Time to put the flags back in the pocket boys



I've really never been a big social media guy. I don't have a twitter or facebook account . I had a myspace profile several years ago that I may have checked 5 times. I never understood how someone can spend all day spilling his or her life story to people they haven't seen in years and years , or never even seen at all. I never understood why people would rather meet other people through a computer screen rather than in person. I never had much interest in the whole process, but to each his own. I also never left a comment (until I joined AP) on a sports message board. I would rather talk about the game with my friends as opposed to strangers on a message board Whom I will never meet. I never felt like these sports sites looked very professional and were usually devoid substance and information. Of course these opinions were to put to the test when I stumbled onto a site call Arrowhead Pride

I got a phone call on day back in early 2009 by a friend of mine (another fellow Chiefs fan and AP member ) telling me about this site called AP. My friend also wasn't big into sports blogs , but assured me that this one was different. This site (according to him) had more Chiefs information than any other site he has ever been to. He said the fans on this blog weren't your typical meatheads, but were passionate and educated fans who really understood the game of football. And this time was ripe for joining . Carl Peterson was fired and four time executive of the year Scott Pioli was hired in his place . It was an exciting time for Chiefs fans, as Carl had become the pariah who fans burned in effigy for the struggles of this franchise. Oh if we only knew at the time how that hire would turn out.

Of course, I resisted the invitation at first. Like I said, I really had no interest in discussing football with strangers . I knew that my admittedly cautious ( some would say pessimistic) stance on this team wouldn't sit well some fans . And besides , what would I even talk about anyway? AT the time, I like many thought this was going to be New England west. I was convinced that someone with the resume of Pioli would turn this franchise around . That opinion would soon change



.Scott Piloi came in and really shook things up within in this organization. One of his first priorities was of course the QB position . Tyler Thigpen had a heroic performance the year before in a disastrous 2-14 season , a year that would go down as the worst in franchise history. Thigpen actually played some exciting football despite having no help around him. But he was a limited thrower that needed to be upgraded

Enter Matt Cassel .... Pioli sent a second round pick to the Pats for the man who replaced Tom Brady when he went down with injury the first game in 2008. Cassel came with a decent enough resume. He threw 21 TD's to only 11 Int's , completed over 60% of his passes and won 11 games that year in a very difficult situation. Ok , I didn't really have a problem with the move. Get a stopgap guy to come in for a year or two until we could find someone better, I understood the logic at time.

After that , however, Pioli made several moves that really made me uneasy about his vision of where he wanted this franchise to go. . He cut a leader like Brenard Pollard for seemingly no reason.He didn't even get any compensation for the guy. And he had no backup plan to replace him. He gave away Tony Gonzalez , the best player on the team for a 2nd round pick. I had no problem with him going for a young guy as head coach. But Todd Haley? Really? A guy that only had 2 years as an offense coordinator? A guy that argued with players everywhere he went? That was the guy he chose to lead the team into battle?Then I started hearing rumblings that Pioli wasn't even the personnel guy in New England. That Bill Bellichick was the one running the show. My concerns were mounting .But the straw that broke the camals back was that abortion of a draft in 2009. Never have I ever been speechless after a draft in my life. My friend , the same friend who wanted me to join AP , asked me what I thought about Pioli's selections. I couldn't even answer his question

SO I decided to check out this blog my friend talked up so much. I was impressed by what I saw. The layout was flawless , everything was organized beautifully. There were so many articles based on the Kansas city Chiefs that I couldn't even read them all. Everything was covered with this team ,even something so minute as players signed off the street that I never heard of. There were breakdowns of players and schemes in great detail. The fan interaction was great. It went well above and beyond the typical banter I read on other blogs. But what impressed me the most were the fan posts . Fans actually became amateur sports journalists , writing a column in which other fans could react and engage in real dialogue about the team. I hadn't seen that anywhere else before and it is still a unique feature to this site

Still, I had never written a post before. I had never left a comment on a thread in my life. Did I really want to start now? And did I really want to rock the boat coming into a site like this with angst and negativity? Almost everyone else seemed excited about what looked like a fresh beginning for this team and city. Why be a buzzkill with my forecast of doom and gloom. So I decided not to sign up that day and went on my merry way

After a bad 09 season, a 2010 season that I saw as a fraud and a disastrous start to the 2011 season, I decided it was time to make my presence known. I knew I was going to face a lot of resistance from the participants of this great blog. I knew I was going to have a tough go of it. After all, this team was fresh off of the first divisional crown in 7 years .And 3 of our top players went down in 3 weeks. That wasn't Pioli's fault , But I relished the challenge to try and sway folks to my side of the argument. I always liked debate when I was a student in High school. I loved the challenge of trying sway someone away from their tightly held belief. But It was going to be much more difficult then I could have ever imagined .



I came into AP full bore, guns out of holsters, guns blazing . I was in full blown suck for Luck mode and made it known I didn't want this team to win a game in order to secure the best QB prospect some say ever. I also was totally gung ho for firing Scott Piolii and made no mystery of the mind of what I thought about the man. Now, for those of you who are new here , or maybe just forgot the'' Pioli Wars''back then,this statement no doubt is met by a chorus of DUH....of course Pioli should have been fired. The guy was 50 miles of broken glass, scorched earth when he was canned after the 2012 season. But let me assure you , it was NOT a popular opinion September 18th of 2011. Especially from someone who was a noob and had no history with the other readers on here

And if I am going to be honest, I didn't do myself any favors with the post I made that day. Like I said earlier, I had no idea how to format a fanpost. I wasn't / am not a professional writer. I hadn't had to craft an essay type presentation in years. The final product I put out looked like shit shat twice. It was 3 paragraphs that was completely blockquoted . In fact, since I didn't know how to block quote , what it was or how to undo it, I somehow managed to block it 4 times. So here is the ''piece'' that is in something like 4 boxes. You really couldn't even read it. Oh well, I clicked send anyway and anticipated the fallout.

And fallout there was. I was ripped apart for the ''effort'' . I was called a troll by everyone that even bothered to comment on it (all 15 people) . I didn't even know what a troll was at the time. This was going to be harder than I thought . But , I kept at it.I can't interjecting myself into the conversation and led a relentless campaign against Scott Pioli. I always tried to keep it civil because.....

A; Personal attacks aren't my style

B; Personal attacks don't change hearts and minds

C; I knew I was on a short leash because I was going so far against the grain at the time

I always tried to state my case the best I could. I always tried to keep the conversation about football. I never attacked anybody first . I only got chippy with those who drew blood first. Even then, I always tried to take the high road and left my ''personal attacks '' to the sarcastic and self deprecating variety . I can't say I never went after anyone on here. I am human after all and I only have two cheeks to turn. Be that as it may , I was warned by a moderator one time in two years. And that was because I made some off cuff remark about someone being a grammar Nazi or something of the sort(which I can understand if someone who was Jewish was offended by such a comment). I only flagged someone else's comment one time in 2 years. It was a racial comment against RAC that I didn't feel belonged anywhere in any discussion.. I NEVER flagged anyone for making a personal comment against me , even though there were numerous in that time frame which I was well within bounds to do so.

Community Guidelines

Everyone has to agree to certain guidelines before you get to participate on Arrowhead Pride. We all know what they look are

Welcome to Arrowhead Pride!

All opinions are welcome but insults are not tolerated, even in the slightest reference.

If you use ad hominem attacks or insult another commenter, you will be called out not only by our editors but our community as well. We avoid the "typical" internet banter so frequently cited by critics of blogs.

Our community self-regulates itself and has become and will remain a place where anyone who wants to can discuss the Kansas City Chiefs, regardless of their views.

We choose to ignore commenters and posts we do not enjoy. Not to insult them or feed their attention needs.

One sort of odd (not really though) caveat we have is that you must not, can not type your comments in all caps lock keys. We don't really like that around here.

Despite the rules above, this is really a place that has few set rules for interaction and it's been working beautifully for two and a half years.

Seems reasonable . Don't attack someone personally is a pretty simple rule to follow. And my philosophy has stayed the same from day one. Be nice, be passionate, keep it about football. But there is also something else that stands out about that paragraph. A place for anyone to discuss Chiefs football regardless of their views. Sounds great , and I believed that to be true until about 6 weeks ago.



All of the angst surrounding Scott Pioli has dissipated, giving way to a new controversy.............Alex Smith. The QB situation has always been a strong point of contention in the city going back to the day Len Dawson retired. We all know how long it's been since we drafted a passer in the first round. We all know how long it's been since we won a playoff game. We all know how many ex 49er QB's have been brought in here to try and turn this team around. So when the Chiefs decided they were going to send not one ,but two second round picks for another 49er castoff, you could just hear a collective groan come across the city. Lines were drawn in the sand and I yet again threw my spear in the dirt for the stand I believed to be correct

This one however , has come with even more resistance than my stand against Pioli. I don't know if it because we are winning, or their are a number of displaced Smith/49er fans on this site, or if times have just changed. But I no longer feel there is the same freedom to express ones self on AP as there has been in years prior. People get their panties in a bunch if you dare question this guy.

One day , I was on a thread and the usual Alex Smith question came up. I couldn't help myself and I gave my opinion of the player(no , I don't hate the person I hate his game). I then got a response from a member who I choose not to dignify

''I' m going to flag every comment you make from now on because it has to happen''

And sure enough , I got a warning from Joel about my comments, even though they contained no profanity , no personal attacks directed toward anyone. Now many of you came to my defense on this thread and called out this person. I want to thank everyone who did that. But the motion was put into play that day. The precedent was set. If you have a differing opinion from the status quo you very well could be flagged and gotten rid of eventually. I was concerned to say the least. I KNEW that day that I was going to be a target of repeat flagging despite me not having a reputation of taking shots at people. I almost e mailed Joel with my concern , but I elected instead to just ignore it, click the OK button and hope it was an isolated event. It wasn't....

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon thread when fans were discussing the game between SD and Denver. I merely stated that I thought KC was going to have a tough time stopping this Denver offense and our limited offense wasn't going to be able to keep up. I predicted/predict a 49-17 drubbing at the hands of the Broncos. Holy cow , you would have thought I called the virgin Mary a whore. The backlash I received was incredible even for me. Several of comments were removed, which I found rather peculiar. I didn't think much of it until I received another warning when I opened my account later that day. A warning from a moderator I never heard of and to my best guess hasn't even contributed to AP for quite some time . I'm paraphrasing here but it went something like this

'' several members on the Ap community have had a problem with the way you debate. I have had to hide almost 10 of your comments the last month. You need to change your approach on here''

Huh!? I was floored by this. Ten times??? I know I haven't said anything that inflammatory on here. I haven't went after anybody who hasn't went after me first. Even then they were slight of hand comments with no real power behind them. Nowhere in the community guidelines is there any word of having to preach to the choir . In fact, it says ALL opinions are welcome as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner. A manner which I pride myself in maintaining

I have a very strong suspicion of several people on here who I know want me to go away doing this. Many have made it very clear that they want me banned for life on here and they will go to these type of measures to silence me. And the easiest way to do such a thing is flagging someone to death until he or she eventually gets banned. That is bush bush BUSH league shit. If that is your M.O you should be ashamed of yourself. And that doesn't go for just me , but anyone who is being flagged , not for insulting, but challenging someones opinion.

One member in particular is a transplant from ninernation and always takes time to troll my comments. Even going so far as calling me a moron on several occasions. Like I said , I refuse to flag someone for any reason , even if it is an attack on myself. I need to make that very clear once again that I have never flagged anyone , sands that one time where I felt someone stepped over the line with a racial comment. You can say my opinions are trash , I can handle that. When I or anyone hits that send button , we are rubbing stamping our name on that comment. You are inviting a response that very well could be negative. It's part of the deal. A part I am more than comfortable with. Unfortunately , it doesn't seem an opinion to be shared by all.

You see , I like a good, healthy debate. Maybe I like it a little too much. Can't help that , it is part of my DNA. It is my favorite part of AP , that is dialogue between opposing points of view. I used to love shows like the McGlaughlin group and crossfire. Just yesterday a member and I had a debate about the Arenas trade. Nobody's feelings got hurt, nobody got called any names. But it was a healthy back and forth exchange between two fans

But there are minority(I don't think this is wide spread) that don't want that. They want an echo chamber where they can have their opinions validated. They won't tolerate an opposing point of view and would rather silence that person instead of engage them and try to sway them to their side of the aisle . It is much easier to flag that person and get rid of them. That is what happened to Aiken Drum. I saw the guy brow beaten to death and he just decided he wasn't going put up with it anymore so he doesn't post very much anymore. And when he does comment the swarm falls down on him like the plagues of Egypt,if for no other reason than they see his name and can't help themselves . It's a damn shame to .Whether you agree with him or not, Aiken offers a lot to the discussion. So it is sad to see a guy like not come around as much anymore. A damn shame

People know I'm not going away any time soon. They know I won't be brow beaten to death. I won't go away. So they are trying another tactic with me. Flag me until I can't post or comment anymore . So far it's working. I don't know where I stand on reprimands , but I have had 2 in a months time. I never thought the day would come where this would be an issue . But it IS an issue on here that no one is talking about.

I have heard many of you blast MHR for their ban policy. Many of you have been kicked off that site for repeat violations of their code of conduct policy. I have had 100 comments over there and not one of them was positive. I haven't had so much as a warning over there

I leveled some of the most vulgar, hateful rhetoric on the Texans blog you have ever read. I went after them on a personal level for 3 days straight. I was pissed off , angry. They not only insulted our city , they made a joke out of a national tragedy that killed 150 of our citizens. I couldn't just stand by and let that slide. To there credit, not so much as a warning from them , even though I deserved to be kicked off there for life. But I am looking at critical mass here because I said Alex Smith isn't a good QB? Really AP? Is that the blog you want this to be?

I'm sorry I got a little long winded here . But I feel like it is an issue that needs to be addressed. And I know i'm not the only one this has been happening to. Several people have told me this is happening to them also. It would be a crime if people were banned on here for having an opposing view of this team.And it flies in the face of everything I thought I knew and respected about this blog.

Everyone knows how I can be gotten rid of. If not, just read my sig . Until that time happens I am here to stay. I would also be remiss if I didn't thank people like skunk420, workingmandead, Bsksr, Tarkus , Ram21 and everyone else who have supported and defended me on these threads for quite some time. You guys are awesome . Thank you again

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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