Doubters filled the airwaves when the Chiefs came off their bye,
All insisting Nine and O was somehow just a lie.
They crowned the Broncos winners before they’d played a down,
Believing Chiefs would badly lose, then shuffle out of town.
Denver’s O was awesome--their defense—up and coming.
Indeed, to play the lowly Chiefs was little more than slumming.
Just like Elway, they ordained, Great Peyton would aspire
To capture one more gaudy ring, and finally retire
(To hawk used cars and pizza to those who’d still adore him--
Or teach his kid to be a stud, so Archie could go whore him).
The Mile High air would be too thin for Chiefs to keep their breath,
And chasing Bronco wide-outs would surely be their death.
Chiefs’ defense is number one, but this, too, is a fluke.
Just wait till Von’s rush demonstrates his overpowering juke.
Alex Smith will rue the day he entered Bailey’s turf,
And Poe will be as powerless as little Baby Smurf.
Sean and Brandon may be good, but Bronco ends were better.
The coverage couldn’t last for long against those big go-getters
Hali-Houston rush quite well but they won’t get a sack,
‘Cause Peyton’s quick delivery will keep them off his back.
Even experts joined the fray and said the Chiefs were done.
Now Denver would expose them, emerging number one.

It’s true the Broncs were favored and ought to win the game,
But the Chiefs came in with confidence against their showy fame.
For weeks they’d kept their cool intact while all the doubters brayed,
And now they knew the time had come—their game would now be played.
They came with heart.  They came as one. They came like men possessed.
They knew they could beat anyone, and here, now, was their test.
Reid and Sutton laid the plan the Chiefs would execute.
It had no flashy elements, but, man, it was a beaut!
Solid as Centurions, the offense marched downfield,
Bewildering the Denver D, that rocked back on its heels.
Slicing like a surgeon through Jack Del Rio’s realm,
 Alex Smith directed plays like Halsey at the helm. 
Bowe stepped up from his disgrace and played like a man on fire.
Jamaal produced an awesome pace behind a line inspired.
Fasano, Dex and Avery caught passes in the seams,
As every fan there dressed in red looked down upon his dreams

Eight minutes, and a touchdown kept Peyton on the pine,
And now he stomped out on the field like a victim of a crime.
He hurried Denver to the line and shouted pointless words,
While flapping arms and pointing hands like silly Big Bang nerds.
The Chiefs were not distracted by his juvenile display.
They simply dug their heels in, waiting to make hay.
The ball was snapped and Knowshon ran to DJ’s waiting arms--
A loss of two, and now Chiefs knew the Broncos could be harmed.
Peyton tried to throw next play to a bracketed receiver,
And almost earned a pick by Berry, who played despite a fever.
Then Welker pulled a cagey pick and Thomas moved the chains,
Proving once again that cheats could beat the brightest brains.
It worked so well they tried it twice, but this time Chiefs were ready,
And Welker rose up from the ground dazed and quite unsteady.
Then Peyton tried to launch a pass to Drecker down the side,
And pouted as it fluttered out of bounds, both short and wide.
Now third and long had come again—the Broncos stretched the field.
But blanket coverage closed the lanes, and Peyton’s fate was sealed--
A Hali-Houston sandwich with Peyton creamed between
Produced the sweetest sack that fans of Chiefs had ever seen.
He lay there for a minute, like a wet and wadded rag,
 Then looked up at the back judge to lobby for a flag.
No linen was forthcoming so he had to take his lumps.
The Broncos trotted off the field trying not to look like chumps.

Then both sides got determined and played with heart and pride--
Toe to toe they traded blows, but neither turned the tide.
Till deep in the fourth quarter, with three TDs apiece,
The Chiefs got up a field goal, but Manning would not cease.
He drove the Broncos down the field with less than two remaining.
The Chiefs defense were on their heels—each man was tired and straining.
The Broncos reached the Red Zone with two timeouts to spare,
And everyone seemed sure the luck for Chiefs was ending there.
Then Flowers stepped inside on Wes and stole a sure first down,
And flipped the ball to Berry, who went all the way downtown!
Despite his frantic efforts, Peyton couldn’t get a flag,
And every Denver fan there groaned as hopes began to sag.
They made a valiant effort to move the ball once more,
But now the Chiefs had been recharged—there would be no more scores.
Four and out, the Broncos stopped just short of their own forty,
And Chiefs danced back to sidelines, the victors of this sortie.
Thirty-one to twenty-one, the scoreboard read the news
Of Prisco punked, and Manning dunked and Chiefs who’d paid their dues.

Now let this be a lesson to those who doubt the dream:
The Chiefs have come a long, long way to prove the worth of TEAM. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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