What's your gameday superstition?

Greetings fellow Chiefs fans!

I hear we're 6-0? There's only one thing I would normally hate about a statement like that, and it's the "we're" part. Technically, the team is 6-0. Although I'm sure we'd give a damn good effort out on the field, none of us has actually put on the pads on Sunday (or Thursday) and made the highlight reels. So what's with the "we" stuff? Sure, some fine performances from the Arrowhead faithful have set world records, and helped our boys get to where they are today, but the wins are theirs. How do we justify putting ourselves into the team when we're talking about them? Apart from buying tickets, merchandise, and scream our heads off, we don't actually do anything that results in a win or loss for the team.

Wrong Koopaztown, wrong! We each provide an invaluable superstition that each one of us fully believes is responsible for the outcome of the game. Maybe not fully believe, but 6-0 is hard to argue with.

I moved to Tucson, AZ a few months before this season started to attend the fine institution of the University of Arizona. Uncle Sam was kind enough to offer to pay for my college education in exchange for 4 years of Army service, so I figured now's as god of time as ever to take him up on it. I didn't know the city, so week 1 lead me to search for a good place to watch the games and have a few beers. I'm not a huge BWW's fan (minus their mango habanero sauce), and it's a pretty far drive from where I live. So I parked myself in a nice little local sports bar a few blocks away. Not many people there, and if the game doesn't go as planned (or better than planned) and I end up having a few too many, I can simply walk home. Safety first boys, safety first.

Week 1. RED! Red shorts, red shoes, red hat, red socks, and a red #89 Chiefs jersey. The jersey was purchased before I attended my second Chiefs game ever in Buffalo last season. Jon Baldwin. I know, I know, get a new f-ing jersey dude! Hey, I'm a broke college student, and like many of us had high hopes for Bladwin at the time (it was the cheapest one available). The friendly staff set me up with my own table in the corner, my own big screen tv, and as many pitchers of beer as I can drink. Chiefs win!

Week 2. RED! Same red shorts, same red shoes, same red hat, same red socks, and the same red #89 Chiefs jersey. They were all washed of course (which may go against some traditions, but this one is mine). Same table, same seat, same big screen tv, and same beer and wings. Chiefs win!

Weeks 3-6. You get the idea. Same ingredients, same results.

I'm not a superstitious person by nature, but we all say that. Mostly I'm just happy to find a good gameday watering hole, and proud to be as red as freakin possible every Sunday (and Friday of course).

I'm curious to know what are some traditions/superstitions of my fellow APers. Certain BBQ that has to be prepared? Remote having to be on the left arm of the recliner? Certain people who CANNOT be around when you're watching the game? I swear I've never seen my beloved Dodgers win a game when I've watched with my dad, ever. I'll even call him up if they're losing to make sure he's not watching on the television, but no I'm not superstitious whatsoever. I told him not to watch game 6 last night!!! Only explanation for a Kershaw meltdown, but I digress.

Whatcha got fellas? This should be interesting!

If there's any Tucsonians in the house you're more than welcome to join me! Unless the Chiefs lose of course, then I'm sorry, but you've got to go.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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