I Pick, You Pick, We all Pick: Week 5

Week 4 Roll Up:


Eric: 9-6

Nate: 10-5

Vince: 7-8


Matt Miller: 10-5

Pete Prisco: 10-5

Adam Schefter: 7-8

Eric still bit on the Rams, Nate thought Tony G would be doing the dirty bird and Vince expected Pryor to be a game time go while the consensus losses were Cincinnati, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Dallas.

Season Roll Up:

Amateurs: 117-72

Eric: 39-24

Nate: 40-23

Vince: 38-25

Experts: 120-69

Matt: 46-17

Pete: 38-25

Adam: 36-27

Miller leads the pack and has the experts up three picks even with the amateurs having two of the top three scorers at the quarter point of the season.

Week 5 Picks:

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns

Eric: Cleveland

- Hoyer keeps rolling at home. I’ll stick with the Browns until they switch back to Weeden.

Nate: Cleveland

-Queue the Drew Carey show theme song. Cleveland is rocking right now.

Vince: Cleveland

-This is where Manuel will slip up and with Hoyer being hot right now this is an easy decision.

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans



Eric: Kansas City

- The Titans being without Jake Locker helps make this an easy pick. Fitzpatrick might be 4-1 against the Chiefs but that was versus incompetent coaching. 5-0 baby!

Nate: Kansas City

-Chiefs 2013 defense finally puts an end to the rare dominance of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Vince: Kansas City

-With Locker out and Fitz as the starter the Titans may look like the Bills when he was they’re QB…. Horrible!!

Jacksonville Jaguars at St. Louis Rams

Eric: St. Louis

- This is one of my 16 guaranteed wins.

Nate: St. Louis

-If the Jags start Gabbert again, it’s clear they’re gunning for Teddy. Sucking steady for Teddy?

Vince: St. Louis

-The Jags might as well be trying to place themselves as the top pick to get Bridgewater.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Eric: New York

- The Giants get a win and no one has to get punched in the face by Justin Tuck.

Nate: Philadelphia

-The up tempo offense doesn’t bode well with the old, banged up Giants defense.

Vince: Philadelphia

-The Giants are not going to be fast enough to keep up with the Eagles surprisingly they will be one of the few teams with this problem.

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Eric: Baltimore

- Closer game than expected at the beginning of the season. Miami’s frown won’t get turned upside down this week.

Nate: Miami

-I simply owe it to them. I have picked against them all year and now is the time to give them some props.

Vince: Miami

-The Dolphins have played decent all season except the second half of the saints game, no need to doubt them yet.

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts

Eric: Seattle

- Seahawks pulled off the stunner last week. Luck pulled off the NFC West stunner in week three. Seattle’s stunner is fresher resulting in a less than stunning win.

Nate: Seattle

-Seahawks defense shows up big in this game and Seattle wins a low scoring affair.

Vince: Seattle

-Watch this game go either way.

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers



Eric: Detroit

- The Packers o-line may finally be handicapping Aaron Rogers. Detroit’s d-line should wreak havoc.

Nate: Green Bay

-I don’t know what these other two yahoos are thinking. 2 weeks to prepare. In Lambeau. Lacy back from injury. Packers get back on track with a win.

Vince: Detroit

-The Lions are looking good and Stafford is healthy while there are questions with the packers O right now.

New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals

Eric: New England

- The Patriots offense is starting to click and the Bengals are too inconsistent for my pick.

Nate: New England

-Bengals better hope this isn’t the week that Gronk returns. Pats are finally starting to click on offense.

Vince: New England

-Against my gut its hard to pick a team that remains so inconsistent.

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears

Eric: New Orleans

- The Saints are rolling and though I’d like to give the edge to the Bears since they are home I’m not.

Nate: Chicago

-Could go either way, but the Bears are going to be looking to bounce back after last week’s debacle.

Vince: New Orleans

-The Bears were exposed last week and will be exposed even more by Drew Brees.

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals

Eric: Carolina

- Coming off the bye week the Panthers are ready for the Cards

Nate: Carolina

-This team could easily be 3-0 right now. Watch out Cards.

Vince: Carolina

-Cam the man gets one of the few wins on the Panthers schedule.

Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys

Eric: Denver

- No slowing down the Broncos yet.

Nate: Denver

-Another big day for Manning in his record setting season.

Vince: Denver

-The Cowboys haven’t been able to beat a decent team in awhile so I give this to the Broncos and keeping an eye open for the KC Denver matchup to one of undefeteds.

Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers




Eric: San Francisco

- I think…I mean if I keep picking the Niners they have to win eventually.

Nate: San Francisco

-I don’t know if the 49ers will win this game or if Schaub will lose it. Either way it’s a win for the 49ers.

Vince: Houston

-The Seahawks barely beat the Texans what happened to the Niners was bad, look for Houston to lay it on them.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Eric: San Diego

- First divisional game for the AFC West is the cellar showdown. Advantage Chargers.

Nate: San Diego

-Whisenhunt and Rivers combine to make gold.

Vince: San Diego

-This game is really a toss up.

New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons

Eric: Atlanta

- This is a game the Falcons should and do win. The Georgia dome won’t be a happy place for Geno.

Nate: Atlanta

-Even without any more QB butt fumbles, I think the Falcons are just too much for the Jets.

Vince: Atlanta

-As bad as ATL looks the Jets are still not close to being as good of a team.

Bye Week:

Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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