A Letter to the Broncos Fanbase

Dear Broncos fans,
Losing is tough. Trust me, being a Chiefs fan, I know how much is sucks to lose a game. I've been feeling that pain for years now. Now, it's just one game, but I guess after everyone telling you you're the best, it's even tougher to lose that first one as your division rival leap-frogs you into 1st place. Evidently, it's really tough considering your own blog thinks you're still the best team in football while downgrading your unbeaten division rival to 4th place from 2nd the week before. Somehow we go from a team that "deserves credit" to "frauds" seemingly overnight. Now I now both fanbases are guilty of being delusional homers, but their is no reason to take your recent misfortune out on us. Odds are you'll probably remain in 2nd place for at least next 4 weeks (in the real rankings, not your imaginary ones) let me offer up a few remedies that might help alleviate your butt hurt:

-A Night on the Town! Take in the sights. Aside from the beautiful skyline, Denver has several fantastic dining options. Afterwards, maybe you can catch a Broadway show! Hell, I bet even a walk through the crisp, clean mountain air is probably pretty nice.
-Catch a Concert! Almost any night of the week, you can catch a major touring act at the most breathtaking amphitheater this country has to offer. Sure, you have to drive 30 minutes outside of town, but at least you don't have to worry about getting mugged and smelling elephant shit every time you want to catch an outdoor show. In case you didn't understand that reference, our amphitheater is also a zoo that's located in the ghetto.
-Ride a Roller Coaster! I mean, every major city has an amusement park, so it's not like you're special in that regard. The good news for you is ONE of your amusement parks is within walking distance of Invesco Sports Authority Field, so next time the Broncos get smeared at home (11/17/13) you can skip on over to Elitch Gardens (It feels fancy just typing that) and turn your angry screams into happy screams.
-Go Skiing! Is it still too early for skiing? I wouldn't know because the only place to ski around KC is a giant ant hill they cover in artificial snow... or maybe shards of glass... still unsure about that and I'm not willing to find out for myself.
-Get High! Not only is marijuana legal to possess but you can actually buy it? FROM A VENDING MACHINE!?! Meth is pretty readily available where we live but unfortunately it's not as fun and comes with the risk of some serious jail time.

So there are just a few suggestions to help you cope with what we've been dealing with for the last decade. Now, I love my hometown of KC just as much as anyone else, but the only reason I'm able to appreciate it that much is because I realize that sometimes you just can't be the best at everything.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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