A Lesson on Pride

Pride: the quality or state of being proud; a showy and impressive group; the best in a group or class (Webster's Dictionary, 2010).

This is a fan base that I love and have been part of since birth (literally, my first outfit was a Chiefs onesie). Most of us stick with the team through 2-14 and 4-12 seasons like we have recently seen and will stay diehard and dedicated Chiefs fans for life. We may get upset and frustrated with our team and regardless of how awful they are we still have pride for our Chiefs. Although our pride in the recent years has been deflated there was still that level of "proudness" that comes with being a Chiefs fan. Even when things were bleak Chiefs fans remained "the best in a group or class" of fans. Classy fans that respect opponents, understand the game, and other fans no matter who they cheer for. Pride.

Unfortunately sometimes our pride for the Chiefs gets the best of us. There is nothing wrong with some good natured ribbing of our rivals or rooting for them to lose. As a matter of fact I fully expect that out of fans that are prideful of their team. However there is a fine line between being prideful and being boastful.

Boastful: a statement in which you express too much pride in yourself or in something you have, have done, or are connected to in some way; talking with excessive pride and self-satisfaction;

Last night we were all rooting for the Broncos to lose and for good reason. We don't like them. They are a rival and at the time shared the title for the NFL's best record. We were honestly afraid of them and trying to figure out how we could beat them. Of course after the Broncos lost I got on AP to check out the reaction, and everything was fine until several members decided to purposefully troll MHR about their loss. Boastful. Once again I have nothing against good natured ribbing and feel it is what helps make fans classy, but some things that were written on MHR were truly offensive. As we well know it only takes one fan, one player, one bad mouth comment to make an entire fan base look asinine. Unfortunately for AP it was several comments from several different members.

I hope this fan base can continue to be prideful, but can avoid the boastful nature that emerged last night. It's not all about pride, it's a lot about class as well. There will always be fans that feel a need to go out on a limb and boast after a win. My goodness folks WE didn't even BEAT the Broncos last night. Another team did it for us. Our Chiefs still have to play the why the boasting? Let's get our heads on straight. Let's be excited that the Chiefs won and yes, by all means be excited that the Broncos lost. But that by no means makes us better than the other team.

The result of last nights Colts vs. Broncos game was great for the Chiefs we all understand this. The aftereffect of several AP'ers posts to MHR was disgusting. Keep it classy Chiefs fans. Win with Pride, Respect, and Class. Keep the good name Chiefs fans have with fans of other teams around the league. One good season, one 7-0 start, hell 10 good seasons gives us no reason to be excessively boastful. Keep in mind that often times your opinion, your shortsighted comments, come back and reflect an entire fan base. Love the game, love your team, but do see with True ArrowheadPRIDE.

A special thanks to Matt Verderame for his apology post on behalf of AP on MHR

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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