davis. Would the 49ers have scored anyway if Williams hadn't had that long return? Well the niners only had one score where they started deep in their own territory. And that was the long TD pass to Davis , where Davis out ran the entire Giants defense.

The game tying field goal was directly set up by a Williams return. Williams returned the ball 40 yards to the SF 45 yard line the 49ers had six plays for 38 yards and kicked 25 yard FG to tie up the game. Again, it would be hard pressed to think the 49ers offense could have had the same result if the ball went into the endzone for a touch back, given the fact they couldn't move the ball all day long

It is at best over simplification to say the niners would have won that game had Williams not fumbled. Smith struggled to move the ball all day, minus one long play to Vernon Davis. The rest of the scores were set up by returns made by Williams in the game. Smith gets an easy pass because of the turnovers he didn't make. Smith gets a pass for not doing anything the last four possessions in the game while mustering a pathetic 45% comp rate. But I am to believe he was just going to flip a switch and lead a heroic long scoring drive . I don't believe that. But that is why we have whipping boys . Because you can't touch the prince

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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