A blackness crept toward Arrowhead (Trailed by gargoyle clowns),

With certainty that they would win

On Chiefdom’s sacred ground.

This blight had preyed upon our pride

When times were hard, and bleak

And now the bully boys had come

Cocksure they’d prove us weak.

They had a valiant captain,

Adept at run and pass

And many fast receivers

But a tailback made of glass.

Fresh from solid victory

Against division foes

They marched out on the field that day

To punch us in the nose

But their swagger seemed to sag a bit

When boos rang from the stands

And many sidelong glances passed

Among that surly band

They pumped their chests defiantly,

And raised a fowl salute,

But closer looks revealed a few

Were shaking in their boots

Then the Chiefs came trotting out

To a ramjet roaring mass

And showed the bandits what it means

To have a touch of class.

They calmly lined up for the kick.

The Polack let it fly.

And Raider Special Teams were stunned

When Demps went flashing by!

Deep within the Thugs’ domain

The Chiefs began their drive.

And for the first time of the year

Their offense came alive.

Three quick strikes and one long run

Produced a first and goal.

Then Charles made one short, brilliant dash

Right through their D’s black hole.

The Raiders tried to mount a fight

And even made some plays.

But Alex rocked their weak defense

And kept them in a daze.

Poor Warpaint nearly ran to death

With all the touchdown parties.

And Raider Nation hung its head

Like schoolboys when they’re tardy.

The Sea of Red made such a noise

That Richter got a reading!

And none in red felt bad that day

To watch the Oakland beating.

Six and 0! And sweet revenge.

How glorious the feeling!

Andy bathed in Gatorade

And Chiefdom fans were reeling!

The hated Raiders left that day

With tails between their legs

Banished back where they belong

Among the football dregs.

And new hope spread at Arrowhead

That Chiefs could best the Brow.

With one week’s rest and Sutton’s best

The time for us is NOW!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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