Chiefs are 8-0: What I Saw

Call your friends, call your family, the ForeverRanger is back with everyone's favorite series. That is right guys. I am back. is my second home and I am here to stay for as long as possible.

Chiefs are 8 and 0.

Let that sink in for a minute.

From the worst team in the NFL to the last undefeated team.

In this edition, I am going to give my general thoughts on each of the Chiefs win. A little piece about each and every win and what I thought at the time of victory.

Here we go baby...

  1. At Jacksonville- We are 1-0 after this game and I really made no big deal really over it. 16 other teams were 1-0. We handily beat a bad team that didn't get past the 50 until 4 minutes to go. This gave us our first glimpse of the dominant defense we have today. I was happy but there was no way I was calling this.
  2. VS Dallas- This game was one of many squeakers. Dez Bryant tore us up at first and got a whole lot of nothing after that. Our defense was ineffective when Brian Waters was in (get well fast) but Poe did end up making Travis Frederick his female dog (I can't say the "B" word can I?). I got a little overconfident with Jamaal Charles vs this Cowboys defense before the season. This was a good game against one of the best offenses in the NFL.
  3. At Philly- Andy Reid returns to the city that banned Santa (what did they misread it for Satan). This game was sloppy but it was a Thursday Night game and odds said the Chiefs were supposed to lose (starting to become trend). Chiefs pick off Michael Vick for a TD early on. The Eagles defense proved to be better than advertised. Oh well.
  4. VS New York Giants- This game was closer than the score said. It took a successful Andy Reid challenge to turn this game wide open. Victor Cruz caught a TD on Robinson's watch and then Marcus Cooper had his coming out party. Back to the challenge. Cruz thought he had a first down despite being a yard short. Reid challenges and is successful. The Giants punt and had flashbacks to Miracle at the Meadowlands Part 2. Dexter McCluster does his best Dante Hall impression and takes it to the house. Good game overall.
  5. At Tennessee- This game was butt ugly. Marcus Cooper made his name known on a ST recovery. Rainy, on the road against one of the best defenses in the league. Chiefs offense has its first turnover and the Chiefs defense had a goal line stand that reminded me of the 2011 AT Oakland game. The Titans defenders learn that if you leave your feet and launch yourself at the QB you will get flagged. Chiefs give up more than 16 points for the season. Kind of fitting that the Titans missed a Field Goal as time expired.
  6. VS Oakland- Once again odds say the Chiefs should lose. The Raider had beaten the Chiefs 6 straight at Arrowhead and looked to go for 7. Cooper gets burned once but he learns from that and Tamba unleashes hell. Probably my favorite win because we get the Oakland monkey off our backs. Oh and 4th and 48. The punt didn't even get to the first down marker.
  7. VS Houston- If ever there was a trap game, this was it. A worn down Texans team that was not as bad as their record says. Case Keenum comes in and does pretty good for a half. Then Bob Sutton unleashed the hounds. Chiefs win one that was a little too close for comfort. The Chiefs offensive line has its best game of the season.
  8. VS Cleveland- And now our last game. Looking back, the Chiefs should have lost. The bright spot was that the Chiefs showed that they could close games and own the 4th Quarter again. This was a pretty meh performance overall. I guess Alex Smith having his best game in weeks was a very good thing and maybe add 60 more yards and this would be what I think is where Alex should be at every game.

The Chiefs now have to give up their second round pick but I could care less. Give me this season over a second any day of the week. I imagine the Bills will be another close game but at least we have film of Thad Lewis in the offense. Of course the Chiefs could be facing Matt Flynn knowing their luck. The Chiefs have gotten owned by Buffalo in recent years and it is pay back time.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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