Dear Andy ( the old mans letter)



Dear Coach, Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you what is happening in the Kingdom. Yes sir you are the one leading this revival. Damn it man, you roll up in here in Hunt's SUV and damned if you did not do what every one of the " spewing sports @reporters@" said you could not do. You have made the Chiefs winners, I do not give a rats ass if the schedule is soft or what we are winners! Guaranteed winning season without doubt(you all do realize we are winners right) and no one can take that away. From the season that shall not be acknowledged from hence forth to today you have brought a winning and family attitude back to Arrowhead Stadium and its loyal fan base. Good lord man we are 9 and NOTHING and looking like a real live NFL team.

But I'm afraid sir you are not done yet. Also as much as I would like to believe that all of us here at AP could help you run the team we can't. You do however have what I believe is one of the most intelligent and loyal fan bases around the NFL. And I do read every piece of Chiefs news(tip of the hat to the best morning news MAN in the biz NJ Chiefs) I can and even have all 22 and coaches film( really cool but I must admit it's not really good coaches film)and so do many others here on AP but I don't believe we can help. However I have been listening and reading here on the web at AP and feel like I can speak for most of us by asking for your help.

Mr Reid I have the utmost respect for you and deep down in my heart I feel like you got this. But brother,(and I feel like I can call you that because I'm older then you), the season that shall not be mentioned hurt and hurt bad. When people think about a great worst to first turn around by a team everyone thinks about the players, but what about the fans. You all get paid when we expend the money and the energy and all that goes with being a fan and supporting this team good or bad and for this I say thank you for bringing KC back from the depths.

During my research (I did not try real hard)I found some interesting little tid bits of information. Like this stuff (all stats quoted are from Hard Cold Football Facts and the internet is true)did you know your defense is really good, and you have the best I've ever seen at in game defensive adjustments running that thing(Mr Sutton I bow to you)and your players are great yes great. They may not be great every play but this defense is special and I have seen a bunch in my day. So they get run on once in a while and give up a few yards(some on here love stats and only stats)in the air but the one thing I see every game is back bone, these men are tough SOB's. Did you know them boys are #1 in turn over ratio,#1 in third down defense,#1 in interception return yards(duh), but the most important stat that is so over looked is that the opponent must go 26.5 yds, for every point they score. So if I get this right the other team must gain 400 yds.of offense to generate 16 points(roughly you math junkies)or 800 yds. to generate 32 points. Damn I say game on because if you put 800 yds. offense on this defense I'll delete my account(T/H saints)immediately. and to top that off in the 4th quarter this defense has given up a whopping 17 points thru 9 games!!!!!!I believe that covers the defensive side of the ball.

SPECIAL TEAMS:Dave Toub has done a great job so far and they get better each week. They are the least penalized special team in the NFL. And they #1 in punt return yards. Look for them to be even more special in the future.



Offense,I'm not sure. Really Andy you come in and do all this and you are proud of this offense? Andy what the hell is going on here. You are the zen master of offense aren't you? Please say yes. Because we live and Missouri and that is the show me state I must ask you just where is this thing you call offense. Overall this offense is sitting at 50% of league average and I know you can pick and choose and make stats say whatever you want them to. And at 9-0 I'm not bitchin I'm just saying I expected a whole lot more from you and this offense.

Really the people in KC were thinking 2003 all over again, all offense and no defense and we start thru 9 games the best defense and 50% on offense what would you think?

Coach lets just do this:

1: You have chosen well in your coaching staff and I keep hearing how you love getting back to coaching. You can now trust your staff, lets go offensively.

2. I grew up in lower ALABAMA and I am not a smart man, but Coach Reid I believe you are a great motivational teacher. And I believe you are out motivating yourself here, let the players play. Listen to Chilly as sometimes efficiency matters.

3. Don't ever forget we got your back(KC FANS) and do what is right as far as football goes.Let the offense breath and release your Jamaal love to allow the offense to flourish.

4. I don't expect our offense to be a juggernaut or anything close but it seems very tightly wound right now. could be young and new scheme or it could be they are scared to make mistakes. My grandpa once told me if you don't make mistakes your not doing anything.

5. So I guess what I'm asking is this, open up the offense and lets see what Alex(aka the Phoenix)has so we don't get to the playoffs and find out we are behind the eight ball so to speak. I believe in Alex and think he needs to let it rip some and make a few mistakes to take the edge off and to prove to himself he can do it.

6. Lets get Knile a little work early and get Jamaal a break or 2 while we can. i know how important home filed is but i feel the offense has some room to play as the best defenses are behind us.

Overall Mr Reid I for one am very happy with the progress you have made in KC and am looking forward to seeing a well played game in Denver. I have faith our Chiefs will be ready and focused and provide 4 full quarters of fight. This team can play with any team in the NFL and has nothing to be ashamed of as long as they stay hungry. Good luck in Denver and here's hoping Alex and his fellow mates on offense light up the scoreboard and break out in a big way. But most importantly I don't care if we win 2 to 0 I am wishing for a victory to send me into dream land Sunday Night. GO CHIEFS


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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