I Pick, You Pick, We All Pick: Week 8

Week 7 Roll Up:


Eric: 11-4

Nate: 8-7

Vince: 8-7

Eric nailed his upset pick of the Jets over the Patriots. Nate and Vince missed on their upset picks of Jacksonville and Houston respectively. Vince was the only amateur to miss on his lock of Denver staying undefeated. All players missed on the Dolphins and Broncos this week.


Matt Miller: 8-7

Pete Prisco: 11-4

Adam Schefter: 8-7

Miller and Schefter barely stayed above .500 while Prisco had an up week helped by being the only player to call the Redskins victory over the Bears. Miller was the only player to miss on the Rams.

Season Roll Up:

Amateurs: 202-119

Eric: 69-38

Nate: 68-39

Vince: 65-42

Experts: 197-124

Matt: 73-34

Pete: 64-43

Adam: 60-47

The amateurs increased their two game season lead to five. Miller continues to have the best percentage and even with a down week maintained a four game individual lead.

Week 8 Picks:

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Eric: Carolina

- The Panthers third ranked defense is too much for the Bucs especially without Doug Martin on the field, should be a long day for Mike Glennon.

Nate: Carolina

-The Bucs are an absolute mess right now and the Panthers are heating up with 3 wind in their last 4 games.

Vince: Carolina

-The Panthers can literally beat anyone at anytime when they show up. This seems to be the opposite story for the Bucs

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs



Eric: Kansas City *Lock of the Week*

- The QB for the Browns is irreverent. The fact that Jason Campbell gets the nod makes this a lock. The Browns seventh ranked D should provide another stout test for the Kansas City offense to develop against.

Nate: Kansas City

-The Browns have some weapons on offense and a talented defense. I expect this game to be similar to the Texans game last week with the Chiefs edging out a close one.

Vince: Kansas City

-The Chiefs are the only unbeaten for a reason and the browns are too inconsistent to pull off a win over a team like the Chiefs

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Eric: Philadelphia

- I got a hit with the Giants last week and can’t make myself stretch on them again. If Vick limits mistakes the Eagles should get an easy home win.

Nate: New York *Upset pick*

-We saw on Monday Night what can happen when Eli doesn’t turn the ball over. If Manning can limit his interceptions, the Giants will win this game.

Vince: Philadelphia

-The Giants won this past week but in one of the worst games I've seen expect one of the eagles QBs to hurt the giants secondary

San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars

Eric: San Francisco

- Another contender for the lock of the week here. Last week was everyone’s favorite shot for the Jaguars to get a win. Even with the long flight to the right coast the 49ers prevail, easily.

Nate: San Francisco *Lock of the week*

-This could easily be one of the most lopsided games of the weekend. The Jags let me down last week for my upset pick and I’m not letting that happen again this week.

Vince: San Francisco *Lock of the week*

-It's almost unlikely the jaguars win a single game this year they're too much of a risk to ever think they could pull off a win

Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions



Eric: Dallas *Upset Pick*

- This is the closest thing to an upset I have this week, safe picking perhaps. I think the Cowboys have enough firepower to hang with the Lions. Both teams’ defenses rank in the bottom four of the league so expect a shoot out.

Nate: Detroit

-I see another shootout this week ending with a crucial Romo interception late in the game costing the Cowboys a victory.

Vince: Dallas

-This is a toss up but Romo is playing better than he usually does so watch for the Boys to win a close game.

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Eric: New England

- I picked an AFC East upset last week. I don’t think the Patriots have a chance of losing two straight divisional games.

Nate: New England

-After shaking off some rust, expect the Brady to Gronk hookup to be strong in this game. Pats will win a close one.

Vince: New England

-The Pats never have back to back bad games. Watch Brady rebound from last week.

Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints

Eric: New Orleans

- An extra week of preparation for Sean Payton is bad news for a good team. It’s really bad news for the Bills whose roller coaster ride of a season continues.

Nate: New Orleans

-I still think the Saints are a top 3 team in the NFL and they’re going to have their way with the Bills this weekend.

Vince: New Orleans

-The bills have way too many questions at QB while the Saints are still one of the best teams in the league

Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders

Eric: Pittsburgh

- This game has upset potential but I think the Steelers, even with their issues, are back on track and capable of beating teams they should beat.

Nate: Oakland

-Raiders have had 2 weeks to prepare for a bad Steelers team. Pryor rebounds with another solid performance.

Vince: Oakland *Upset Pick*

-The Steelers are a bad team the Raiders are not much better but in this case watch the Raiders win a sloppy game.

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals

Eric: Cincinnati

- A battle of two top 10 defenses. The difference is that the Bengals have more weapons on offense than the Jets.

Nate: New York *Upset Pick*

-This just strikes me as another game the Bengals should win, but end up losing.

Vince: Cincinnati

-The Bengals are the best team in their division and with momentum on their side look for them to.continue.winning.

Washington Redskins at Denver Broncos

Eric: Denver

- Though the Redskins are improving as RG3 gets back to his running ways the Broncos are too much on offense. Washington got its lone AFC West win over Oakland.

Nate: Denver

-The awful Redskins defense will help Peyton and the Broncos get their confidence back,

Vince: Denver

-Manning will be looking to make a statement after losing to a mediocre jets team watch him to destroy the skins

Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals



Eric: Arizona

- The Falcons are just too beat up in the wrong places this year to turn it around. Even with Steven Jackson likely to return this week, Harry Douglas himself can’t make up for the loss of Julio Jones and Roddy White.

Nate: Atlanta

-Even plagued by injuries, the Falcons are still a team with plenty of talent to beat the Cards.

Vince: Atlanta

-The Palmer experiment is not working for the cards, Atlanta wins against a team who's season is basically over

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Eric: Green Bay

- Here are two teams on total opposite ends of the QB spectrum. Until the Vikings get it figured out not even Adrian Peterson can save them.

Nate: Green Bay

-As the Vikings continue to slide, the Packers continue to roll.

Vince: Green Bay

-The Vikes are having a horrible year and Josh Freeman is not the answer

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams

Eric: Seattle

- With Sam Bradford out for the season Kellen Clemmons takes the reins in St. Louis. His confidence had to sink when the Tebow rumors started. The Legion of Boom has to be licking their lips.

Nate: Seattle

-The Rams season appears to be over with the loss of Bradford and things won’t get any easier with the Seahawks and their defense coming to town.

Vince: Seattle

-Seattle is top 5 in the NFL while the Rams have resorted to calling up retired QBs to try and get something going the rams are in need of some fine tuning bad

Call it cheating if you want, but Nate has decided to double down this week with his upset picks by picking New York to win both of their games.

Bye Week:

Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers & Tennessee Titans

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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