Are we happy enough to settle?

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the feeling of not having a losing season. In recent memory, I would have never dreamed of this ball club going undefeated through our first half of the year. We are guaranteed to be at a minimum a .500 team (and without a doubt, much better than that). This is a very exciting time for fans of the team in KC.

While I have completely fallen in love with this team and coaching staff all over again, there is still room for improvement. There are currently multiple positions that could use upgrading either as a starter or backup on our roster (some would argue everything always needs upgrading) including WR, RB, TE, oline in general, QB (I disagree here, but im not getting into that), S, and DE are all positions I keep hearing. While this may be true, there is one position that I feel is more important to THIS team than any other.

Tight end.

Yes, its not the common answer of WR or oline. I feel Bowe has done a helluva job at blocking downfield and has shown a few sparks of being that game changer we have come to know him as. Donnie avery is a pure speedster with the ability to change games on third downs. Dex is crazy quick and never gives up. Charles splits out wide occasionally and needs no explanation. Our o-line is young. Very young. They are dealing with a coaching change, a new rookie that’s switched sides, and done pretty decent considering the difficult transition he went through from left to right and college to pros. Could both of these units be upgraded? Absolutely. However, I don’t feel they are necessary.

Tight end, on the other hand, has been a major problem for this KC offense.

Enter Tony Gonzalez. I know what youre thinking. "screw it, im done, lets bash him in the comments." Well…go ahead. I cant do anything to stop you. Outside of prove to you why it makes sense.

At training camp, I saw a lot of 2 TE sets between Fasano, Moeaki, and Kelce. Which I still feel would be awesome…if they were all playing. Injuries have killed us in this area and everyone knows it. Now, yes, McGrath has come in and played well. We all love the beard (me included). But hes not a game changer as of yet. Fasano just doesn’t look like the same player since he’s been dinged up and we’ve heard that it could be an ongoing problem through the season as these lingering problems tend to do.

That brings us to the trade deadline on october 29 at 4pm ET.

There are plenty of TE’s we could go with, but I’m going to go with the controversial one and for multiple reasons.

Tony Gonzalez is one bad mamajama as we all know. He flat out always produces, especially when called on. We fans in KC have a passion and a love for TG and everyone feels he deserves a ring. That’s why I was ok with letting him go. We were in a clear rebuilding process and didn’t expect to turn it around quick. And we didn’t. it’s taken 4 full seasons , about 17 billion coaches and who knows how many players to reach our goal of making Arrowhead stadium respected again. So, see ya later tony. Good luck.

Lets start with a few reasons why I believe he makes sense at this time.

1. Atlanta lost to Arizona (really?) today.

2. They are now 2-5 after today.

3. The saints are clearly dominant and are 6-1

4. The panthers seem to be playing better football at 4-3

5. They have to fight plenty of great NFC teams for a wild card (Detroit, Chicago, Carolina, and SF are all teams above .500 that are not leaders in their division)

6. Tony gets ATL nothing when he retires this year after they miss the post season

7. They have plenty of injuries this year to make it hard to even hit .500, not to mention beating those teams out.

Im sure there are more, but I digress.

Here are Tony G’s career season average stats:

In 16 seaons, hes missed 2 games.

He averages 77.6 receptions/year (almost 5 per game)

892 yards/year (56 per game)

6.5 TDs/year (0.4 per game)

Has 1 fumble in the last 12 years (2006)

Averages more than 3 first downs per game

Now, those numbers are impressive, but don’t appear to blow you out of the water. But tony is the model of consistency and has always been through his career. He has one season of less than 620 yards – his rookie year. 11 seasons with 6 or more TD’s (crazy impressive for a tight end). And being in KC, I don’t need to tell you hes always been an outlet guy for QB’s.

Lets compare that to tight end numbers for the chiefs this year (by game to keep it fair):

3.4 receptions per game

35 yards per game

0.125 td’s per game

1.625 first downs per game

0 fumbles

So TG is clearly better than all of our tight ends put together. Not half bad, but we all expected it being as hes a first ballot hall of famer. Lets see how alex smith did with vernon davis last year (because doing the math for every game would take forever…and im not that patient).

2.9 receptions per game

40.4 yards per game

0.4 TD’s per game

0 fumbles

Better than our guys with smith as of now in general, however halfway shocking as he didn’t target davis as much as everyone thought. However, he did score more TD’s which could’ve been long runs, or they could’ve been red zone targets. Tony G makes his money in the Red Zone and on third downs. Smith liked to use them as an outlet when necessary and it seems to be that way in KC this year as well (but with drops by them…just my eye test. Someone feel free to back me up or prove me wrong on that).

Now, lets look at the impact this year with tony g and all of our tight ends in terms of points scored.

Tony G- 3 TD’s
Fasano/mcgrath/brock- 1 TD.

A very basic look, and obviously not a humongous difference. Unless you look and think about it a bit more. That means tony g has accounted for 21 points this season, or lets call it 2.625 points per game. Each of our tight ends account for a whopping 0.875 points per game…or 0.292 points individually. I would claim TG is an upgrade over that.

So now youre saying, "Great…TG is better than our guys and Davis. No crap. But why would we trade any draft picks for him? Hes got 8 games left this season (im hoping for 11 but whatever) and we would be better off shooting for someone in the draft for future success."

While you’re not wrong…you kinda are.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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