Blast from the past: What was going through our heads a decade ago

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From the FanPosts -Joel

"Good teams make their own luck."

This is a quote I can remember my old man telling me ever since I could pee standing up. Thinking about this, I decided to reflect back at how "lucky" this years Chiefs team has been compared to the 2003 Chiefs that were 5-0 at this point. Trent Green and Priest Holmes were running the best offense in the league at that point. If I remembered right, they were killing people every game right?

To the box scores!

Game 1

The Chiefs pretty easily handled a Chargers team that ended up going 4-12 (Marty's second year, Wonder how that turned out?). They went up 24-0 at half and never really looked back. Won 27-14. Turnover battle was even at 2-2 (This will come up later).

Game 2

The Steelers actually were up 17-7 at the end of the first quarter in this game (Whaaaaa? I don't remember ever losing at a single point in this season until week 10). Thankfully, the Chiefs came back to win this game 41-20 with the help of a 2-4 turnover margin. Lucky. The Steelers also finished that year 6-10.

Game 3

This game was actually pretty forgettable. The Chiefs beat the Texans 42-14. The Texans team ended up going 5-11 and had David Carr as their quarterback. The Chiefs also won this turnover margin 2-4. (Trent threw a lot more interceptions than I remember)

Game 4

Ohhhh man. This was a close one. The greatest Chiefs offense I can remember only mustered 17 points. Now granted, this was against a very, very good Ravens defense. The Ravens wound up 10-6 this year. The Chiefs winning score ended up being a Dante Hall kickoff return early in the fourth. Luckily the Ravens offense was too inept to mount any score. Oh ya, the Chiefs also won the turnover battle at 0-4. LUCK!

Game 5

We all remember this game. The Chiefs and the Broncos meet in Arrowhead after they both have started 4-0. With the Broncos leading 23-17 about halfway through the fourth quarter, well, this happened

The Broncos wound up going 10-6 that season. The Chiefs also won the turnover ratio 1-2.

I'm just going to stop right here for now. Maybe take a couple week pause for effect.

"What's the point kicka? We remember this!" The point is that even with that great offense, the Chiefs won because of special teams and a + 9 turnover differential. We're at +10 now. You could take the two blowouts from '03 (Steelers, Texans) and two from this year (Jacksonville, Giants) and cancel those out. Now, with the remaining scores from the other three games, which one do you take? That's a tough question to answer Chiefs fans. Before I looked back, I probably would've taken the '03 team. Now I'm not so sure.

A lot of people are saying this Chiefs team is lucky for a number of reasons (turnovers, strength of schedule, pink flags in our favor). I think they might just be good.

Go Chiefs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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