2014 NFL Draft - What are the Chiefs team needs?

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From the FanPosts -Joel

It's okay guys, breathe. I know it's early. I'm only here to open a discussion on how our team is doing as of right now.

I sit here between classes re-watching the Chiefs-Raiders game and I am seeing some really poor play on offense. I'm not super football savvy but I love to watch football and I love to see what other people who might be more knowledgeable than myself think to see how my opinions line up. So, without further ado, here are what I consider our top few positional needs.

  • 1. Offensive Line
  • 2. Wide Receiver
  • 3. Safety


1. Offensive Line

Our offensive line has looked, to put it lightly, pretty sad in most of the games this season. Offensive line is the most crucial part of making an offense click. Timing in the passing game. Lanes in the running game. We NEED a stout offensive line if we want Alex Smith to succeed to his full potential in this offense.

  • The two positions on the O-line that are super serially bad look like LG and RT. Jeff Schwartz is extremely average at best. Jeff Allen gets slammed backwards on 80% of plays. Eric Fisher has been getting merked. Stephenson hasn't looked solid at all in his time. I don't know if Albert will be back with us next season so I think a tackle or two is the first priority, and a replacement for Jeff Allen (or some hope for improvement from somewhere) is our second priority. I have faith in John Dorsey to fill this out, I'm sure he sees our deficient O-line too.

2. Wide Receiver

Our receiver core needs someone to spark this offense. Namely, we're lacking a true game-changing number 1 receiver.

  • Bowe is a beast with the ball in his hands. The trouble is him getting open. I don't have All-22 tape but I have a sneaking suspicion Bowe doesn't get open as much as we would hope out of a "star", pro bowl receiver. (Talk to me fellow AP'ers)
  • Avery is a fast guy who can stretch the fieldbut doesn't have that "it", game-changing factor. He drops too many balls, doesn't make defenders miss- he's just okay for me. Sure, he can stretch the field but that isn't gonna be the difference between a good offense and a bad offense IMO.
  • McCluster is a quick fellow who is explosive once he gets the ball in his hands, but I don't see him as a game changer. As an underneath receiver, someone is gonna be trailing you, maybe right behind you on a hook route, maybe right behind you on a drag route. McCluster RARELY breaks tackles without having space to throw a juke.
  • Hemingway is a very sure-handed guy, but can't be any more than a 3rd or 4th receiver in my eyes. I like Hemingway as a 3-4 receiver though. He's tough and physical.

I'd love to hear who you guys are looking at in this upcoming draft, no matter what round in the draft they're projected to be taken.

3. Safety

Our safety depth looks good. Demps and Abdullah have looked really good through six weeks. Are they ready to be starting safeties for us? I'm not too sure on that. Not to mention, they're both on one year contracts at the moment, leaving us with no real certainty of their return (although I'm sure they've enjoyed winning with the Chiefs thus far and I'd love to have them back).

  • Kendrick Lewis is a liability in our defense. He's too slow to close from many angles and he's not a powerful tackler, although he's improved in tackling this year over last by quite a bit. His ball skills and instincts can keep him on the field and producing, but I'd argue that if we had one weakness on defense, it's Kendrick, our starting FS. Not to mention EB only has one more year left on his rookie contract (fact check?).

Who's out there in the draft at safety?

This analysis has been a bit of a layman's perspective on our team. I've taken very little contract information into account in creating this. My main goal was to open up discussion on what we perceive as our teams greatest weaknesses NOW. Thank you for reading everyone!

PS: please help me improve my next posts if I decide to continue creating :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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