An Open Letter To Andy Reid On Raider Week

Dear Andy,

As a Chiefs Fan now living in the greater Philadelphia area,Let me just say , How I love all the Crow these "Philthadelphia Fans" have had to eat regarding your resounding success in Captaining our Beloved Chiefs to a Historical 5 & 0 start.

I Thank You & Chiefs Nation Thanks You ...Now to the Point of my letter...

I know you had a rivalry of some import when Coaching in Philly w/ The Dallas Cowboys ( And beating them as a Chief was sweet for all of us ) ,But, nothing & I repeat NOTHING can compare to the Chiefs 50+ Year "Hate Affair" w/ the fawking Oakland Raiders ( AKA Faiders , Gayders & Raiduhs Ect. ).

Previous ,recent regimes seemed to have failed to place the proper emphasis on the "Historical Hatred" we've carried in our mid-western,fair play souls for the dirty,Devilish, low life, cheating ways that even The Football Gods have seen fit to demean lo these past decades Of the "Chokeland Faiders"( Not that their delusional ,crack head fan base has sought to acknowledge it ) .

Here in lies a few tips or pointers to help our team achieve the "Proper Mindset" :

On Defense: Barbed wire cups, heavily dosed w/ Salt, Lemon Juice & Broken Auto Safety glass should be issued.

On Offense : The Gatorade should be replaced w/ equal parts Red Bull, Monster & Espresso & administered intravenously .

Additionally : The seats should be removed from the visitors' side of the field & replaced with sharpened metal spikes...Maybe paint them Pink & say they're in honor of "Colon Cancer Awareness Month"...I'm sure Roger will sign off on that ...

Each Team Meeting this week should end w/ a Chuck Norris Flic & a brisk run through a Brick Wall...

"Taco Tuesday" should be replaced w/a 10 penny nail & red wine vinegar Buffet w/ Ghost Chili Pudding for dessert...

I believe any smart man should know that all this Focus, Attention to Detail,Preparation & Motivation will bring about the desired result , Not only a resounding Victory for the then 6 & 0 Red & Gold...But a humiliating & long over due, at Home defeat of 'the "Silver & Whacked " ...

Respectfully Yours as an over 40+ year fan of The Chiefs ,

KC Chef

PS: " Chiefs Forever !!!... "

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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