Just an Old Mans Thought's on Chiefs Season so far - THE BAND OF BROTHERS


Well here we are 6 games into the season and the koolaid is flowing heavy and tasting oh so sweet. That's KC's version of BIG RED koolaid you know. But it is turning into a real drinkable Big Boy (or girl) drink. I wrote what my initial thoughts were coming into the season and along with that link below i'd like to add to that now if I may. We are better than we thought we were in my opinion.

Now in the preseason I saw some things that led me to believe 3 things would occur with this team. The first and most obvious would be the offensive line struggling to get on the same page. That goes hand in hand with a total new offense install, a very young line and I suspected it would take 8 to 10 games to get ironed out. I also thought the offense as a whole would be slow to get up to speed because of this. Defensively I saw flashes of a good team coming on quickly but had no idea what we were in store for. Big kudos to Bob Sutton and all of the defensive staff and players for quickly becoming one of the most dominating defenses i've watched since I was kid(and yes i'm old). Read in another thread that people seem to feel like this defense needs a name. Well the Chiefs defense is the Chiefs defense and when the right name comes along it will just happen we won't have to think of it. Kind of like the name Magnificent 7 for the guys we pulled in our second draft after cuts.

As we have gone along with the start of the season I keep getting the feeling that this year has a special feel to it. From the hiring of Reid to the seven waiver pick ups it seems to always feel right. We have had some injuries to be sure but next man up has been a true saying at One Arrowhead Drive this year and each and every next man up has really manned up. Unfortunately we have some people that I don't feel fully understand how complicated this offense is and just how smart a QB Alex Smith is. We have a very very young offensive line and realistically rookie tight ends all of whom are trying to grasp this offense. To play efficiently in this type offense it takes some time to come together as one unit. And I believe we are seeing a couple of things come to the forefront and slowing our growth as an offensive unit. First and foremost are the injuries at tight end. I believe tight ends are critical to this offense and has stunted its growth so to speak. When Fasano returns to the lineup I think you will see great strides for this offense going forward as the tight end is critical to the run and pass game for Reid. As far as people saying Alex sucks and we will never go anywhere with him as our QB I implore you to write a fan post at years end(LOOKING AT YOU BOMANI) and tell me that again. This offense is all about efficiency and productivity and i'll tell you right now I feel like without Alex Smith we would be less in the W column than we are now. His fourth quarter work alone is enough to give me faith in him and this offense going forward. This weekend I expect to see probably one of this offense's best games yet,another stride forward offensively and team wise.

Houston does have a very good defense and will make the Chiefs work very hard to be productive in this game. But after a poor game by Alex last week, by his own admission and the fact that Reid is realizing that the line is growing and patience is a virtue here we may just see a real good performance by our offense and one Pheonix(aka Alex Smith). Going forward I am convinced that all is good with the offense and they are growing slow and steady. The defense I feel will have to come down to earth sooner or later(don't they),I mean can this defense possibly keep this up for 16 games? If they can perform as they have been and the offense improves every week come play off time I would hate like hell to have to play the Chiefs.

By the way just a couple additional thought's here. I listened to Houston last night on 810 talking with SSJ and really like the fact that these players all keep mentioning TEAM AND FAMILY and working as one unit. Also heard Andy on the radio saying how Alex talks with all factions,offense defense and special teams and really gets the young men going and help to motivate the team. I am really impressed with how this team has come together as a unit through all the bad that was 2012. And Reid had a hand in it to be sure but I want to give a big shout out to our core players. DJ, Charles, Big Albert, Berry, Hali, Flowers, Colquit, just to name a few all deserve much credit for keeping the team held together through last years mess. I want to thank the coaches and the players for all they do and want the fans including me to know that we do make a difference.

My message for this Band of Brothers is this, stay united and stay strong, believe in the magic you are making and always watch each others back. Would also like to thank the Chiefs players for being solid and real and not being in the headlines like so many others. If and when you do lose come back strong and together to regain your momentum as we all know the play offs are ahead for this team and this special season.

GO CHIEFS and to all the fans who are yelling for our men each week,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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