A Reading from the Book of Multi-Purpose

A reading from the book of Multi-Purpose Chapter 10:14-24

I looked to the west and there did I see it. The machines of war and destruction. I saw as the mighty gears of war consumed everything in their path belching orange and blue smoke into the sky blotting out the sun. I watched as many tried in vain to slow the advance of this orange tide, but all were swept away. This machine conquered all in its path both land and air they fell.

Then… a glimmer of hope. A small band of riders from the south, bearing the blue horse-man symbols of their fathers momentarily halted the orange and blue onslaught.

A great beast rose in the west and on his neck were Five Heads, on each head a set of all-seeing eyes allowing him to cause destruction anywhere on the field of battle. The farther he reached out his hand the more people bowed to his graven image. The mark of this beast is that of a mule’s head.

There was much darkness and sorrow across the earth. People everywhere were forced to accept the mark of the beast, for they could not speak in forum or amongst themselves without the mark present and only ever in praise for this beast.

All seemed lost…

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. A crimson glow appeared east of the High City and its orange and blue alter of darkness. Dim at first, growing brighter as the hours and days went on.

The crimson light grew into a fiery column, moving slowly across the land at first, building speed, growing in strength and intensity. The drum beat from the hallowed ground from which it sprang echoed across this land. In the distance I heard it, faintly at first, growing louder, the War Chant of a people being lead from darkness. Everything the light touched was purged of the darkness brought by the High City and its beast.

Storm clouds began to bellow out from the Crimson Light gaining speed and power. Closer did the storm clouds move following this column of light as it approached the High City and its Dark Alter.

The ground began to tremble with these two forces poised to meet, the mountains began to shake and sky split open crimson lightning lit the darkness. A terrible howl could be heard from the entirety of the Earth.

I looked still as the Crimson Column and the beast met in close combat. Sparks leapt from the clashing of talons and fire. Fire spread across the land, The Beast was moved and driven back by the light, and fissures began to open in the earth. Again and again the Crimson Light seared holes in the flesh of this beast, slamming the beast to the earth.

The Beast would not be so easily beaten, though stemmed once, he would not be beaten in battle. The engines of destruction that power the beast began to groan spinning faster and faster. Consuming all peoples in sight. The Beast began to hammer the Crimson Light, blow after blow seemed to bring the light to the point of collapse, the point at which every single opponent before had broken. It seemed as though the light would be driven from the earth forever. Everywhere the earth trembled and shook, the light was brought to its knees. The beast raised his hand to deliver the final blow…

In the distance did I hear it again, that most beautiful sound. The faint chant of a people driven once to darkness but purified with Crimson Light. Louder and louder it became. Building around the High City and its Dark Alter. Louder until it became as a deafening roar in which nothing could be heard.

I looked and I saw the Crimson Fires begin to burn, brighter this time; hotter. The earth beneath were the Light knelt began to blacken and char. Sand and earth fusing to beautiful, deadly crimson glass.

The Beast brought down the final blow. The blow was intercepted by the Light; heat, power, and will searing the right hand of The Beast.

I watched as the Light expanded, smothering every single foot of The Beast. Looking into the eyes of The Light the Beast did attempt to run, but there was no shelter. No quarter given, no on this day the Crimson Light would not be denied.

There was an explosion as the Beast was driven to the ground one final time. Much smoke and rubble filled the air. When the smoke had cleared and the rubble settled the Beast lay lifeless on the field. Its engines ground to a halt. The Crimson Light shined brighter than ever. The echoes from the hallowed ground could still be heard on the winds. Its people strengthened by the will of the Light, and the Light strengthened by the will of its people.

The Light began the long journey to this Sacred Acre, to gather its strength in preparation for the day when the Beast would return to consume the world once more.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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