NFL Sack Record: On Pace



In 1984, the Chicago Bears defense lead by top sack man Richard Dent pulled down QBs around the league at a 4.5 per game rare and set a long standing NFL Record Sack Record: 72 Sacks in a single season. Not many records in the NFL are still around from the 1980's. This almost 30 year old record is one a franchise can hang their hat on. The 2006 Ravens had 60. 1985 Bears had 64. This record means your team had a bunch of animals that were relentless at getting to the QB. This record means that teams around the league feared you on every snap. This is a record I want the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs to take down.

So how are the 2013 doing so far?

The Chiefs are currently averaging 5 sacks per game. Remember, the 84' Bears averaged 4.5. If the Chiefs hold this sack rate, they will shatter the NFL Record by getting 80 sacks.

In 1984, the Bears had pulled down only 21 Sacks after Week 7. The Chiefs are at 35 sacks. The Bears did however go off 3 times in the 2nd half of the season having a 9, 11, and ended the season with a 12 sack game against the Detriot Lions QB Eric Hipple. The question is not about if KC has the talent to break this record. They do. But Hali and Houston might need help.

It took 13 Chicago Bears to get to the QB to break the record. Lead by Richard Dent (17.5 sacks) and Dan Hampton (11.5 sacks). Believe it or not, Mike Singletary was 7th on the list of sack leaders for the Bears with only 3.5 Sacks that year. Currently, the Chiefs have 11 players that have gotten after the QB.

The Chiefs can get the record and Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns is a big game. Jason Campbell on his carrer gets sacked on over 6% of his drop backs. That's a 2013 Eli Manning sack rate. The Browns are the 2nd Worst at Sacks Allowed: 27. Sunday is day that the Chiefs need to build a buffer on their sacks/game average needed to break the record. They need to take advantage of this team if they want to get the record.

Here is where the remaining teams on the schedule currently rank on sacks allowed:

Browns: 2nd Worst Bills: 6th Worst Broncos: 31st Worst Chargers: 28th Worst Broncos: 31st Worst Redskins: 29th Worst Raiders: 3rd Worst Colts: 23rd Worst Chargers: 28th Worst

As you can see, they are going to go up against some good Oline in the near future. So the record is not going to be easy to get.

My prediction is that they do break the record. The 2013 Kansas City Chiefs will finish the regular season with 77 sacks, breaking the 30 year old sack record.

So what do YOU think? Fill out the poll and leave your final sack total in the comment area.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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