Week 11-13 Matchup: AP vs. MHR

INTERNET, October 30, 2013 - The Week 11 and Week 13 matchups between the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and the 7-1 Denver Broncos have become the talk of the NFL. Even more intriguing are the matchups between fans of these two teams on their SBNation blogs Arrowhead Pride and Mile High Report.

The Broncos have homefield advantage in the first game. The Chiefs will host the second contest. But as always, the pitched battle between fans of these longtime AFC West rivals will take place on their respective sites simultaneously - and unlike the contests on the field, these will be shaped in large part by the rules for each blog, which are substantially different.

So we asked NFL officiating guru Mike Pereira to break down the sometimes complicated rules for each site into simple terms even that even the casual commenter can understand.

First... Mike explains the rules for Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride:

What the AP rule says: What the AP rule really means:
Welcome to Arrowhead Pride! Welcome to Arrowhead Pride!
All opinions are welcome, but insults are not tolerated - even in the slightest reference. Your opinion is welcome, but insults are not tolerated. Seriously.
If you use ad hominem attacks or insult another commenter, you will be called out not only by our editors but our community as well. We avoid the "typical" internet banter so frequently cited by critics of blogs.All opinions are welcome, but insults are not tolerated - even in the slightest reference. OK... maybe we should be more clear. Your opinion is welcome, but personal insults are not tolerated. We think this makes our site better than your usual Internet blog.
Our community self-regulates itself and has become - and will remain - a place where anyone who wants to can discuss the Kansas City Chiefs, regardless of their views. All discussions about the Chiefs are OK by us. Our users take care of any unpleasantness that may arise.
We choose to ignore commenters and posts we do not enjoy - not to insult them or feed their attention needs. If somebody says something that you don't like or makes you mad, our advice is to simply ignore them.
One sort of odd (not really though) caveat we have is that you must not - can not - type your comments in all caps. We don't really like that around here. Leave your caps lock off, OK? Duh.
Despite the rules above, this is really a place that has few set rules for interaction - and it's been working beautifully for two and a half years. We're not kidding. We only have two rules. It works.
Come in. Pull up a seat. Grab a beer. Talk about the Kansas City Chiefs. Come on in! Hope you brought beer!

Next, Mike breaks down the rules for the Broncos blog Mile High Report:

What the MHR rule says: What the MHR rule really means: is an independent website dedicated to the Denver Broncos. We welcome fans of the Broncos to come to MHR and join other Broncos fans in talking about the Broncos as well as anything else that interests you. We also welcome the fans of other teams to MileHighReport and welcome good-natured smack talk that can go on between fans of opposing teams. This is Mile High Report. We welcome fans of the Denver Broncos and all other NFL teams to discuss the Broncos - or anything else. You can even engage in good-natured smack talk!
What we will not tolerate at MHR is any personal attack on any member. Have an opinion, state your case, disagree and debate, but keep it about football. Please keep your comments about the topic at hand. "Hijacking" a post will not be tolerated. Personal insults are not tolerated. Also... maybe we should be more clear about what we said before. You can only talk about football. Please stick to whatever football subject is being discussed.
The Fan Shots and Fan Posts are yours! Utilize them to make a point, get involved, or just to meet fellow Broncos fans all over the world. We are a community, and like any community your are a part of we take care of each other. You can write FanPosts and FanShots of your own. Also... this is a community, and we take care of each other - even though sometimes we don't know the difference between "you're" and "your."
Lastly, please remember this is just a game. Broncos football is a way of life for most of us but let's not lose sight of what we are here for and that is FUN. Enjoy the site, enjoy the game and most importantly enjoy each other. Lastly, football is a game. Let's have FUN! Enjoy our site, Broncos games and Broncos fans!
* Any FanPost or FanShot with vulgarity in the title will BE DELETED, no questions asked Oops! We're not really done yet. Don't cuss in the title of a FanPost or FanShot. We will DELETE it!
* Any repeat FanPost will be deleted. FanPosts that are nothing but Links, with text to meet the 75-word requirement will be deleted. If you come across news and want to post the link, USE THE FANSHOT SECTION! That is what it is there for! If you repeat a FanPost, it will be deleted. If you're a little confused about the difference between a FanPost and a FanShot, we will delete it. If you come across news, POST IT AS A DAMN FANSHOT!
* FanPosts that are misleading will be deleted. People come to MHR for their Broncos news and the integrity of the site will not be compromised because you want to be a stand-up comedian. Misleading FanPosts will be deleted. This is a Broncos site, and its integrity will be compromised if you try to say anything funny. But remember... HAVE FUN! (see above)
* Any comments that personally attack any other member will be deleted and the member warned. If you attack anyone personally in a comment, your comment will be deleted and you will be warned.
* Any post or comment that refers to a player, coach or other prominent figure in a derogatory way will be deleted. We are all adults, act like it. When you're talking good-natured smack about the Broncos (see above) you should be careful, because if you say anything bad about a Broncos player or coach - or anybody we've ever heard of - we will delete it. We're all adults.
* Openly wishing or hoping that the Broncos fail tells me you are not a Broncos fan. At that point you are a Troll and will be dealt with appropriately. That does not mean you cannot be critical of the team, players, or coaching staff. If you openly wish or hope that the Broncos fail - say... by admitting that you are a fan of another team - you are a Troll, and will be dealt with appropriately. Remember... you can be critical of the Broncos team, players, or coaching staff. You just can't say anything bad about them.
* What is a Troll?? It is kind of like how the Supreme Court described porn. There is no real definition, but I know it when I see it. There is a difference between someone being critical and someong being a troll. I know the difference. What is a Troll? Don't worry. We're the Supreme Court here. We'll decide if someong is a Troll or not. [Note from Mike Pereira: I'm not sure what "someong" means. But whatever.]

Now we'll bring you a discussion about the differences in these rules. Here's a partial transcript from the Week 8 edition of Showtime's Inside The NFL, with Chris Collinsworth, Phil Simms, Dan Marino, James Brown and their special guest: Arrowhead Pride member juvatbull:

Chris Collinsworth: Let's face it: On their turf, with their rules, MHR just has too many weapons on offense. If you say that Peyton Manning is old and plays poorly in December, you've said something bad about him. BAM! Your comment is deleted. Then if you say that Von Miller is out of shape because of the drug suspension then BAM! You're not talking about football, and your comment is gone. All of a sudden you're two comment deletions down, and you can't catch up!

Phil Simms: That's right, Chris. They have a lot of weapons at MHR. But APers play great defense at home or on the road. I saw these guys blog, and they are for real. If MHR people say that the Chiefs haven't played anybody, the AP folks have great quickness with that stat about Denver's opponents having a worse record than Kansas City's. And then they can come at you from the other side of the defense with the one about the Broncos losing to the only winning team they've played. And man... that push up the middle with solid grammar and logic? That's tough.

Chris Collinsworth: But MHR plays with emotion, Phil. They can drop that long ban hammer on you from anywhere in the discussion just because of that emotion. Remember: they've had two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game in Denver. You just can't help but get your panties in a wad if anybody criticizes those guys. On MHR, that emotion is enough for a ban.

Phil Simms: Point taken, Chris. Back when I was blogging, you couldn't ban a guy unless you were more than five warnings downfield. Today on MHR, the rules definitely favor the offense - they can ban you right off the Post button! AP has more members than anybody on SBNation, and they just set that world record for blog noise. But face it: if your players have all been banned, you just can't make that much noise.

Dan Marino: I blogged my whole career with the Dolphins. And the lessons of 1972 are part of the culture there. It's not the offense or defense. The only thing that matters is that you're undefeated. You can say all you want about MHR's rules, but the solid, efficient rules like they have on AP make for great blogging year after year. And when it's cold - like it's been there in Kansas City for - what? 20 years? - that keeps you going.

Chris Collinsworth: But what about the playoffs? Those solid, efficient rules won't get you anywhere if all you're doing is whining about how much respect you're getting.

juvatbull: [NFL Films highlight music begins in background] Gentlemen... respect is seen in every team’s blog that rates us #8 in their power rankings, because they fear the day they have to face the truth. Respect is more AFC players of the week then the rest of the NFL combined. Respect is earned through grit and through pain. Respect does not falter when a team gets knocked down, it falls only when a team fails to rise back up. And rise up we shall. Do not blemish respect with whines and winces at every snide criticism. Recognize them for what they are: a symbol of a turning tide. [Music swells] Men do not waste their time befouling those they do not care about. Men do not concern themselves with stepping over pebbles. No, they devote their energies to those things they fear, those rocks they must scale, those obstacles they must surmount, and those opponents they respect.


Dan Marino: Wow, dude. I thought you were just bringing the beer from AP.

James Brown: And now we'll move on to the next set of highlights, featuring an unbelievable beatdown of a Jaguars fan on Blogging The Boys...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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